Saturday, February 28, 2009


the beauty of this world,
the colours and shapes around,
the livings and there joy abound,
and at last, the strings of life within.

the chirruping of birds,
the sounds all animals make,
the music as a piece of cake,
and at last, the feeling from deep within.

the fragnance of the nature,
the sense it make to us,
attractive or repulsive as a rush,
and at last, the memory we keep within.

the flavours of this earth,
the food and drinks ever made,
the cuisines with love ever laid,
and at last, the greed we seek within.

the texture of the matter existing,
the exprience of using or leaving it,
to make a creation out of heart beat,
and at last, supporting the imagination we search within.

the warmth of the care of loved ones,
the emotions and reaction ever percieved,
intuition and imagination as to believed,
and at last, the soul thrive in life within.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slumdog millionare...India feels proud!!

Slumdog millionare...Innocent

This is a day of oscar fever....and to get such a prestigious award...with the fact that no Indian cinema had ever got one at any catagory....make it so special.

But the critics may say that it was not a Indian movie at all....from director to tecnicians, producer..all are not Indian and not even the leading actor Dev patel! a british teenager. So the oscar is not for the goes to British..the place of the director Danny boyle.

Does it make any difference .....NO !! The story was entirely Indian..the same can be said about the cast and the crews. A Indian story with a Indian backgroud showing the very colour of Indian. And it is the difference.

Straight from the Indian inland comes the soul touching music of A. R. rahman...the lyrics of gulzar and If I heard right then the book from which it had taken the script was by an Indian. You may say that it potrayed India being poor...a slumdog but it was the story like millions of story in Bollywood. Why should we be afraid to show if its always mumbai slums. If they like it then better we show it ....the real busnessman will do the same.

So, when A.R Rahman gets a oscar for it...when it gets best picture award, we felt proud...It was the feeling of the Indian within us. Why criticise when someone doing so big, lets encourage them.

My only hope is that our movie makers should learn from Danny Boyles and tap the resources of India..get the best out of it...then no one can stop us from getting a oscar...They just love India, which we fail to potray much.

Our masal movies with so unreal fighting, simple comedies and common love story cannot get us oscar and lets try not to copy from other movies and try to make origanal. Orignal movie, orignal songs(this for most of our music directors)and show them real stories of India..we have a rich history...lets flaunt it!! JAI HO INDIA JAI HO!!!Innocent

Saturday, February 21, 2009

full masti..

hey buddies, listen you all,
hear aloud, its my call...
watch it or you may fall,
for I come to make some roll.

so, hinglish rap comes again,
you guys nd gals, forget ur pain,
bring umbrella it will rain,
here comes the tiget out of the den.

hinglish rap, rap matlab gana,
sabdo ki khichdi, ise hai pakana,
banake mast, tumhare pass lana,
suno isse, yeh hai naya jamana,
ab tumhe kahin aur na hai jana.

life hai good, ise hai jina,
age badho, chouda karo sina,
nacho yahan, is nashe ko hai pina,
aur bulao jise bhi, ina.. mina..aur tina.

bolo kaise hai yeh,
its rockin, wht u say,
hasso and gao, masti ka hai day,
rakho apne gum ko...out of BAY!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Will you be my valentine.....

Its a beautiful day,
this moment is sooo fine,
be with me forever,
wishes coming from my heart...
will you be my valentine?

I wana look to your eyes,
and be in arms of yours,
please just be with me,
and I will be fine....
will you be my valentine.

happy times will come to me,
as my heart will rejoice,
with you I will enjoy,
my dreamworld in sunshine,
will you be my valentine!!

alas I could never convey,
and wait for the right time,
I know you love me as much,
but we could try come out of line....
will you be my valentine??

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

India is ours!!

Well friends,
Its just a matter of great thought that our people (I mean Indian citizens) have slowly forgetting the basic of being an Indian. What I meant to say is, we are just living our own life, for our gain and selfishness. And we could easily see this by reading anewspaper or watching what is happening around us. We all know it but just not gracious enough to accept it.

Every one here wants to make money, use goverment for its advantage. If they are with us then the goverment is doing good but if they do anything against our will (even if its right), the goverment is the worst enemy. We do strike, break public properties, bandhs are called just to bring their demands. I am not saying its wrong, but there are cases where its pure matter of greed. If a teacher or a docter do this then they were lathicharged or charges are made against them but the same is done by a political party or anyone with upper hand( riches or power), they were listened instantly.

Bribes, treachery, taking loan and not returning, using goerment post for personal use, all here wants to make money and more money. Problem is not this as it is bound to happen but they utilise it for foriegn tour, saving it in any foriegn bank,
and many more....the point is our money going outside but its much less in vice-verse. Money and new projects for poor, loan waver and rural employment scheme, they are just made for vote banking.

The poor didn't get 10% of there share but the middleman, the goverment officials make millions. India is not poor but we the citizen make it poorer.
Due to geographical advantage, we have all the resources the human being ever need but more than us the foriegners take advantage of it..WHY?? just because we all are greedy, selfish...for our mentality of Goverment verses Us. We only say that we are looting the goverment but not to think we are looting ourselves. For development indirectly help us to rise to superpower status.

So, what we have to do....
1. Give our taxes and if not atleast use our money to purchase indian goods, develop college and schools, small industries.
2.Rather than taking bribe and doing no work, take bribe but atleast do work properly and FAST.
3.In term of money...every person should get money for their work and not for free.
4.Compenies for distributinon of any relief work.
5.Loan waver is of no farmers to develop better crops and more crops.
6.Do urgent work on our tourism department....develop full security of these precious areas of ours.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

wht r u thinkin!!

life too short,time goes fast,
enjoy the fun, it ain't gonna last,
common you all, guys n gals,
rap song will rock, forget the past.

oh yeah, its gonna rock baby,
just chill yaar, hona na udas kabhi,
we r here man, for the hinglish rap,
its the new rule, piche rahenge sabhi.

to suno ye baat kuch nayi nayi,
kuch ko lagi galat, kuch ko sahi ,
mein ladka hun awara , pagal,dewaana,
ye kisine na jana, chahe jitni maine kahi.

so baat sirf itni, masti se hu linkin,
sochu na mein kuch, not worth sinkin,
jo bhi bolu mein, wahi to karu haan,
common join u all, wht r u thinkin.

so this is the rap,
its ain't no trap,
let join the fun ,
bring this in our map.
check it out , check it out,
what r u thinkin. HEY BUDDIES!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lets unite!!

We have the feelings,
the emotions in heart,
there's a lot for dealing,
facing agonies and hurt.

we don't have time,
nor things to ponder,
for we couldn't see,
the world and nature wonder.

true to word, have to see,
faith aside, science to keep,
to think of us as a species,
for survival tactics, just not sleep.

countries are many, many a religion,
but above all, we are human,
risks are many, time so less,
lets try to find, whatever we can.

danger so many all around,
we are just doll of carbon,
within earth or outer space,
fear for life,anyone as a reason.

inovations and disoveries are so rare,
for it needs imagination for share,
but busy schedules, mugging so rampart,
couldn't get the knowledge, we so care.

my intension are clear,
for a man of science,
as its time now for us to act,
or else unprepared for any crisis.

so, friends lets unite,
unite we will for our dream,
as this is needed to human race...
today, and thousands of years after.

unite to spread the science,
ignite young mind with thoughts,
the future rests in there hand...
my message to whole human race,
we have to just unite!!