Saturday, January 19, 2013

Watching the stars

Bright as they might look,
far and beyond,...
we look it in awe,
the vastness in our thought.
Shining, dull .....large or small,
each have their lights,
or just the emptiness,
darkness that follows.

It stand alone,
or comes with many,
each had it's own nature,
or just us to decipher...
a constellation, structure,
showing the life's color,
stories being told,
words to be followed.

As I watch them,
heads up, eyes focused,
look around, the life..
the trees, and the buildings.
I look beyond them,
with it comes the magic...
the world that I have, 
and the stars through them.

The rustling of the leaves, 
moving with the breeze,
the branches in dark shadow,
all over the trees...
stars blinking, shining a bit,
or disappearing for some times,
looking so mysterious, 
or a moment of tranquility to seize!! 

It brings hope...
thoughts too deep,
nothing as such at first,
but something of a meditation....
it's hollowness, and more,
the brightness of future,
or just a peace of mind,
in this chaos of life.

Silent and thoughtful,
with my steady gaze,
I watch and watch......
the stars near and beyond!!

Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello, it's again a new year....and this time it's after something after a kind of doomsday forecast by Maya and others....Nothing new, same old life, only our works to look forward to, and maintain our lifestyle.
So, what's there in a doomsday that some people were so interested in knowing...don't know may be some people are just fed up with their life, wanting some change,,,and these kind of rumor giving them false hope :P. Confused....nope just kidding....We just love to these rumors without giving them a serious second thought as long as it's entertaining!! Just a small poetry for the same...

Doomsday they say, 
a time to come,
following celestial events,
or any other form.
Dates were set,
as the clocks ticks......
as the moment comes,
with our adrenaline kicks!!

Some thought its fun,
other as god's will,
some just ignore it as rumors...
other waiting for the kill.
it's weird for many...
as they being busy in daily chore,
why are few experts calling..
whole thing a  big hoax!

And so, the time comes,
as it also goes,
not a change to be seen,
for some good or bad....
day comes and goes 
and we went ahead,
not many incidence to see,
just those moments were dead!!

Their goes another date,
doomsday  being shifted...
as the people kept waiting ,
for the pattern to be repeated.
There will be movies, stories being written...
as people craze for thrill and adventure being taken,
or just plain fear deep seated in our mind...
for our doomsday theory to be awaken!!!