Sunday, May 24, 2009


It was really a hot hot summer, taking its toll..children are mostly affected (baring there increase demand for ice-cream and cold drinks). But they were forbidden to play outside and even there playing hours were reduced. So when the Monsoon came they really get excited, so do the millions of people of our country. Farmers are elated, elderly people fill with joy( have chances to be with there friends ,children and enjoy the season), adults are happy (for garam pakodas and chai). So its completely a family affair in India. We really want to wake up late, had a comfortable night...good sleep( think of the uncomfortable nights of summers) and welcomed by a cool breeze of wind and smell of wet earth surrounding in your room. Its a good and homely feeling and we eagerly wait for the same.

as a child I wrote this poetry for the long wait for rainy season in the summer days and the arrival of Monsoon and its like this.......
barsa rani, barsa rani,
kahan gayi thi barsa rani...
badal bhai roj garajte,
bijli bhi chamakti,
lekin tum na aati rani,
bahut hame satati,

and for the arrival of Monsoon......
bunde jab padi ek din,
bijli bhi chamki,
khusiyon se bhar gaya mera man,
tum jo aa gayi...
ful khil uthe rang- birange,
patto se bund jo giri,
dekh mor nacha cham-chamacham,
manohar drusya dikhne lagi.

so, thats how I felt at my childhood during the Monsoon rains. It has a different feeling and I loved the monsson rain for that.

Now, after these hectic life and gruesome summers, the arrival of monsoon are like a treat for us. Assuming that Monsoon are quite early this year, I felt lucky as its started as I am at home and I had a chance to enjoy it for 2-3 days or so before I go the the hostel. Then there would be studies so couldn't enjoy much of these rain. There are no garam pakodas in the evening with a hot tea(to get some, we have to go outside in the rain and its not possible to find both at same time though tea is always available). Again we have to wake up early or at least study late...not much of a day for us. But at home I can really enjoy this moment and had all the things readily available which makes the season special!!

What do you really like about the rain...??are they continuous cold breeze flowing through you, or the attractive perfume of wet earth, the tip-tip sound of continuous dropping of water drops, the taking of frogs, chirruping of birds, the sound of water drop falling on tree leaves.........
the beautiful view of your surrounding which looks so clean and clear due the water washing away the dirts, or getting wet in the rain, jumping on pool of muddy water.......playing with paper-boats, romancing the rain.

you can name many of these activities and you cannot complete the list. There is no one who doesn't love the Monsoon. You just can't ignore this season and that's why its the best for me (however in childhood my favourite one was basant rutu...spring season..but never seen it distinct) So all the lovers of rainy season...welcome the Monsoon as it comes to your door. Enjoy this Monsoon and forget the pain of summers!!!!


( PS.....Don't take it literally and do your work too.....have fun)

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