Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Dental Visit

Hello friends,

its just a busy afternoon today...(just returned from my dental visit). I had two root canals ( it means 2 of my teeth are dead). Now, even if my dad a dentist, dental visit is one visit everyone fears...I don't have much problem with fillings but a bit invasive and pain is unbearable (even if for few seconds).

I always wonder, there are guys eating gutkas, pans and lots of sweets, Though I eat a few chocolates in a week...My teeth are more vunerable to decay than others!! (don't know what they see in my teeth). As per Dentist Uncle...he said that two cause of caries are common in medical students..one for pan, gutkas and one for toffees, chocolates! I do know which catagory I belong....
Coming home, another problem begins. And you all know..no hard food, no sweet, sticky substance...the very thing you desire to have after this dental exposure!! May be, but we really had lost taste of them in our pain...and after treatment we really can't have it for hours.
but worst part is that if I had a regular check up, it could have saved me from this exprience...(an advice to u all, learn from my mistakes).

Thats all for some of dental talks...Surely you all had same type of exprience sometime or other...
the sound of drilling machines, the spray n all..they really bring panic in heart but after coming out of the clinic we really feel relieved!! But you have to admit, its all becoz you want some sweet moments of eating sweets, toffees or chewing pan that brings you to such state.

So, keeping a dental hygiene a must for us....at least to avoid such pain!


Dan* said...

well my cousins are dentist :-D

you had root canal and that also 2.... that is the most difficult job for a dentist only an expect would do this, if he's not he would just give u some pain killers.

I sometimes have bad dreams about my teeths breaking :-D

Gaurav Tārkar said...

i can empathise with u dude... even i had one root canal.
and i was the one brushing my teeth with lot of care and love. it seems a bit injustice.

well, to read my views, read about the same topic on www.blithering-idiot.blogspot.com

the post name is Lord Kill the Pain.

thanks a lot.
you got a nice blog.

Vinayak said...

oh 2 root canals
my friend also went yesterday and he was crying when it was in the process

Sorcerer said...

2 root canals
double ze pain

Iam scared of Dentists actually