Monday, April 27, 2009


My heart says no..
and had to go,
this is the only way..
but its not me!!

never say no, its not my show,
this is my world, nowhere to fly,
I had to live, can't even shy,
I'm no quitter, I will try.
but does it matter?? Its not me!!

I don't have the zeal,
hurt so much, it makes me feel,
but will move on, time heals,
its not so hard,go for the kill.
but it makes me no better, Its not me!!

now I am alone, path so long,
had some fears, not so strong,
gotta believe intuition,its never wrong,
wanna catch all,life had ever flung,
but it never fulfil my desire, Its not me!!

I had seen all,
and will see many more,
this is the only way,
but its not me!!

its matter of trust, faith they say,
gotta hope for best, what may lay,
be happy forever, put sadness at bay,
its my life, use every moments to enjoy,
but its not all I needed, its not me!!

I am tired, lost my cool,
but still want it, its my rule,
its all I remember, in memory pool,
had to use my strengths as tool,
but it will not make me happy, its not me!!

may be its a dream, but its true,
this is the only path, the 'ONE' had chosen,
no more worrying, will not refrain,
gotta get experience, only some more strain,
I will never waste this chance, its not me!!

now it make me clear,
and I was the only one doubting,
this is the only way,
and yes Its not only me!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Passionatetly in love with u.....

is your smile on me...
making me fall for u.
is your charm on me...
it too good to be true.
is all in dream of me...
just tell me what I gonna do.

hey baby, please try just hear me,
am gonna tell u all I wanna say,
no longer can I stay away from this,
I am passionately in love with u.

please don't be on me...
making me cry for u.
it just make me feel..
how can I expect this from u..
I will never be,
hey miss gonna promise this to u.

so, please don't go,
come closer to me,
because you know in your heart...
I am passionately in love with u.

we dream of it, we live to it,
its all we want in life..ohh baby!
the place is good, we understood,
and here we are all alone..

baby I gonna never leave you,
be with you forever,
and always be there when u need to hear...
I am passionately in love with you!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My first voting...

Today was a great day in my life, as this is the first time I voted in my life and the blue sketch mark on my index finger is the proof of it. Now I have promoted from being an Indian to be a morally an Indian citizen.

You must be wondering why have I said this term "morally". Then I must clear it out that now I am responsible for the government of our India. Now that I had voted for a party to be in power in centre, so I am now a part of this world's largest democracy and be responsible of the work either good or bad. For many years I had been watching news and actual works or development these politician actually do. I always wanted to vote for the party I liked most for its ideologies, its promises, and works they had done.

There are many times when as a responsible citizen, I felt sad that wrong candidates or party came to power in any state just simply on basis of money and muscle power. they simply mislead the people of the state and looted the money by using them for there own good and I couldn't do anything about it. Now I can say that my one vote could make some difference. There are many of my friends who don't take this voting seriously but easily complain about the government. Huh!! so, what they think?? God will come for help. I only advised all of them to vote. It matter most!!

So, I had gone to give my vote. I had to stand in a long queue just for one vote in this scorching heat and got so tired standing but it was only for my own good. It was really a satisfying experience just to give my vote out there, no matter who will win. My only message is..


plz share some of your experiences and comments......thnks!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

IPL South africa!!

hey guys n gals common!!
its a new season rock on,
IPL ka he match dekho,
yeh hai cricket ke junnon,
its not just a game,
its also not the same,
new place, new world,
new cricketers in the fame.

yo man, its South africa...
yahan par hoga sab naya,
naye hai log aur naya jahan,
aur masti mein bas hai hum yahan.
but its election time,
don't forget vote your dime,
chahe ho tum cricket fan,
par voting is all you can.

so buddies its all I say,
as a citizen and cricket fan,
cricket is just a religion here,
but gonna make it popular there,
to agar ho tum cricket ke dewaane,
aur josh main chad jao parwaane,
just feel the music and the rhyme,
see IPL and enjoy your time.

PS...(IPL watching may be injurious to a students mental health and I am not liable for any bad result in exams)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Take away, take away...

If the life is so weak,
not a glimpse to be seen,
if no hopes for the lean,
take away, take away....

if the sadness at the peak,
not a chance to be keen,
if the world is so mean,
take away, take away...

its just not my thought,
nor the failing of the all,
but the belief as a whole,
take away, take away....

faith is all I can see,
and the waiting of many,
but the fear in some,
take away, take away....

yes!! the dream has come,
taking our thoughts for a run,
if the obstacles will ever come,
take away, take away....

Now, the freedom is all we seek,
not much less do we ween,
as stubborn as they had been,
Take away, take away.....

Man mein umang

man me umang liye,
aaj mein kahan jau,
suhane is mousam me,
khusi mein kaise manau.

yeh aasman aur dharti,
aaj hai yahan mahak rahe,
jib aur jantu yahan,
aaj kyun hai ghum rahe.

sayad hai yeh sapna,
khus jo hai man apna,
jo chahat thi adhuri,
kya aaj ho rahi hai puri.

haan sayad yeh soch,
asar kar rahi hai man par,
aaj umang main hai dil,
itne kast sehan kar.

aaj mil gaya hai mujhe laksya,
jisko tha main dhund raha,
jiske khoj mein maine,
jane kitne the kast saha.

yadi isi khusi ko pane,
rah me tha mein chal pada,
to man ko kiye kendrit,
kyun na pehle mein aada.

par sochu kyun mein in baato ko?
jab manjil hai mujhko mil gaya,
kyun mein aaj dekhu piche,
jab rahat aage aa gaya.

aab na mein kuch sochu,
bas apni manjil ko dekhu,
aaj mere man me hai umang,
jisme mujhe, nahi dalna hai....bhang.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


No pain no Gain..
don't hear just think it again,
wait up....hold in your rein,
or jump in..its part of this game.

its just not love or some fun,
and you will find here no pun,
simply life running from my mind,
now just don't make your mind to run...
nor the money not the fame,
I wanna know love is best,
check it out..gonna do test,
until then my soul is in unrest...

jokes apart...lets come out,
its not the beats nor the shout,
and not the logic we are making out,
flat thoughts are all we all doubt....
come up all and take the pain,
it will matter up to make us sane..
its not all hip-hop, feels of heart,
will bring all joy in us in our lane,
or else just sit up here and say......
No pain no gain!!! hey yooooo

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well, its a common knowledge that youngster loves mobile and thanks to Reliance, Vodafone....they can utilise it too...No problem for me as I am also a subscriber too.

As in a hostel life, I could see there practicalities very much. If not by using them then just by watching my friends all over the place. The fact is, if you are far from home then you are bound to use it regularly. No, I am not telling about being touch with family or friends...its more than that, its girlfriends!!.

Now, I don't have problem with that as its their matter and what am I going to say about it, not until it really mattered to me...when my SLEEP get disturbed. Just a few days ago, I was just as usual going to bed after my studies. Everything was so, quite and peaceful, best time to sleep when you are really tired.
I had my sleep all right but then within fifteen minutes of my sleep, a small murmur waked me up.

I was tired and no mood of listening to it, so I returned to my work...To sleep (now u will think why sleep is work here, u will know it later). As I said I tried to sleep but except for my drowsiness, no sleep came by. Now for half an hour or a hour, its OK but for two hours...its FRUSTRATING!! but I tried on...sleep will come is all just I hoped.

Now, whatever it is, I had ears and they just became an antenna and started receiving their so called sweet girlfriend-boyfriend talk (as if they couldn't have it earlier). Slowly my patience gave away and I told him to go to sleep...NO USE!!.But my mind was on a roll...I was drowsy and irritated..I was abusing the one who made this stuff called mobile, to this Reliance or Vodafone one (whichever he was using) for those free talk offers, I was wishing his mobile gets broken or charge would go but of no use.

I tried to go out for a stroll, then I started reading books under the lamp but it had of no effect on 'mister Asique'. I couldn't concentrate as I was terribly sleepy and tired but does it mattered to him...NO!!. OK ...Then as it was going to be 3:30 am...I could hold no longer and told him to sleep or to go out for his sweet talks. I thought it would have no effect but it did!!

So, he stopped talking to her and put his mobile on the table...Aha! now I felt relieved and had a nice but short sleep.

MOBILES ARE NECESSARY EVILS!!( necessary as I am also using it!!!)