Friday, January 30, 2009

Khud se prasn

Aisi hai yadeen meri,
kyun na usme kho jaun,
apne hisse ke gum mein,
kyunh na mein ro jaun.

chahu kyun mein khusi,
jab kabil na ho paun,
kyun hun mein yahan jindagi,
isi soch me pad jaun.

andheri raat hai abhi,
kyun sabera na ho jae,
muskil hai yeh ghadi,
kyun na koi saath mil jaye.

jina hai aur mujhko,
mauke aur mil jayenge,
apni jindagi me bahar,
kabhi aur khil jayenge.

fir kyun tadpu, kyun tarsu,
kya chahat hai meri,
fir kya kami reh gayi,
jisme raht hai meri.

asaye sab puri ho,
yeh kabhi hota nahi,
sapne ho jaye sach,
aisa kabhi hota nahi.

fir kyun mein gum me rahu,
kyun mein khusi na manau,
jindagi ke iss pal ko,
bina vajah mein kyun gabau.

to fir ye man,
kyun tu gum manaye,
dil se khus ho tu aaj,
kal jane kya ho jaye.

Ae des ke nav jawano.....

ae desh ke nav jawano,
dil mein rakho kurbani ki chah,
bharat mata ko le lo unchai par,
niche kar do sara jahan.

jahan prem phal phulata hai,
jhan shanti hamesha rehta hai,
jahan jati prem hota hai,
wah bharat mata hi hai.

jahan des par marne bale,
jahan des ko pyar karne bale,
jahan shanti bikharne bale,
us des ko aage lana hai.

unko yaad karo jinhone,
des ke liye kurbani di thi,
jinhone apni jaan de kar,
bharat mata ki raksha ki thi.

jinhone apne ghar ko ujadkar,
dusro ke ghar basaye the,
jara yaad karo unko jinhone,
dusro ke liye apni khusiya diye the.

ae des ke nav jawano,
dil mein rakho kurbani ki chah,
bharat mata ko le lo unchai par,
niche kar do sara jahan.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hinglish rap

hey guys com'mon,
gonna maken some fun,
listen we goin' for a run,
hinglish rap is a new song..

haan, ye hai ek naya gana,
ab hamko kahin aur nahi jana,
apni dhun hai sabko sunana,
hinglish rap ka ye naya bahana.

we made a new tune,
wanna sing it very soon,
sitting there in the noon,
wanna take you to the moon.
check it up, check it up...
its going to be fun buddy,
listen it up, listen it up,
you wana be on run buddy.

aur batao kaisa hai ye,
acha lage to some more le le,
maja aa jayega is naye dhun me,
now its turn..what to say!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Whats in I.Q test

It was a lovely morning,
with cool breeze flowing,
holding a cup of tea,
looking from the window.

well, its not the wind,
nor the scenery outside I care,
but my net being slow,
for a I.Q test to share.

not were the questions asked,
nor the time taken ,
the thing taking my patience,
being the delay of result marked.

hoping of something good,
and waiting for the same,
only to get a bit high,
is only my part of the game.

but the delay as forced,
allowed me to think,
why am I here sitting,
I.Q is not a matter of blink.

I know myself better,
and also whats my ability,
from the early years,
learned for my own stability.

a test is not a decider,
for its prone to defects,
with it I closed the matter,
of checking my intellect.

whatever you practically learn,
or to observe and know around,
is the only thing you ever want....
you have your mind intact,
whats in a I.Q test.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I love music

Its through my heart,
yes, it touches my soul,
it really make me thick,
soothing, smooth as it is...
yes, I love those music.

with so different choices,
frequency and intensity so many,
why some make me weak,
with no causes of any.

so diverse are the cultures,
making them so differently,
nevertheless the choosen one,
put in our mind tally.

yes, the choosen one,
taking us to different zones,
with emotions feeling through,
new thoughts being shown.

may be its just human nature,
or some mind game playin,
but it make flutters in heart,
never mind what be sayin.

forget the time you have,
being stressed or in worry,
a sprinke of your favourate,
make you cheerful, not be sorry.

Thats what I want to say,
for yours or mine,
whatever we be or our thoughts,
we do agree to a point,
this help us to connect our soul,
yes, thats why, I love music.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sun is shining intense above,
and wind is feeling harsh enough,
but standing alone there facing,
waiting,..that is the old tree.

seasons come and goes,
not a hope it shows,
old and creepled as it being,
holding itself in one piece.

It had seen the days,
with happiness and joy,
with friend around, tree so many,
and birds and rabbits playing.

but then came those one,
using things never been seen,
taking away their friends,
isolating it in a trend.

but there was no choice,
not any thing to rejoice,
for they came in plenty,
making his place empty.

surviving the time of scare,
it lived with someone's care,
but soon broken were his sheath,
for air became difficult to breath.

so time passed in some way,
making it old sooner it may,
and so it stands there alone,
waiting for its end to be gone.

it is there thinking of old time,
wishing the only hope for mankind,
if only they had the patience...
and helped us to help them out..
if only they had heard me...The old tree.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ever think in your mind,
why are the only kind,
ever developing and superior,
with other living being on fear.

if we have been in rise,
from primates as surprise,
how could we have sustained,
from such disasters to be pained.

for we thought so widely,
with new ideas on our bay,
and stepwise got to top,
innovation and imagination as a hop.

surviving the scare of the wild,
getting social from group life.
security and exprience becoming a tool,
disciplined with freeness as a rule.

organised and disciplined being,
we had chance to think,
with new ways to search,
making life easy to live.

broadness of mind was the keys,
and clarity of thoughts to see,
we percieved the world as it was,
and utilised it for what it has.

alas! now see this world,
narrowness filling through its heart,
and killing a game,weapon may be,
becomes a issue all the time.

we had reached where we belong,
but sooner or later we get that deserves,
greatness or a fall..we will witness,
for our deeds are made by us,
after all....ITS OUR THOUGHT.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Its like a morning dew,
freshness of nature we sew,
to look at a child's piercing eye,
showing the beauty of Innocence.

we all have some space,
a thought or some trace,
not to forget the thing of past,
keeping the treasure of innocence.

so, whats innocence, or this emotion,
with some sense, making heart in motion,
but whatever it is, it does,
ring a bell in our mind of course.

so, defining it as a whole,
just searcing through the soul,
got the answer with some way,
giving some time, for it may.

watch the child's play,
or the farmers on the field,
or some animal staring at you,
with its big cute eyes.

watch the music on the play,
or the comedies accidentally made,
to walk the beach around the sea,
and to move in zoo or park be said.

what the point is 'those time',
you are away from work mime,
to spend some time for what you are,
and searching yourself in nature around.

these days of innocence,
you get from those small moments,
just as a viewer in this land,
you will observe what you are wanting,
those small bit of innocence.