Sunday, September 13, 2009

show me what you got?

show me what you got?

attitude of a tiger,
bullying all your life,
partying up at night,
bunking all your days.
making hype of your talent,
making followers as you go...
no more of such hypocrisy..
show me what you got?

and you fellow, you introvert,
or a loser as they call you..
what make you fear, why so shy,
being popular is no talent!!
you are got heart,
not in million will they find,
nor they be happy and kind..don't stop,
show me what you got?

and all of us...I demand more,
don't be a spectater here,
why are you just getting entertained,
don't you have guts to face the world?
don't back off..there's no way,
join up but be alone here,
as you will have to face it...I am watching,
show me what you got?


Dan* said...

nice..... to me was a RAP ;-)

Saurabh Panshikar said...

ya man... totally rapper material!

Sorcerer said...

Hey..ya know what..
I agree with Dan and Saurabh.
It rapped.

Yo Yo!!! Hommie..It rapped