Tuesday, December 29, 2009

was content better or greediness??

Blow of the wind..
or the flow of the river,
never stops for someone,
just move on there way.
had it been the mountain,
or our old banyan tree,
being patient, steady..
resisting them and be free.

Just watch the vulnerable fish,
risking life to go upstream...
or the poor dolphins in the water,
watching us and beam.
the believe, faith they have,
or the mere experience...
but yet with such sincerity,
use their natural sense!!

They grow where been planted,
never strayed from herd,
but it's being so predictable,
and made us so feared.
many things we watch in them,
few do we ever understand,
yet intelligent one always say..
always learn from the nature!!

We as human had excelled,
for survival of the fittest,
and dominating mother earth,
our genes became the best.
but we falter..try to overdo,
as we exploited the resources,
trying to get the alternative route
and now had to fight among ourselves!

Truth is simple..we would face,
or perish with our foolishness,
just a question being at heart..
was content better or greediness??

Thursday, December 24, 2009

life has so much to give!!

Take time to live,
life has so much to give!!

Running all days,
sleeping so little,
it's all about race,
we want to win!!

Why look at sides,
if we falter in our line,
days come and goes,
memories only grows,

Some regrets or recall,
why not give life a call,
don't be monotonous,
get refreshed....relax!!

Look at world..there so much,
revitalise your senses,
explore, experience, observe
just open the fences!!

Its the desire of freedom,
everyone feels, never says,
friends, families and oneself
it's where your happiness lays!!

Don't ignore, or run,
take out some time...for fun,
take time to live,
life has so much to give!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

fire in our mess

Hello friends..

This is a incidence that happened in our mess this week and I would like to share it with you all.
It was just another day and we were having a lunch in our mess..it was Friday and we had chicken meal and mess a bit crowded. we were having lunch and chat all along.

It such happened that I noticed all guys are running with tightly enclosing there ear with there fingers as if there is a bomb in the room. I too panicked seeing them running like that and we too (me n my friends) started running toward the door and through it to outside to our room. All the way I was thinking what could be the cause...a practical joke, a bomb ??...

After asking some of my friends I realised that the cylinder of our mess was on fire ( just the gas pipes though) and it really gave me a scare. Everyone panicked, no one dared to enter the kitchen...what if the cylinder bursts!!...some of the mess members run to fetch someone. And we students were watching from a distance with our ear close and heart in our mouth, what will happen. Someone is saying to put water on it, or sand. We didn't have fire extinguisher in our mess so hadn't much option. Few student were showing some courage by going little nearer to have a better view ( as if they can control the fire if it bursts).

After many tiring minutes, one of the member brought a fire extinguisher from somewhere and courageously controlled the fire. We all relaxed, some of students captured photo of the cylinder and the men who had done such courageous act.

Though everything became normal still it gave some scare to us...just think if it would have be burst with we inside the mess, our life would have been in danger. Precaution should have to be taken to prevent such incidence and a fire extinguisher a must for such place . Hope they mess manager would took such precaution to provide security against these unfavourable events!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

separate statehood??

Hello friends,

I know this is a burning issue which have been on a rise in India...Media and news showing the hunger strikes, burning of buses, bandhs all over Andhra pradesh for Telangana....same with the issue of Gorkhaland,...and recently Mayawati wanting to divide UP and bringing still another three states as Bundelkhand, Haritpradesh and Purvanchal!!

Till date 9 states are pending in state. Just to think that Sardar Patel would have been happy to see he way the Nation is crumbling for which he had done so much!!. I don't know much about politics, the issues of concern or the validity of such issues. But just as a responsible learned citizen I would like to give my point of view on the same....

To start with the fact that there is rising trend of regionality in our country...something our regional small parties openly supporting. We can't blame them as its us supporting them....everyone have a reason, some says its all because these regions are underdeveloped, given less importance, some for there identity...its what shows in the emotions of the people. But let me ask a simple question, how could they get deprived in a institute made by themselves??

Some state leaders and regional parties are taking this issue to a whole different level, like our U.P chief minister Mayawati...Have you ever wondered what will the people gain with a separate state or what did they loose if the state will not divide?? The life will go on as usual, No one wants a state...they just want there demand be met!!

Then who will get profit from a separate state....Its the politicians as usual. A new state means new big offices, more money from to centre to gobble or to use. They are taking there chance for the same. But there are some genuine issues too...may be Telangana have some. In any case you just cannot justify breaking a Nation into pieces and advertising regionalism. Anyone can give any reason for dividing the country...You need heart to keep it as one!!

Note--> The things written is entirely my view and I am not intended to hurt any sentiments!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

strife within

Strife within,
asking me out...
which way am I in?
which is the right place to be....
not a place I want to hide,
nor do I ask to revive,
old times, good times...
moments, so little to lose!!

strife within,
for what I am...
my actions and reactions,
acts done willing or non-willing....
could have been better,
got more respect and power,
but then its all in us,
knowing and upbringing!!

strife within,
as I try to reason..
something is just faith,
hard work and luck with...
yes, I desire for more,
but that's so human nature,
accept things as it is,
and world a better place for me!!

strife within,
and all I ask you...
think and make your move,
a path you want to be...
tread on unknown..
or just queue up,
but the end be same,
just the memories being left!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


winter..at last!!...
bless me with the cold wind,
with some respite from heat,
a season more awaited...
or just the moment so being!!
never I wished the cold bath,
nor waking up early,
but it had such flavor...
like water for a thirsty!!

so...don't we feel relieved?...the fear of summer, global warming, and glaciers being melted. Or just we wished to be walking in our warm jacket, mothers to make sweaters, purchase warm clothes, drink soups..sleep inside our blanket..such shivering in cold night,and all those things which make the winters so special!!

though not much cold here in my place yet I do remember the cold days in jammu n dehradun..and we do feel little worried in the change in winter patterns..but still I am going to enjoy this season..
the tea n coffee are so special this season 9also in rainy season) and walking in evening with hands inside my pocket, with sweaters on. Though every season has its feel and I am trying to enjoy it fully..
who knows if these season will retain their uniquity and the feel we really enjoy!!..what do you say??

feel the season, feel the moment,
it will not be same again,
its new now, afresh...
yet we are busy, why??

Saturday, November 14, 2009

it's my fear!!

its the fear..
ohh!..my dear,
its not the time to see..
I just want to flee!!

I don't want to go,
there are so many,
and not to be alone,
they may see me!!
not so high, I may fall..
not so far, I can't call,
I am weak, I can't stand,
all so strong, not my land!!

why do I try,
failure inevitable...
I am nervous, so shy,
can't work, I am not able!!
can't believe the friends,
they may be fake,
can't stand the relationship,
it may shake!!

It's the fears,
they stop, they warn,
they make me so cautious,
that I don't thread new paths.
I want to be free,
but invisible bond enclosing me..
yes its my fear,
always I had to bear!!

they say to face it,
be confidence..get over it,
but will they know,
the pain is one with me....
time will teach..some says,
may be I can deal,
my mind not so clear,
yet I will fight...it's my fear!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

something common

fly like a bird,
run like a horse,
be ageless like a tree,
or swim like a fish!..
we wish, we imagine,
be a child making a rhyme,
all lost words, desires,
or just the part of our past.

we have those roots,
yet we have greed,
neither are we happy,
nor in a creed.
we meet, socialise,
discuss, debate all days,
we work , we act,
strike riches from the hays!

but still something missing,
its all we feel..
reasons so many yet so common,
things we just can't deal.
Had I been straight,
had I been true...
ask yourself...ask as a whole,
and then realise it, coming through??

Monday, November 2, 2009

it's just a dream??

sensation all over,
as I visualise..
running places to places,
making desires to creations..
bringing characters to life,
to reach,
to find..
my search for something,
someone, I don't know!!

beautiful the landscape,
with forests, and rivers...
bushes, trees, and animals..
wild and real to be near,
quenching thirst in rivers,
to revitalise,
to flourish..
my love to introspect,
to perceive, I haven't known!!

Had I been alone,
or being with many..
amusing myself with things around,
leaning their skills, the life..
gaining experiences all along,
to feel,
to realise...
my reasons in life,
beliefs I wanted to question!!

may be its all false,
a state of twilight sleep..
it seems so convincing and old,
yet so fresh as a morning dew...
to hope,
to imagine..
but to rise from dream,
and forget it in life.
or be in deep slumber....
living it in full time!!

it's just a dream??

Saturday, October 31, 2009

a appeal to mother Earth!!

just a drop of it...
or some sight,
what it matters for me,
to make the things right!!
for the ocean of love...
heart so big,
its not too much to ask for,
forgiveness is all I dig.

It might be too late,
or I am so weak,
cannot return you what's lost,
or bring your old life.
how can I ?
for my interests so different...
a false move,
make my whole life to repent!!

I may have been waken,
but I am still in dreams,
so, blurred is my vision...
to think things clearly!!
it will take time,
just you need to be patient,
just don't punish me so soon,
not giving some moments to relent!!

Me as a human will realise soon,
as you my mother had given,
and soon will I be with you,
before your anger become apocalypse...
Its just a matter of days,
for me to choose a path...
to take me more near to you...
to have a more serene view!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

to be known!!

to be known...
to belong,
how I wish,
to be someone!!
being in the crowd,
watching those empty looks,
the future, the past,
a mad rush not to last!!

why am I here,
so many of us,
all so different yet so same,
choices so many, hope so more!!
am I right to think?
or to just move away,
tell me just once,
which way my path being!!

When I know them,
learn so in experience,
will I realise the meaning,
or abstract thoughts its been!!
I have still time,
but way too little,
for I am just enjoying,
what I never meant to be!!

may be or mayn't be...
I know I can't answer,
nor anyone for sure,
can tread on the issue!!
still I have faith, the hope,
the dreams and aspirations,
walk as I go..looking for signs,
might get it or mightn't...does it matter??

being so alone in the crowd,
yet a part of society..the human being,
I think, I aspire..try to fulfill my desire,
may be I reach or may get invisible,
Till then be my wish...
to be known!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I don't care

Hello friends,
just tried to write something different...hope you like it!!

I don't care,
nor do I want...
why are you here,
if not so sincere??
Got my own work,
lonely I better be...
I can do better,
away from your concern!!

Hate you..NO!!
just minding my business,
Can't stand your talk more..
just wanting my time alone.
far I would go...
better I would be,
just me and myself besides me,
who needs you in my life??

Anger...fire inside me heart,
not an ocean can drench it..
Hatred it's not or may be,
or just irritable my mind be!!
no remorse, no guilt do I feel,
more and more weaker I may be,
had I done right is the question,
just needed some time to be asked!!

Now the moment, now being calm,
just recalling the past things...
on the wrong path was I,
or just forced by the circumstances,
but far I did go,
from a point of no return..
time gone can't be forgiven,
mistakes being done at the high.....

looking back in life..just I see,
making up a decision in a hurry,
if ever I had the patience,
if ever I had the support...to understand,
I don't care??

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maladive's cabinet meeting

Hello friends..

Some of my views on environment change...You must have heard in news that the Maldives (the island country in southwest part of India ) are holding there cabinet meeting inside the water!! Its all done just to show the world their fears...We could just make a laugh out of it, but we had to look for the cause.

On of the statistics shows that the way the ocean is increasing in its height ,This small country is in the face of extinction in another 100 yrs!!..That does mean a lot to there countrymen..just to think that the place you are leaving is going to submerge in the near future..just bring shivers in one's spine!! Does it matter to us??...No, not now. So why do we think for them??

We have to as it also means the coastal regions of our country also faces the same situation. We could talk of submerging of many small islands in Andaman and Nicobar, the melting of glaciers in Himalaya, the floods in coastal region...The same thing will affect many parts of the world. The only difference would be some of these countries would be better prepared than the others. We are talking of million of people, there life, home, culture..all at risk.

Can it be changed, reversed??..Yes may be but that would be the change too costly for today's world...things that our capitalist world will never listen or heed. The government , the people could just talk...they just don't understand the seriousness of the issue. We can only watch silently this small island country as it asks for help...as a mute spectator...or just laugh it out.
Who cares? 100 yrs are a lot...we can still enjoy our life...or will we??

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali!!

Don't stop me when I fires..
the crackers, the bombs,
not that we always get it,
nor we wanted it more.

festival of light..
its what they say..
time to relax..
time of fun..hey?
at night you see..
the feel,the difference,
the candles..lighting up,
and sweets on tray!!

But I differ, not light,
the charm is of crackers,
the sounds, the fire thrills,
but beware it kills!!
not now, not here...
just watch it everywhere!!
the gas, pollution,
the loudness that hurts.

Its a festival friends..
not like any other day,
why listen to them..
its they who always cry!!
but we too are sensible,
know our limitation..as we care,
so don't stop me when I fires,
for the time will not come for a year!..
its for us..happy Diwali !!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Enjoying my saturday!!

hello friends..

well..it was a hectic week for me in college..so, I was really looking forward to take some relaxing time out for Saturday...but it turned out exactly to be the opposite..I had some plans but it turned out that my family had a different plan..to visit 'Kapilash Temple'...Temple of lord Shiva, near our hometown Dhenkanal..but 100 km from where I stay!!...They had planned it for my sister and her animation group friend circle (she is a animator) but latter joined me.

I had some protest but had to turn in on the prospect of visiting the place with my friends..So, two of my friends made our plan visit separately the place yet join with my parents, my sister's group there. We missed the train so, took the bus to Dhenkanal....(could say it was far from comfortable!)..the bus was just packed with people..( thus hate to go in bus)..The plan was that, they would go in Bolero and we will follow them in bike from Dhenkanal..

Could describe a full page on our suffering inside the bus but that would be too long and you must be familiar with the conditions!!..So, lets start our journey from Dhenkanal..me with 2 of friends on my bike...( Now you will ask why 3 person on bike..surely no one would have wanted to be single out inside Bolero while other 2 on bike)..The temple was on the top of a mountain..The road are steeper, rough somewhere and moving uphill and that's what the tiredest part and funniest part of our journey..we stayed on some part ..clicked some photos..as a token of memory for us...At last we reached the top..They say there were more than 1500 steps ( large steps) from base of mountain to the top..yet as there was road for us..we had only to cover 50 steps..but tiring steps these were!!..there were lots of Monkeys..Indian rhesus monkeys mostly..
After our prayers and some sight seeing we went downhill..just at the base was Dhatatreya Sai
Ram ashram..we had some relaxing time there..After that we went for visiting..famous Dhenkanal Lakshmi puja there...We had to hurry as time was running fast and My friends needed to return that same night to Bhubaneswar.

Dhenkanal Laksmi puja was famous as whole city had been lighted for the occasion and there were more than 50 puja pandals to attend..it was like giant Mela..you will get tired but still find a lot more pandal to see!!..lighting everywhere!!.. We had fun..me with my friends and with family,..lots of food, fun and walking..My friends returned to Bhubaneswar, though I wanted to go..I stopped to sleep in our village..anyway, my family was here. At morning Today I had returned...

So, what o you think...Isn't the opposite of what I wanted to do with my Saturday..yet it was fun!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

deep down me!!

deep down me...
life asking to come up,
freedom, anger, emotion,
things not spoken,
things not asked,
its just piling up...
pressure so much!!
gotta bring it out,
and show them all,
time will come,
time will take,
till then be dormant..
away from others,
hiding...not been seen,
deep down me!!

what you expect?
what you want...
why are you so possessive..
I want to be free..
fly away to the sky,
do what I ever wanted..
don't stop me as you can't!
its just need some time,
till I get some way,
path to be taken..
waited so much...
patience not on my side,
but I will not fall,
the strength is with me!!

Live my life as I want,
learn from world what I expect..
reach the place I ever wanted to,
get whatever my heart lets me,
but that's not now,
Its not time..its not the moment...
the dreams, desires,
things I ever imagined,
get in, be with me...
wait till then.....deep down me!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

some views

bund bund se sagar banta hai..
aur usi sagar se badh aati hai!!...

Hello friends...

Had listened these flash flood news that's being spread all over south India...Maharastra, orissa also being affected!!...Started with a lighter note though the problem is quite serious!!..

These floods are more devastating and are more damaging than the earlier ones...though not many death have occured..yet on the broader side...these ones only bring our apprehension about something bigger, more damaging ones which are still to come!!....These doubts are only being complemented by the storms,tsunami and earthquake which strikes on American Samoa and vietnam, indonesia.

It's Man-made or Nature fury..no one can say, Yet these are only increasing in there number and size!!..To make things more complicated..increasing our fears these News channel are bringing news of doomsday, 2012...and all...(you must have heard them!..) Today I watched a movie called Nostradamus...had to admit it was pretty convincing of this doomsday prediction!!..

Though many of these things are used by the media and the movie makers for making some quick buck and increasing TRPs but any way it has some basis with the past and some scientist do admit this...skeptics may make a laugh out of it but down bottom they are too not sure about this matter!!..You can't deny Global warming, nuclear weapons,these natural calamities and there increase in frequency...You can only hope that nothing will happen to you and your place..

Anyway..it's only an assumption, Human being's future is only in there own hand and They are in most responsible hand , that thing for sure...OR IS IT??

Friday, October 2, 2009

A poetic story

Hello friends...

guess if I had to make a story of a gal being with his boyfriend for some mistake..something big off course..So, what could be their poetic conversation ...lemme try this one..new thing for me so I will be happy of your reaction in it!!

It's guy's pleading to her girlfriend :-

"I am sorry, ohh me..
the mistakes I had done..
I confess all wrongs..
girl don't leave me..
being so deserted...all I feel!!."

"I know you will not forgive..
nor these flowers or cards..
clock swings, heart twinges..
waiting over as you flings,
ohh baby, why are you angry..
why are you moving away.."

It's her reply :-

"I believed you blindly..
didn't doubted your intentions,
even if you were far,
being so popular at bar,
all the gals around you!!"

"waited for you on dates..
never asked a question for delay..
each time you lied..yet I had faith..
today no more..not any more!!
I loved you but it's goodbye!"

Guy panicked for he had discovered the true love...

"I know I was wrong,
taking you for granted is all I do,
but I am ashamed..guilty now..
another chance is all I wish now!!.."

"I will not disappoint you,
faithful is the least I could do,
I am genuine, I am true...
I love me...just don't go!!"

Gal had made her mind..and he deserved the fate!!

"I would savour the moment with you.
remember the days I lived,
maybe I would miss you some days,
yet I will not forgive ...
it's your fault that I had to leave!!"

So, The moral of the story is...never hurt those who loves you!!...
{another one is..don't double cross..Be happy with one girlfriend ....correct yourself before it gets late..OR....make sure they don't catch you..ha ha}

How's this poetic story??

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trip to Village

hello friends....

Its been a long time since I had visited my mom's village (5 yrs I think). So when my parents made a plan to visit them, it comes to me as surprise...not that I wanted it but four days were a lot more to spend in village (if you take into consideration...puja time, friends, a cricket match and others)...I protested to this prospect saying that I can only give three days for the visit. At last it was decided that my parents, sister will go on Saturday and I would come at Sunday...it was more good for me..(I could see cricket match!!).

Now, I had to live alone for one day...that means a lot of freedom to me!...the day was gone watching movies and cricket...but the real problem was at night..(I don't know how to cook)...Mummy called me at nine pm and I asked her simple recipe of making aloo ki subji(in phone!)and somehow completed it. I do know how to make chapatis. So, a big problem cleared.

Next day I was ready for this trip (village was 80km from our home)...It looked like it was going to rain. I wear my Raincoat and then started this trip....In the matter of driving I can only say that I do drive fast but safe. and just I had covered only 10 kms that It started raining heavily...water keeps pounding on me...pricking my face....couldn't see clearly..had to close one eye sometimes!...At first I felt frustrating but then it started becoming a bit fun...a bit of thrill component in it!!...I enjoyed those pricking and rain dripping from my helmet to my lips...it felt good.

The water was sipping down from my chest to my pants and down under....you can yourself imagine how it felt to sit in wet pants!!...But I was enjoying this moment,...as I got nearer to my village..the surrounding changed...there were more trees, mountains, on both side....cool wind flowing around me and my cheeks were feeling the cold surrounding!!....Cars, trucks and bus are speedily passing from the opposite side sprinkling those puddle of water on road on me...I was really sympathising them...they may be protected from this rain in their comforting seat inside the closed metal box...yet!..they were missing the essence of nature....

So, I reached my destination within one and half hour ....From Papa's clinic, My Mummy's village was still 15 kms...But at last we reached there...I had some fun meeting my maternal grandparents, cousin brothers and sister..and all the relatives..We had to attend some puja...
So, today I returned from the village...The return journey was same fun as the arrival but the rain didn't last long this time.
Though I wanted to come to my home here in bhubaneswar, to enjoy with my friends but surely I do miss them and the fun I had there....

Friday, September 25, 2009

School friends

Hello friends..

Puja vacation has come...that means no early rise or running to class, ward and all. Some time to relax at home, watching movies, TV, travelling, meeting friends and hang out...
Though I am not that a social animal and hadn't had much touch with most of my school friends...yet just month ago I met one of my old school buddy and we had a great time...We do chat some time online but that was it..

Yesterday, he planned a get together with few of old schoolmates at evening in Big bazaar..though I was told about it, I didn't expected it to be so soon!...Moreover, My parents were gone for shopping and my sister for her animation class leaving me to watch the house...I was told that someone has an appointment and I have to here till they return.

OK..No problem, I was busy watching some movies and just at six pm, got a call from this friend of mine..Dipti ranjan and Biswa to come to big bazaar..now I was fixed..Had to wait for parents and can't leave house yet my friends may feel bad so I told them to wait and I will come soon as my parents returned..

After half an hour, I learned that my parents can't come as they were stuck due to rain..Also my sister has some extra work so again I am here, clueless...here my friends are getting impatient!!...
after much thinking I decided to leave the house and give the key to my sister as they she will return within half an hour and then I went to see my friends...I was late but some friends were more slow than me!!...Dipti, the organiser had gone for some work... At seven pm, he returned and looked little worried..we learned that he had gone to bring some from ATM and found that his account balance is nil..someone has taken Rs 80,000/ from the account..It did dampen our spirits but yet we had some fun and talk about old times...really I recalled my school days!

It was fun to see old friends and remember old times ...many of them were earning, one is a lecture, one in business..being in medical college we (me and Biswa) were the only students present!...

So, A time well spent is all I can say!!...(lucky to reach at time though)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just don't give up...have a heart!!

a moment of greeting,
bring happiness to soul..
make relation stronger,
and increases your faith...
don't avoid!!

a small smile...
keep the sadness away,
relieve all from worries,
and forgives all faults...
don't be shy!!

there are no foes...
nor everybody could be your friend,
but you can try,
even broken strings can be mend...
don't ever fear!!

kindness has no price,
nor it hurts any ego...
once you get softer,
see the beauty of nature..
don't keep away!!

strength lies within,
and the inner force being with you....
decisions are made with conscience,
never fear of others if you are right...
don't back off!!

these are things easily overlooked,
yet always be with you when needed,
make the most of the life...
never make you lament of past..
just don't give up...have a heart!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

kill your boredom

Hello friends,

This time I am going to share with you some of the funny games I played while on an outing or during my shopping with family. The fact is that whenever you go shopping with women (my mom and sister)...you had to wait a lot as they take their sweet time. So I had devised a plan to escape my boredom during this time!!...

It just started as an innocent observation....I used to watch the people coming for shopping, their attire, accessories...and above all their personality...(it only include how they looked to me in my brief span of my attention). Then I used to rate them out of 10 in fashion....Its a well known game though...but I hadn't had that idea then.

So slowly it just became like a survey...say in 10 minutes..I watch 100 people and I would found out that 40% are below 5 and 30% are within 5 to 7 and other 20% are from 7 to 9. 10 I rarely got....surely it was my own view and my opinion doesn't matter much in national survey ( I don't follow any particular fashion nor I am interested)..It was just their personality...enhanced by their accessories that I checked.

Another curious thing I noticed was that the youngsters mostly try to look fashionable ....(sometime wearing things that doesn't suit them but yet had attitude)..some were looking for attention and some are giving a damn for others..well their are a lot other thing I tried to obverse and rate yet I wasn't that good in others. Then their is another one I tried when I was riding my bike. It was like how many guys are travelling with a 100 cc bike and how many in 125cc or more...and result is all known...100cc bikes were very less or older but these new pulsar,CBZ ..these were the new trends of guys who wana look cool...but then I had to give attention my driving instead so it didn't worked as a survey.

anyway, These are few interesting things to observe people that really kill your boredom..hope you enjoyed the read and please share with me your ways or games you played in such situations....!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

show me what you got?

show me what you got?

attitude of a tiger,
bullying all your life,
partying up at night,
bunking all your days.
making hype of your talent,
making followers as you go...
no more of such hypocrisy..
show me what you got?

and you fellow, you introvert,
or a loser as they call you..
what make you fear, why so shy,
being popular is no talent!!
you are good...you got heart,
not in million will they find,
nor they be happy and kind..don't stop,
show me what you got?

and all of us...I demand more,
don't be a spectater here,
why are you just getting entertained,
don't you have guts to face the world?
don't back off..there's no way,
join up but be alone here,
as you will have to face it...I am watching,
show me what you got?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

change the world

a child,
protecting a life,
enjoying the nature..
so beautiful the time.
a guy,
joining up whats right,
taking the responsibility,
going on with time.

no hatred be there,
only love to be shared,
its not so difficult,
just give it a try........

these small things,
these small works,
you take on hold.....change the world!!

an old one,
making the line,
freedom to be given,
supporting on bad times.
as a leader,
see the people,
help the surrounding,
making the world shine.

no greed, no selfishness,
just being what we ought to be,
its not so difficult,
just give it a try.....

these small things,
these small works,
you take on hold.....change the world!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

you make my day...

its a lovely lively day,
joining on my way,
with a jolly good smile,
you had a lot to say,
you make my day!!

as we both walk along,
singing one cool song,
dancing and hoping on,
having sweet moment together....
you make my day!!

do I miss you much,
or its just so long,
waiting for you here,
thinking what was wrong...

I waited in vain,
had remembered , brooded...
but there was nothing to gain..
you are away, you are far..

yet it never changed all,
as you are in my heart,
and every thoughts of you,
bringing joy to my world...

like a shining sun ray....
old memories coming on my way,
what else I could say....just one thing,
you make my day!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Dental Visit

Hello friends,

its just a busy afternoon today...(just returned from my dental visit). I had two root canals ( it means 2 of my teeth are dead). Now, even if my dad a dentist, dental visit is one visit everyone fears...I don't have much problem with fillings but a bit invasive and pain is unbearable (even if for few seconds).

I always wonder, there are guys eating gutkas, pans and lots of sweets, Though I eat a few chocolates in a week...My teeth are more vunerable to decay than others!! (don't know what they see in my teeth). As per Dentist Uncle...he said that two cause of caries are common in medical students..one for pan, gutkas and one for toffees, chocolates! I do know which catagory I belong....
Coming home, another problem begins. And you all know..no hard food, no sweet, sticky substance...the very thing you desire to have after this dental exposure!! May be, but we really had lost taste of them in our pain...and after treatment we really can't have it for hours.
but worst part is that if I had a regular check up, it could have saved me from this exprience...(an advice to u all, learn from my mistakes).

Thats all for some of dental talks...Surely you all had same type of exprience sometime or other...
the sound of drilling machines, the spray n all..they really bring panic in heart but after coming out of the clinic we really feel relieved!! But you have to admit, its all becoz you want some sweet moments of eating sweets, toffees or chewing pan that brings you to such state.

So, keeping a dental hygiene a must for us....at least to avoid such pain!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello friends,


As a student, this day is special to us, a morning prayer to Lord Ganesha and putting our books and study materials in his feet wishing that he will bless us and bestow us with good thoughts, concentration and the year could be good in study perspective. As he is the first among all gods in Hindu faith, every work are started every year with his name and I am wishing that he will bless me as I am starting my final year in college.

Lord Ganesha, bless us all,
the students of our country,
every shops, industries and administration..
bless us those sport persons faltering,
and the special children of India.

Bless those who are on wrong path,
make them come to mainstream,
bless us even if we do wrong,
forgiving us and help us make it right.

bless all living beings from danger,
help them fight back for their survival,
show us alternate way to save them,
and enlighten us all about our environment.

and end of all...be with us always,
be it in good or bad,
guiding us, taking in hand...
making us bow with a divine faith,
wishing all our people a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Hello Friends...

First of all...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO U ALL!!...as you are feeling proud to be a part of this great country, so am I. We live in a country so diverse, so vibrant, so beautiful, yet showing all aspect of life ( it means,from very poor to very rich) all are take care of. Its we who decide what we want to do in our country without fear. Our government is not autocratic
like China or myanmar...Not secretive like many others. Everything is so transparent due to a very powerful media and democracy.

We have our deficiency too, you can call it corruption, crime, terrorism, hostile neighbours, those were taking a toll in our country....Though we had faced a lot of adversaries, yet we stood firm to our objectives...we had some good leaders in the past forming a strong base for a country and our all time loyal military, sacrificing there lives for saving the same. Now-a-days, though some of our leaders had taken the path of corruption, nibbling our country from the inside, they just don't think in big picture...the harm they could do....some may be in mining scam and land scam...destroying the natural beauty, some playing games with crime and making police as there servants....even some police had taken to bribery, government administrative works were all fallen to this corruption and bribery traps...all want to make money as early as possible..In this run for easy money and fame..they just don't realise that they were actually defaming the country as a whole...So, what we lack here...why our country can't progress that fast???

the answer is simple, all leaders come and go and only say of curing poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption and all but in the end become involved in themselves...some stick to making their own statues!! as if it matters...become crorepati's within months, some were busy in foreign tours, and false diplomacy, some still go for minority appeasement forgetting the cause of majority!! some were too busy in communalism to see the real India. Real India was never been communal...no religion will come to riots if not influenced by money, poverty and pervert leaders to whom they have so much faith.
what we lack here then??? See China, USA, and many others... You will realise that they just don't waste time in all there nonsense. The secularism and diversity of our country, a boon has also become a bane!!
We lack patriotism, a sense of belonging to our country, a sense which demarcate a line between our greed, selfishness and to the cause of our country. So that we could see India and our actions in larger picture!!...We know we re facing the risk from our neighbour, even our own (naxals). If only we could relieve our police and army from doing our 'babu' job, and V.I.P job's then they could easily neutralise these issues. Take the recent example of Mumbai attacks....if we stop hating our own people( read MNS ..raj thakerey, and north east) , then we could develop our country without any restriction.

We had to believe that every single of us had ability to change, we must do our job and yet keep an eye to our surrounding, we should evade bribery if it can hamper our country's progress..We should do whatever it takes to make ourselves a real Patriot....remember, we just don't need to be in army to show that we are a real patriot!!