Saturday, May 30, 2009

One within me!!

I have seen all,
the qualm of a lonely time,
the scuffle of the lavish life,
the fuss of a glorifying strife.

not to forget vice,
the selfish, ego, greed,
the desire of the world,
love,lust, money,fame,
or the ambitions of mine.

I don't say never dream,
but not to fulfill your life within,
and as I tread on the path,
forgetting everything I love,
ripping my dearer past.....I went ahead.

the elusive it was,
but I was relentless and hungry,
got the money, and the fame,
the tryst with many interest,
and being known to all..authoritative I became.

But why I am not happy..ohh me,
is it all I ever wanted,
why it not fulfill my inner satiety,
what is that I really wanted?
I couldn't explicate it at all!!

days became grim, night a tussle,
as I reminisce my past,
I garnered the remaining strength,
ready to put my strides on a new path,
a path...which will take me to my destiny.

so begin my see a new world,
the sunset on distant looked new, twinging me,
a gust of wind touches I gazed,
the withered leaves falling from tree,
or the chirruping of winged different.

I travelled through mountains,
walked through the golden beach,
meditated in the temples and prayed,
also tried in music places...modern or classic,
alas I couldn't find the peace .....I was looking.

tired and dejected..finally I returned,
sitting on my chair on the veranda,
hoping for a miracle....analyse my journey,
the places I travelled..the thing I got to know,
and then it came...a realisation in me.

yes!! was all I wanted for,
the serenity of my mind,
it brought me solace as I saw,
the peace was within me..
then why I was looking around..

so I had seen all,
the things that are intriguing,
the propensity of the life,
looking for place with solace and tranquil,
but at last I found One within me!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


It was really a hot hot summer, taking its toll..children are mostly affected (baring there increase demand for ice-cream and cold drinks). But they were forbidden to play outside and even there playing hours were reduced. So when the Monsoon came they really get excited, so do the millions of people of our country. Farmers are elated, elderly people fill with joy( have chances to be with there friends ,children and enjoy the season), adults are happy (for garam pakodas and chai). So its completely a family affair in India. We really want to wake up late, had a comfortable night...good sleep( think of the uncomfortable nights of summers) and welcomed by a cool breeze of wind and smell of wet earth surrounding in your room. Its a good and homely feeling and we eagerly wait for the same.

as a child I wrote this poetry for the long wait for rainy season in the summer days and the arrival of Monsoon and its like this.......
barsa rani, barsa rani,
kahan gayi thi barsa rani...
badal bhai roj garajte,
bijli bhi chamakti,
lekin tum na aati rani,
bahut hame satati,

and for the arrival of Monsoon......
bunde jab padi ek din,
bijli bhi chamki,
khusiyon se bhar gaya mera man,
tum jo aa gayi...
ful khil uthe rang- birange,
patto se bund jo giri,
dekh mor nacha cham-chamacham,
manohar drusya dikhne lagi.

so, thats how I felt at my childhood during the Monsoon rains. It has a different feeling and I loved the monsson rain for that.

Now, after these hectic life and gruesome summers, the arrival of monsoon are like a treat for us. Assuming that Monsoon are quite early this year, I felt lucky as its started as I am at home and I had a chance to enjoy it for 2-3 days or so before I go the the hostel. Then there would be studies so couldn't enjoy much of these rain. There are no garam pakodas in the evening with a hot tea(to get some, we have to go outside in the rain and its not possible to find both at same time though tea is always available). Again we have to wake up early or at least study late...not much of a day for us. But at home I can really enjoy this moment and had all the things readily available which makes the season special!!

What do you really like about the rain...??are they continuous cold breeze flowing through you, or the attractive perfume of wet earth, the tip-tip sound of continuous dropping of water drops, the taking of frogs, chirruping of birds, the sound of water drop falling on tree leaves.........
the beautiful view of your surrounding which looks so clean and clear due the water washing away the dirts, or getting wet in the rain, jumping on pool of muddy water.......playing with paper-boats, romancing the rain.

you can name many of these activities and you cannot complete the list. There is no one who doesn't love the Monsoon. You just can't ignore this season and that's why its the best for me (however in childhood my favourite one was basant rutu...spring season..but never seen it distinct) So all the lovers of rainy season...welcome the Monsoon as it comes to your door. Enjoy this Monsoon and forget the pain of summers!!!!


( PS.....Don't take it literally and do your work too.....have fun)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

ohh yeah yeah yeah!!

its a song I heard that inspired me write one...but this one has the same lyric style as that song..
words different..its my new poem!!

its been a big decision,
and I am so shy,
so I waited for the time,
got away with some lie.

then you just moved away,
not giving me some space,
but now I will tell the truth,
and bring you back in my place...oh baby!!

I will love you once again..oh yeah yeah yeah,
stand with you in this rain..oh yeah yeah yeah,
together we will bear the pain..oh yeah yeah yeah.
live again in our lane..oh yeah yeah yeah

hey friend, I love you so much,
hey friend, I want you so much,
hey friend, I care for you so much.

I will love you once again..oh yeah yeah yeah,
stand with you in this rain..oh yeah yeah yeah,
together we will bear the pain..oh yeah yeah yeah,
live again in our lane..oh yeah yeah yeah.

forgive the past, ignore your fears, ignore your fears!!
only you can bring in my life cheers, my life cheers!!
then everything in my path just clears, path just clears!!

I will love you once again..oh yeah yeah yeah,
stand with you in this rain..oh yeah yeah yeah,
together we will bear the pain..oh yeah yeah yeah,
live again in our lane..oh yeah yeah yeah.

Friday, May 15, 2009


some time funny, some time cool,
not so smart, a bit shy,
friend is all you want me with,
common, be with me don't think,
jealous, envy, angry, hate, emotion aside,
I had been like that only!!

you take so much time,
doubt me or be suspicious,some time funny, some time cool,
not so smart, a bit shy,
friend is all you want me with,
common, be with me don't think,
jealous, envy, angry, hate, emotion aside,
I had been like that only!!

worry a lot, be so grave,
fear to bring fun, your joy,
come with me, know me now!
just go on and don't shy,
check me out, just chill out,
trust me and give you a try!!

its been a long day,
you need to be freak out,
the work making you dizzy,
come over and relax a bit,
don't think, take my philosophy,
its your time, just enjoy.

never been so happy,
no money nor some fame,
its only me and you...
get your share which is due,
its so simple yet so far,
people without ego are so few.

oh yes! it can be you,
join the party, bring a rout,
don't be so invisible to you,
come up, give a shout.
then you will know me,
I have been always within you,
puzzled are you or realised,
bring it same outside.......and say

some time funny, some time cool,
not so smart, a bit shy,
friend is all you want me with,
common, be with me don't think,
jealous, envy, angry, hate, emotion aside,
I had been like that only!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Uff yeh garmi!!

uff yeh garmi,
na maar dale hame aise hi,
bina ghume na kaam kiye,
khatam kar de yeh chutti,

pata nahi kya season hai yeh,
gala sukha deta hai muft mein,
kuch karna chaho to paseene,
aur na karo to ghutam ki maar,

ab agar har sal issi tarah se,
badh jayegi jo garmi hamare,
kaise bach payenge hum sab,
na jo kar payen apne kaam sare.

na thanda pani, na ganaa ras,
sambhal payenge na yeh hame,
chahe piyo kitne cold drinks,
na raas ayenge yeh hame.

batao kaha jayen, kahan chupe,
na baithne ko chaao he mile,
na koi ped na koi visramghar,
dhund reh hai aram karne ke silsile.

ab batao jara kab hogi garmi kam,
agar na rahe ped, bas dhul pradusan,
waise bhi jeena dusbar kar rahi hai,
hamari banayi global warming ki tension.

bas prathna kar hi sake hum,
kyunki khud na karenge yeh kaam,
dosh denge sarkar ko hum aur,
sahenge yeh garmi...leke prabhu ka naam!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


you feel weak with struggle you make,
life is not for you a piece of cake,
but you fight though you soul,
you want to reach, get your goal,
its not easy and the spine on way,
these are going to be your difficult day,
don't listen to all whatever they say,
just move on, hard work gonna pay!!

its just some work to be done,
man don't fear, make your run,
not a game but its some fun,
you got guts second to none,
why fear then...just common!!

life gonna give what you desire,
don't loose sight, just take,
its all you ever wanted,
not a ocean, may be a lake,
its not over for you,
more on your path to bake,
just move on, move on your way,
best is for is fake.

the beauty of the world is for you,
the fame of life is just for you,
the flowers on path is only for you,
satisfy you desire, its all for you...
the best is for is fake.

you will get your wish,
you will find your mind peace,
its your hard work, life get bliss,
don't worry because it true,
best is for is fake.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mysteries of past!!

It starts as a dream or be in real,
as I searched for the answer,
travelled through the pasts of India,
with the hidden meaning of texts,
to know the secret being sealed,
in the mysteries of Sanskrit, of Vedas.

no language so perfect, no delightful,
as I enter deep in the words,
moving more nearer, more closer,
with the truth to be discovered,
to reach my destiny being covered,
in this darkness filled world of life.

gone the teaching of love, hate,
every emotions ever present,
the teachings and thoughts of other culture,
martial arts, weaponry, meditation,
I moved beyond this, beyond the masters,
here I am everything, be the start or end.

yes!! from the forgotten past of rishi munies,
saints of those forbidden lands ever born,
from the magic and mysteries of world ever present,
power, thoughts, knowledge ever acquired,
I spooned gold out of these mines,
from the hints of secrets to be unveiled.

I reached as far I could, to the gates,
gates of the path of another dimension,
the path to immortality, of mind of souls,
leaving behind this mortal earth,
every science, math, histories ever known,
I cleared all doubts, guilt's of my conscience.

It was so unbelievable to be true,
coming from the pure culture,
the knowledge our ancestors ever found,
getting in me lighting me up,
all darkness fading away,
as I reached the twilight zone and then..
waken from my deep slumber of imagination,
was it dream or some pressure on my brain??

So, broken were my dream,
gone were those gates of destiny,
feeling the loss in my heart,
I brood through the day time,
was it a fragment of imagination, a fairytale...
or a call from past world..signals of reality!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


well friends,

Its just my small holiday this summer ( u can say so, but actually I had this 1 month parole for preparation of my 3rd MB guess what it means!!)
so, I can't go for a long tour, holidays and had to study at home. Forget family tours, even my friends are busy in their own friends are so far away and college ones not to be seen. In other words, life is just stuck in home...only TVs and Movies. Its just not happening for us guys..though "IPL" brings some respite to my bored life here!!

'Studies' are the only thing you never want to do, when at home. How hard you try to make some schedule or try to force yourself. My brain just says a strict no-no for this numb event. No way!! it says after such a gruelling straining to my mind for these semesters. But had to take this repulsive activity to my routine anyway (no one wants bad grade in exam, after all competition is something)
As my days are going by with no purpose and life in idle, I cannot think of any new thing to try and do. Movies do are a great pass time but life becoming so monotonous, it do make me think deep to my soul.

Its my college days and still I don't have much fun...not even in these gaps between exams ( I prefer calling my holidays as gap between exam as it's always so for us medical students) studies are the only alternatives but my heart goes for a good travelling life. I know its not possible for me right now and not so after my college, because preparation be our only aim for PGs, but still I prefers much outing. After all I am also a human being and I too love some peace of mind (here I mean away for books), that's not much to ask for.

Hmm, so that's all I could say for now as I am really feeling bored at home. Sometimes you miss your college not for studies but for fun and all the happenings. Is it not a contrast that when you are in college, you just want to be home and the opposite if at home. Its all because you missed you loved ones, or fun, pleasure for someones company or may be just for a change. You just can't make out whats the real cause. May be its just being in our human nature or we really want to enjoy every part of our life. Can't say!!

Thus after having such thoughts, I just wanted to do something that I enjoy or at least take part in some activities, try some hobby or so.It really brightened my face and I made some list to do laziness take the toll and I couldn't think much of it.

I am sitting here in my home, writing this blog just to pass my time...may be to convey my feelings and thinking at the same time......


Friday, May 1, 2009

my broken wings..

I am happy, I am free,
like a lone leaf on a tree,
its so great or moment here,
being a guy in drunken spree.
yes I jumped and overjoyed,
and yet be there to be said,
but not to worry for this,
I had my broken wings.

wings that I, sometimes aspire to try,
move beyond this world, to far sky,
no one could catch then, so high I fly,
and these trying days..I say goodbye.
but it was not be like this,
and dreams be there to get hurt,
I had my share of the pain too..
but now do I care of this broken wings.

so look around and see with your eyes,
here I go...I am saying no lies,
I had my will and gonna have the way,
don't care if I won or just dies.
sooner or later,it will happen,
and I could have my piece of pie,
its not a joke, I'm not gonna shy,
laugh it out, for my broken wings.

friends or foes, I have no hatred,
I am not perfect, may be wrong,
but its my life, it's my song,
gotta sing it alone, where I belong.
look there, that's my destiny,
and I am going to be there soon,
its just matter of thought of mind,
or just brood to broken wings.