Monday, June 18, 2018

Dehradun diaries

A journey was planned,
to meet a faraway family,
time to spend,
moments to share...

So started a trip,
from an airway strip,
and we fly,
over the clouds,
above the sky.

finally we reached,
touched the ground,
walked a little,
drove in a car....

and thus we met,
with hugs and kiss,
the travel was hard,
but nothing was amiss!

Many things to talk,
laugh and play,
to plan an outing,
to move back in time.

so, we went,
the very next day,
to our old abode,
small colony...a couple of  decade back.

Then we visited,
to pray and reminisce,
an old Buddhist temple,
flocked with Tibetan monks.

A grand place it was,
with big statues,
a magnificent temple,
Buddha in deep meditation.

It was hot summer,
our naked feet too prone,
and thus we decided,
to go to the next place.

A land of thousand streams,
a nice way to refresh,
to bath and play,
a place named Sahatsradhara.

It was as we remembered,
the same charm,
to bring us a great joy,
too bad that we couldn't stay.

Our next stoppage,
a place called Robbers cave,
with deep creek and open roof,
a cold stream of water below our feet.

It was all rocks and stones,
some big and some small,
surrounding us above and below,
intimidating and exhilarating too.

smooth stones press our feet,
as cold water dampens it,
it make us wet, moisten skin,
while the cool breeze brush our cheek.

everything was as we remembered,
but more crowded and chaotic,
losing nature, development creeping,
still some moments it does make.

we were tired and hot,
had our lunch,
a little shopping in clock towers,
and reached and fall on our bed,
too much for a single day.

we slept like a log,
with anticipation of next day,
as it was for queen of mountain,
a place named Masoorie.

Surrounded by mountains,
with lush greeneries,
Tall trees, deep valley,
lot of diverse flora and fauna.

a great market,
beautiful sceneries for viewpoint,
wild fruits and hilly foods,
and a walk with family.

A lot of pictures to take,
get overwhelmed by the place,
also the serpentine road,
making us light-headed.

there were a place,
with lots of flower,
to relieve from tiredness,
so called the Company garden.

we had our break,
then the same hectic routine,
the twists and turns,
as we descend the mountain.

we saw a lake,
some exotic birds,
common monkeys,
on the mountain trail.

thus completed our second day,
tired but happy,
thanking our driver,
we entered our home.

The next day was main,
a little spiritual at heart,
to visit temples in Haridwar,
and take a holy bath.

But I was  distracted,
excited about river rafting,
as a little adventure awaits,
at a place called Rishikesh.

Tomorrow came,
the day was early,
Half awake, we got ready,
to visit Haridwar and Rishikesh.

First we went Rishikesh,
the place of adventure,
I went rafting,
while parents went sightseeing.

Rafting in river Ganga,
we planned our way,
after getting ready,
with jackets, cap and row.

With touched the water,
it was cold and clean,
with fog covers the surrounding,
and we mounted the boat.

By invoking mother Ganga,
we started our journey,
faced bravely...turbulent waves,
also floated in calm water.

it was fun, and exciting,
filled my heart with joy,
we laughed and swam,
etching everything in memory.

in between at break point,
we had our tea and snacks,
we clicked pictures,
and talked with strangers.

so continued our rafting,
finally reached our goal,
tired and exhausted,
we returned to out vehicle.

with lunch convered,
and fully restored...
for our main destination,
drove towards Haridwar.

And ancient place,
besides bank of Ganga,
with many ghats,
flocked by young and old,

A place of reverence,
with saints and Sadhus,
people from many walk of life,
and different locations.

After the holy dip,
we went for temple visit,
residing on top of hill,
Ma Mansa and Chandi Devi.

We took the ropeway,
for we had less time,
but to wait for turn,
humidity and long queue took the toll.

still we faced the crowd,
the like-minded ones,
to pray in unison,
and have our darshan.

the ropeway was fun,
saw peacock enroute,
the trees laden with fruits,
also the deep fall below.

with all the darshan,
and doing Ganga Aarti,
a spark of spirituality,
contemplating about the religion.

Happy faces of parent,
me with silent observations,
the plethora of people,
moving around in harmony.....
within the noise and chaos!

we followed them,
walked with them,
after living those moments,
we finally returned.

In silence we drove,
with noise of bells,
chanting of verses...
playing fresh in our mind.

As we entered home,
talked about the experience,
had our dinner,
went in a deep slumber.

Next day was for rest,
need to restore our strength,
Just have a lazy day,
and prepare for early flight next day.

So it went,
my Dehradun diary,
a trip of nostalgia,
plenty of adventure,
and beautiful memories😊😊

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Passing by..

Passing by,
we see others,
just a glance,
or a smile,
as we walk to our cause.

A moment of connection,
or our clumsy whims or fancy,
wondering their presence,
their life or work,
or just a simply form of attraction.

Passing by,
not much to spare,
Being busy with self,
in the life of fast pace,
returning to old life.

But then something changes,
or just some impulses,
giving some serious thoughts,
simple look or stares,
or little courage to meet...

So...brings the attachment,
forming of relations,
moving to more, solidifying,
Some words, assurances...
forming like a bond.

Passing by,
All it took...
a moment of pause,
first step to unknown...
and life goes on.😊

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Cuckoo's song


A cuckoo sits
on the branches
of a mango tree..
Hidden within leaves,
away from the onlookers,
and he sings.

With the same voice,
Coo coo, coo coo,
morning or evening
day or night,
repeated, intermittent,
be slow or being loud.

It waits and listen,
the sounds of faraway,
or near it's place.
Some voices of its friends,
or the competitive enemies,
seeking their maiden.

He hears a sound,
mimicking his own,
with a different pitch,
joyful he was,
so stopped and listen,
beautiful melody he was seeking.

But it was a tease,
fallacy of another species,
clever and copy whistle.
Realizing his mistake,
enraged as hope dashed,
he shrieked and squalled. 

The whistle thus stopped,
only silence remained,
in the evening shadow.
He took a deep breath,
and started refreshed,
his routine of singing.

The summers were hot,
sometimes rain too fell,
as he sat drenched.
The fruits get laden,
welcoming for a feast,
but unwavering, he keeps singing.

The wait was long,
desires so strong,
as he sat on his treasured tree,
he wondered, and pondered,
doubting his song,
why the song is not reaching...
his fair maiden.

Even today if you pass,
the big Mango tree
by the wall,
with the large pavement.....
You will still hear,
a beautiful melody,
a little lonesome and sad,
yet a proud.... Cuckoo's song.

Monday, April 30, 2018

iCity { Intelligent City }

Hello friends,
Its been a long time that I have written a blog. So, today I am going to write about a thought that just come to me, about creating intelligent cities (not in the line of PM smart cities).
Intelligent cities that are small, compact with only research centers and colleges. A planned city where social norms are not enforced i.e, no religion, politics or social gathering and customs.
A city which itself is a big company with its administration, management, and skilled working force (preferably young with experienced knowledgeable people).
iCity, in the sense that it is supposed to have all the amenities for proper maintenance of lifestyle, but most of the times and mind should be utilized in research of various it IT, defense, Science and technologies, environmental issues, newer medical techs, robotics, AI, disaster management, and prevention, back up, or hiding place in case of any nuclear, chemical misadventure, also with protection of native flora and fauna. 
It should have no economic system with cards and its own local internet service. One can also have inter iCITY internet service, and other global internet service with gated system ie inflow is open but outflow being scrutinized for preventing secret tech leak.
Now, such cities should be place near sea/ocean, and can help in research of climate change, marine life...also should be placed in lands that have no human presence or limited one, so easier to create the city from scratch.
The land need not to be fertile, as it will be a concrete/metal city in future, and it can also house country's secret defense researches.
Its not like, such plans and cities are not present right now, but they are under state/center govt. and affected by their policies and social restriction. What I want is a iCity developed purely for research purpose and with genuine devotion of time and mind for sole purpose of exploring the reach of human imagination and creativity and the result that may come being secondary.