Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trip to Village

hello friends....

Its been a long time since I had visited my mom's village (5 yrs I think). So when my parents made a plan to visit them, it comes to me as surprise...not that I wanted it but four days were a lot more to spend in village (if you take into consideration...puja time, friends, a cricket match and others)...I protested to this prospect saying that I can only give three days for the visit. At last it was decided that my parents, sister will go on Saturday and I would come at Sunday...it was more good for me..(I could see cricket match!!).

Now, I had to live alone for one day...that means a lot of freedom to me!...the day was gone watching movies and cricket...but the real problem was at night..(I don't know how to cook)...Mummy called me at nine pm and I asked her simple recipe of making aloo ki subji(in phone!)and somehow completed it. I do know how to make chapatis. So, a big problem cleared.

Next day I was ready for this trip (village was 80km from our home)...It looked like it was going to rain. I wear my Raincoat and then started this trip....In the matter of driving I can only say that I do drive fast but safe. and just I had covered only 10 kms that It started raining heavily...water keeps pounding on me...pricking my face....couldn't see clearly..had to close one eye sometimes!...At first I felt frustrating but then it started becoming a bit fun...a bit of thrill component in it!!...I enjoyed those pricking and rain dripping from my helmet to my lips...it felt good.

The water was sipping down from my chest to my pants and down under....you can yourself imagine how it felt to sit in wet pants!!...But I was enjoying this moment,...as I got nearer to my village..the surrounding changed...there were more trees, mountains, on both side....cool wind flowing around me and my cheeks were feeling the cold surrounding!!....Cars, trucks and bus are speedily passing from the opposite side sprinkling those puddle of water on road on me...I was really sympathising them...they may be protected from this rain in their comforting seat inside the closed metal box...yet!..they were missing the essence of nature....

So, I reached my destination within one and half hour ....From Papa's clinic, My Mummy's village was still 15 kms...But at last we reached there...I had some fun meeting my maternal grandparents, cousin brothers and sister..and all the relatives..We had to attend some puja...
So, today I returned from the village...The return journey was same fun as the arrival but the rain didn't last long this time.
Though I wanted to come to my home here in bhubaneswar, to enjoy with my friends but surely I do miss them and the fun I had there....


Sorcerer said...

.you can yourself imagine how it felt to sit in wet pants!!

I went out for a cup of coffee and yeah..it rained


anurag said...

You must have enjoyed that trip, i truely understand ur plight when u r alone, I m alone in romania for almost 2 months....and cooking, well no indian food here, living on sandwitches and junk food, quiet an experience for me