Monday, April 27, 2009


My heart says no..
and had to go,
this is the only way..
but its not me!!

never say no, its not my show,
this is my world, nowhere to fly,
I had to live, can't even shy,
I'm no quitter, I will try.
but does it matter?? Its not me!!

I don't have the zeal,
hurt so much, it makes me feel,
but will move on, time heals,
its not so hard,go for the kill.
but it makes me no better, Its not me!!

now I am alone, path so long,
had some fears, not so strong,
gotta believe intuition,its never wrong,
wanna catch all,life had ever flung,
but it never fulfil my desire, Its not me!!

I had seen all,
and will see many more,
this is the only way,
but its not me!!

its matter of trust, faith they say,
gotta hope for best, what may lay,
be happy forever, put sadness at bay,
its my life, use every moments to enjoy,
but its not all I needed, its not me!!

I am tired, lost my cool,
but still want it, its my rule,
its all I remember, in memory pool,
had to use my strengths as tool,
but it will not make me happy, its not me!!

may be its a dream, but its true,
this is the only path, the 'ONE' had chosen,
no more worrying, will not refrain,
gotta get experience, only some more strain,
I will never waste this chance, its not me!!

now it make me clear,
and I was the only one doubting,
this is the only way,
and yes Its not only me!!

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