Sunday, July 29, 2012

To write a diary

So...I was thinking of writing a diary..of daily routines, new adventures, twists and turns that the life could offer to me as it goes. And it could start my journey to be a novel writer that I would love to write someday. An exciting endeavor that I was ready to take just to realize my life hasn't much to offer right now.

  Yes, with most of times goes on sitting on my chair reading books, recalling and revising the things I learned as I bucked up myself for the entrance test for PG examination coming on November, you could realize nothing I would write could raise an bit of interest even to me if I do write those things in my diary...So, reluctantly I let go that thought of mine and brought myself to the study book I was reading. But the thought even though a flicker of it remained...if not a diary, I could try my hand in a small poetry on it right now...

  Its been time that I have been to my blogs and it would bring alive a little part of creativity that was inside me ..that's been gone to a slumber as I got busy in my preparation.So, friends its a small thought of mine that I would want to share with you...

I was alone, 
a moment with self,
revisiting, recalling the times,
life that I am having...
the time that goes past,
inner space that I shared.

I wonder, I pondered,
how will I remember the days,
the wonderful time I had...
I enjoyed, I observed,
made opinions and forgot,
to experience how I fared.

To write it down,
in the memory lane,
the words that not get erased,
time that could be revisited,
the good ones, the bad too...
the proud one, also when got embarrassed...

mistakes that taught me,
desires that asked to advance,
the people that helped me,
situations that allowed me to grow,
not the fear that put me back....
but the achievements that I dared!!

A diary it is,
a life story in front of me,
break that it could give,
examples may be set,
as I could bring myself to it...
when it will be the only thing I cared!!

Enough of inspiration,
moment of excitement may be,
why think now, I have time,
but a record of life of mine....
I don't have time now, 
still a good idea it is!! [:)]