Saturday, April 18, 2009

IPL South africa!!

hey guys n gals common!!
its a new season rock on,
IPL ka he match dekho,
yeh hai cricket ke junnon,
its not just a game,
its also not the same,
new place, new world,
new cricketers in the fame.

yo man, its South africa...
yahan par hoga sab naya,
naye hai log aur naya jahan,
aur masti mein bas hai hum yahan.
but its election time,
don't forget vote your dime,
chahe ho tum cricket fan,
par voting is all you can.

so buddies its all I say,
as a citizen and cricket fan,
cricket is just a religion here,
but gonna make it popular there,
to agar ho tum cricket ke dewaane,
aur josh main chad jao parwaane,
just feel the music and the rhyme,
see IPL and enjoy your time.

PS...(IPL watching may be injurious to a students mental health and I am not liable for any bad result in exams)

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