Saturday, March 16, 2019

Who will know..

Who will see,
to visualize, to realize,
Who will know,
to appreciate, to recognize....
the beauty of life.

Be it the wild flowers,
blooming in the morning,
residing on the paths,
away from the intruding eyes.

Or those streams,
gleaming of the flow,
reflecting the sunlight,
unexplored and untouched.

Some remain hidden,
waiting to be discovered,  
not to be plucked,
or be taken apart...

Fragrance need to be smelt,
nature to be experienced,
the wonders...concealed,
needed to be unvieled.

By the one who care,
with a gentle touch,
let the beauty be discovered,
by the human heart.

Who will know,
who will see,
things past the symbolism...
unmasking the  veiled words.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Ocean waves

Strong winds,
the smell of salt,
splashing waves,
inviting view,
the serenity of life.

It's cold as it touches,
the wet sand receding,
caressing my feet,
as it takes away...fatigue,
out of the worn out legs.

Is it the tranquil,
the silence of mind,
away from any stimulus,
be it any obligations,
and I stand, closing my eyes!

Ah the waves,
they are calling me,
this breeze embracing me,
accessing to the deep,
as I open my heart and soul. 

Ocean waves,
the voices of the sea,
the whispers of the wind,
always welcoming to everyone,
just listen to it.....  :) :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Sikharpur days ( New adventure..contd)

Parvati was running ahead, touching and picking up flowers, branches and even pebbles on the path. They had decided to first reach the valley and from there, they would visit one of their hideouts.

"Parvati, don't go too far or you will miss the location." Dhanush warned.
"Alright,' Parvati shouted back while waving her hands, ' I will take Lata with me"
" Wait, I am coming," Lata said as she followed her.

Parvati was still walking frther than them but Lata catched up to her when Parvati stalled a little to pick something. Dhanush and co slowly followed them. The valley came to their view and Dhanush called both the girls back. They decided to have their breakfast and Sambhu went to bring water from the streams.

" Parvati, have these Sooji Halwa, I have made it myself." Lata said while passing over the container to Parvati. She knows a little cooking which includes making of tea, rice and some cooked vegetable but Halwa was one thing she was proud of. Her father doesn't allow her to make anything more as he was scared that she might get burns. Even though she consider herself grown up enough to make them.
"Yes, Lata the Halwa is great." Parvati complimented her.
"Yes yes, the Halwa is really great." Sambhu added as he took a major portion of it.
"Sambhu, leave some for me too." Lochan said in a hurry. He knew the gluttony of Sambhu.

After the food, they decided to play a little while Dhanush and Parvati went for their practice part. Parvati was given the task to climb the tree and then bring back the fruits on the top of the branch. She could have flown too as she being a spirit, could levitate too. But climbing need more focus and would be a good training practice for her.

" Get me the mango from the very top branch. No matter how many time it takes, only climb and not float, remember?" Dhanush ordered.
"I know, I know, ' Parvati complained, ' don't say it again and again."

Parvati tried to climb, but after a few step, before even catching the first branch, she fell. She tried it again and again but the result was same. She couldn't keep the focus for longer time.

" You can do it Parvati !' Lata encouraged her, ' I am here for you."
"I know,' Parvati smiled showing her teeth, ' Wait here and I will bring that Mango for you."

Parvati tried again, this time a little more focused. She got her determination by listening to Lata's word. Slowly she was getting the hang of it as every time she climbed, she reached a new branch. Before long she reached the final branch and plucked the fruit and just like losing her strength, she fall. But this time both Lata and Dhanush were there to catch her.
" You did it, Parvati.' Dhanush congratulated her, ' Today's practice is over and you must be tired too." 
"Come with me. We will have our lunch in our hideout." Lata said while hugging her, ' It's a great place and I am sure that you would love it."

Although th lunch time was long past, Dhanush called back Sambhu and Lochan. They went to their hideout which was not that far from the Vally. It was near the stream overlooking the flowing water and mountains far.
They had their dinner and discussed about today's activities and their conquests. 

--- to be continued.--

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sikharpur days (Begining of adventure)

It was early morning. The children had woken and were on the mountain trail. It was a big day as they had promised to take Parvati, the mysterious spirit girl for some sightseeing around the jungle and their hideouts in the valley. Dhanush, the sturdious lad is taking the lead followed by Lata while Lochan the tall, slender guy is lagging behind while supporting Sambhu, the short and stout boy, on his shoulder. Sambhu, though the most energetic guy in the group, is not much of a morning person.

" Where do we meet Parvati?" Lochan asked.
" Parvati will meet us by the cave entrance, right Lata?" Dhanush answered while turning his head and then giving a questioning look towards Lata. Lata nodded as it was a promise made between her and Parvati.

As the sun brightens the surrounding, they reached near the entrance of the cave. They could see Parvati waving her hands frantically. She was excited, rightfully so, for she came outside of her house to this side of the world alone, and exploration of this world was something she was looking forward to.

" Parvati, you haven't forgotten that it's also part of your training to see how much you can hold the things here in our place?" Dhanush reminded Parvati as she was busy hugging Lata and making plans for the day.
" Yes, I know and that's why I am happy. Mother won't tell me anything but I have ideas of my own." Parvati answered as she giggled along with Lata.

Dhanush admitted defeat and decided not to bother those two girls for some time and went to Lochan and Sambhu for deciding today's course of action. Lochan was too tired and resting on a rock while Sambhu was yawning while taking a lazy stretch. They had a whole day for themselves so, they first plansed to explore the jungle.

" Parvati, try holding on to those plants.." Dhanush instructed Parvati. 
" And try to remember the feeling of that time !" Lata encouraged Parvati mentioning the previous successful attempt Parvati had in Lata's home. 

Parvati did what she was asked for. She had mentally prepared form it. She slowly extended her hands towards the plant and tried to held it by the branches. She was a ethereal being and her hand passed through the branch. Again and again she tried and failed. She was getting impatient and frustrated, just then she felt a warm hand in her palms. 

" Calm down, Parvati. Take your time, you can do it." Lata whispered gently. Parvati realized her hastiness, she went back a little and closed her eyes. She could now hear the encouraging words of her friends. The friends with whom she could play, she could hold their hands, play and eat together. Yes, she could also touched Lata's toys too, she could do it. 

But why she did it? Because it was natural for her, she wasn't thinking strongly about it. Parvati opened her eyes, her mind was relaxed and just naturally hold the branch, she could touch it !! 
The children cheered her and the tiny droplets of morning dew on the leaves fall down on the soil. 

"You did it Parvati, I am so happy for you!" Lata exclaimed as she hugged Parvati tightly.
" Yes, Yes, I am so happy." Parvati was jubilant. She looked at Dhanush who was silently observing her. 
"Are you not happy, Dhanush." Parvati questioned.
" I am happy for you. So, you could touch them and hold them when you are calm. It's a good start." Dhanush answered.
"So, what will we do next?" Sambhu asked Dhanush as their primary objective got cleared sooner than they expected,
" What next, We need to see that she could be normally touching or holding things like us in our place.' Dhanush answered as he looked towards Parvati, ' the training has just started." 

There was a air of mischievousness in his voice but Parvati wasn't minding it at all. She was happy to be a little more closer to her friends. And then, there is a valley to explore, hideouts to many things waiting for her.

--- to be continued----

Monday, February 25, 2019

Voices everywhere

Voices everywhere,
making of opinions,
restricted, in silent screams...
or in overflow of emotions !

It's chaotic,
the advent of madness...
dividing the fault-lines,
spreading the sadness !

They are selfish,
greedy of their cause,
devouring the peace of mind...
without a single pause !  

There's no justice,
a lack of conscience,
discussions amid vested interests.....
becoming the humanity's vice.

Voices everywhere,
they just don't know,
or rather turn the blind eye,
against the interests of many!

Who am I to say,
whom should I care,
every one have demands,
everyone is valued....
and for everyone's sake,
we maintain the silence....

Monday, February 18, 2019


some chance meetings,
could be joyous,
or be lot of pains!

We have our thoughts,
a way of being,
connections that we sought,
complimenting our feelings.
Wanting our own group,
people of similar interests,
sharing our time together,
everyday be like a fest!

Not all have the choice,
being victim of circumstance,
so, hiding their voice,
they feign their ignorance.
They could see it all,
being an outsider supporter,
but ignored in their moments...
becoming a side character.

Voices needed to be heard,
one who could understand,
meeting in the leisure,
slices of sadness or pleasure.
a sense of togetherness,
living for the moments,
of some wild rendezvous,
making of precious memories......

that I would want...
the ones that I desire,
that would spark the fire...
in this frozen heart.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Shikarpur days (Parvati's return)

She could touch them and hold them. her mind is still fuzzy from the morning blue but she was definitely holding the toy. She could sense the texture, shape and pressure of the object, which came to her as a surprise. The kids were looking at Parvati with excitement as they knew how much it bothered her.

" I can't believe it,"  Parvati told with tears in her eyes. She hurriedly got up went to wash her face. After splashing a mug of water into her face, she came to her senses. She put the mug back but it falls to the ground.
" May be I am getting nervous, I must calm down." Parvati thought as she went back to Lata's bedroom.
"Parvati, good morning again. How are you feeling? Congratulations !" Lata cheered her.

Parvati went back to the bed and grasped the toy to show others. The toy went up but in her excitement, it slipped from her hand. Again she tried holding it, but this time her hand went through the toy.

"Why?" Parvati shouted in confusion. A panic spread in the children's mind.  They were back to the square one. Parvati couldn't hold anymore. Lata was there, consoling Parvati while holding her hands while other kids returned to their home to get ready as they had to return back to Parvati's home. They decided to not speak about it for some time so that Parvati calms herself and things get settled. A new hope had brought this morning as they saw Parvati could touch the objects.

Its was little later in the morning, when they started their journey back. Everyone were silent and were only focused on reaching the valley and then to the caves. As soon as they entered the cave, a gentle and warm wind blew as if it's embracing and welcoming them. Goddess knew what happened and she wanted to bring back Parvati's smile. And thus, they reached the valley of illusion, Parvati's home.

"Parvati, are you alright?" Dhanush asked with a tender voice.
"hmm, I think so." Parvati said in a small voice. She was puzzled and didn't knew how to react. The visit to the village gave her both happy and sad memories and this morning was a big surprise for her.

"Parvati, don't worry, you will surely touch them again." Sambhu added, " We just have to find out the way to do it."
" Yes, did it in the morning." Lochan said with a serious voice," we will help you."

Lata just held her hand and said nothing. They had their lunch and had some random talk.  After the food , Dhanush went to Parvati.

" Parvati, do you remember about yesterday?" Dhanush asked, " When was the first time you realized that you could touch them"
"It was only in morning, after you told me so." Parvati replied,
"Then why were you holding it in first place?" Dhanush questioned.
"Why, I don't know. " Parvati thought for a while. She had no recollection of it. The last thing she remebered before waking up, was walking to the veranda, to see the moon and then returned back as she was feeling sleepy.
"May be, when I returned to bed, I might have caught it but I don't remember. I was drowsy."
"That's it!" Dhanush had his eureka moment." you did it subconsciously. It means you can do it if properly trained in the right way."

"But, how will we know the proper way??" Lata queried as she was listening to their conversation.
"Yes, how will we know that?" Both Sambhu and Lochan said in an unison.
"That, we had to discover," Dhanush said with a big smile." We will try all the ways."
 Parvati couldn't help but laugh at the comment.

------ to be continued-----

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Something beautiful....

What I seek?
what I seek, 
From these desire...not so weak !
What I want ?
what I want,
from the feelings...of lonely heart !!

Its a normal life,
with a regular day..
in this usual vibes,
living day to day.....
Walking down by the lane,
driving on the route,
browsing through the net,
brought all the doubts...

I have known, 
I was shown..
what the world had to offer,
I was scared,
I despaired...
when I missed the chance....

Then questions were asked,
comments being made,
with a smile did I passed,
ignoring things that being said.
The laughter had its secrets,
the judgments were passed,
by hiding the emotions,
I numbed my heart !

But inside I knew,
my interests were few,
for I cared of aesthetics,
with my stubborn views.
Be it living or non-living,
people or nature,
but be cute or charming,
having their own allure!

why should one lies?
its not a vice,
to appreciate the beautiful !
Still they question?
having this notion...
to admit anything wonderful!

May be I won't say,
or bring to the voice,
but I do value more,
that's something beautiful! 

Friday, February 1, 2019

Winter breeze

The winter this year came late here in Bhubaneswar. But last few days were really cold where we could literally feel the chills. The weather report show a minimum temperature of 9 degree Celsius, which is a rarity in Bhubaneswar.

So, I was driving my motorbike for my daily commute to my workplace and felt the cold breeze through my whole body. I had my jacket, winter thermal shirt inside and still felt as if my body was freezing. Probably the cold wind had it's effect and I couldn't even open my palms from the handle.
Anyway, I reached my destination. My hands felt frosty and cheek icy cold, which came as a surprise as I never felt the same for most of the December and January.

Thus, I though of writing this experience ;


I was on my way,
it was just like another day,
on the bike...that I aboard,
traveling along this concrete road.

But then I got the chill,
whole body had frosty feel,
be clothing or my drapes,
cold even entered my cape.
I was wary of the season,
prepared for occasional sneeze,
but what came to blew,
was the onslaught of winter breeze.

The conflict was immense,
so was my desire to fight,
but I had my patience,
as destination was in sight.
Winter breeze it was,
bestowed to us....this early morning,
while the sun rays were minimal,
devoid of warmth..I was yearning!

For some it could be beautiful,
abundant with the wintry flavors,
including some artistic stimulants,
for the audience to savor. 
Or display of culinary skills,
creation of scrumptious meals,
some beverages add to delight,
with hot tea or coffee !

The struggle is real,
for us employees,
who face the nature proposals,
be it blessings or fury....
We are expected to be punctual,
ignoring these seasonal delight,
as work is essential to society,
so, no one understand our plight....

Still sometimes do I wish,
to rest and laze around,
watch the winter's glory,
laying on the ground.
Be at home, wrapped in blanket,
relishing delicacies that I could seize,
opening my windows, walk on roof,
while enjoying the winter breeze........!!

A sudden outburst of cold wave,
snapped me out of day dream,
looking around, I realized... 
I was at the driver seat.
As I shivered and felt,
my icy hands and feet,
tormenting me as it assaults....
chill from the winter breeze !

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sikharpur days ( Visit to village 2)

" Lata, where are you looking at? Have your food !" Lata's father Shyam Singh said in a stern voice.

Lata have been looking at Parvati as she explored her house. Parvati couldn't have the meal as she was a spirit, a reality that Parvati had accepted for herself now. Dhanush, Sambhu and Lochan had returned to their respective home as it was dinner time. They had planned a meeting after dinner as they could freely talk to Parvati and explore the village without raising any suspicion. 

They reached village in the evening and at first went to the village merchant shop to sell the consumables and then return to each of their homes to keep their share. Parvati being invisible to other people, was simply following them while floating over the ground. Floating? yes, she just found that she had this new skill just by accident. After that Parvati went with Lata to her home as they dispersed to respective homes for dinner.

" Parvati, go to my room. I will come after finishing my food." Lata told Parvati in a hushed voice as her father went outside for some work. 
" Alright, but please come soon.' Parvati answered, ' I can't have food here, but I want to have some fun in this tour."

Lata hurriedly ate her food and entered her room. She showed her toys and then chatted for a while. As the clock stuck 9 PM, they come out of their house and waited for others under a big banyan tree located at the center of the village. The tree was encircled with stone, where they could sit and wait. Dhanush came first followed by Lochan and Sambhu. 

" All of us have gathered, now let's move." Dhanush ordered as they walked on the small trails around the village. The village was not large but was of a sizeable side. It comprised of similar looking houses with roof made of tiles and having a big veranda. Every house had thatched huts behind them where cows and goats were kept. Some also had bamboo enclosers where hens were kept too. Every person had a small land where they grew some vegetables. There was a Tulsi plant in front of their houses with Rangoli made below of different patterns.

As they move farther, there were some isolated huts, near the farmland probably made for night watch against wild animals. The village had two ponds, one smaller and the other one larger. They had a wooden plank that stood in the center of the pond. Parvati was told that the first pond was for washing clothes, animals and other purposes while the larger one was for their bath. Although each house had their personal well from where they brought water for household activities. They explored a lot of places tallking and laughing together while encountering occasional pedestrians. The people saw these kids happily strolling and chatting together with something strange about them. 

" Look the children walking there in this dead of a night." said one man to the other as they crossed them.
"yeah, they looked pretty much happy looking around places. That is Dhanush and Lata there, but isn't it strange?" queried the second person.
"What's about it?" the first person was puzzled by the question.
"Is it just me or they were looking and talking with invisible person. Just look, they had left an open space for someone as if they were showing around." explained the second person
"May be its just an illusion, don't talk about it."  the first person hasten his pace to his home. Villages can be scary at night.

The children spent about few hours outside and decided to return. Parvati and Lata went together for their sleepover while the other wished them goodnight as they went home. 

"It was fun.' Parvati exclaimed, ' You have a lovely village. I wish to live here." 
"You are always welcomed. My room is always there for you." Lata supported her.
"Only if I could run and play like others. I also wanted to try the food here." Parvati said with a sad smile.
Lata couldn't answer back. Parvati could partake the food she took to Parvati's house but here she can't even touch them. They decided to sleep as it was late night.After Lata slept, Parvati woke up and leave the bed to move around the house. In her spirit form, she could pass through the walls, so move without making any noise. She saw Lata's father sleeping in the veranda as it was warm outside. She could feel it as she sat there and watched the moon.

After a while she decided to return back as she was feeling sleeping. The despair of the morning and sadness of not enjoying the food, games, toys like other kids were all gone. She absentmindedly went inside and grabbed the bed sheet. She adjusted the pillow, and tried to lie. She felt a resistance, it was Lata's toys. She took the toys and put them near the table, and finally slept.

" Parvati, parvati....wake up. " Lata called.
" Umm, ohh morning Lata, what's going on?" Parvati said as she saw everyone looking at her with expectations. 
"Parvati, look around" Lata almost shouted in an excitment.

Parvati looked below as she felt a solid mass around her hand. In one hand she was holding Lata's toys and other hand was grabbing the pillow. 
"Yes Parvati, you can touch them." Dhanush answered as if understanding her puzzled look.

------- to be continued.-------  

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sikharpur days (visit to village 1)

She was always alone. From her early memories, she was living in this small hut like place inside the cave in the mountain. But she was always felt someone with her. Whenever she was scared or felt lonely, she was engulfed in a warm embrace of her invisible mother. She could call her and talk with her whenever needed but had never seen her physical appearance. Her friends were small animals like squirrels and rabbits hoping around in the valley or the beautiful flowers growing in the field. She could quench her thirst from the stream flowing near the valley and her hunger from the fruits, nuts and tubers she was growing in the field. Now that she think of it, she never required much to eat and it was a daily routine she followed to keep herself busy. It was when she could no longer tolerate the loneliness and wanted some friends of same age or appearances, the kids showed up. 

She had felt instant liking towards Lata and enjoyed the time she spent with the children. Her loneliness had vanished and she looked forward to their visits. She was one of them and just thinking about it made her immensely happy. She wanted to know more about them and also visit their village. She fought with her mother goddess Sikhareswari and finally convinced her and also the children to visit their village. She also had dreams of playing in the village with other village kids, meet and eat together with their parents and know more about the families that Lata was telling her about.

" This is not true, it was supposed to be pleasurable journey. Then why do I feel so much pain??" Parvati said as all her dreams shattered into pieces. 

Lata hurriedly catch up to Parvati and tightly held her hand. She knew about Parvati being a spirit and wished her to remain oblivious to that fact. She wanted her to smile and laugh like she used to do. But Parvati was inconsolable, as she realized her to be different from other kids. She couldn't even touch a flower, how could she play with other village kids. How could she experience family time with other villagers?

" What should I do? I shouldn't have come out from my home, then I wouldn't have to feel the pain. Why I am so different? " Parvati rued as tear flowed on her cheek.

" It's going to be alright. Look how I could touch you, hold you. Nothing will change between us, we will be always there for you." Lata whispered on Parvati's ear as she hugged her.
 "Yes, we will take you to our village and play with you. Right, Sambhu?  Lochan ?" Dhanush said with a smile which giving a questioning look to Sambhu and Lochan. 
"Yes, yes...we will help you explore the village. We will also show you our secret spots." they added.

Feeling of warmth of Lata's hand calmed Parvati and her sobbing subsides. She looked towards Lata and then to others, giving a faint smile.
"You will play with me, and show me your house?" She said while clasping Lata's hand tightly. Everything is not lost, as she felt a new hope in her heart.
" Yes Parvati, let's go now." Lata said as she pulled her with her.

It was early evening when they reached the village.  The sun was setting and it was time for the herds of cow to return. The place was filled with dust as cows and small calves walked slowly to their respective homes. Some calves were  impatient and running astray from their path, which were promptly corrected by the herdsman. The children coughed as they run towards the village courtyard. They wished the village elders and first went to Lata's home. Lata's father was sitting on the veranda waiting for her daughter. 

As they all suspected, no one could see Parvati.

------to be continued------

Monday, January 21, 2019

Sikharpur days ( Realization )

"I asked!" Parvati said cheerfully with twinkle in her eyes. 
Dhanush and Lata were surprised by this sudden declaration. Parvati had come to meet them when they reached the entrance of cave. Although it was more of a teleportation rather than reaching by themselves.

Parvati was a spirit girl living in that mysterious place near the mountain. It was as if another dimension with strange and rare flora and fauna and was probably created by the resident diety goddess Sikhareswari for Parvati. Their group were first teleported here when they entered the caves of mountain Sikhareswar. Goddess Sikhareswari had brought them to meet Parvati and also be her friends. They all know about it but Parvati think herself as normal girl and had her physical appearance in this dimension. This is precisely why the kids fear to bring her outside as she might change to a spirit form, and the truth might hurt her.

Parvati was adamant, to visit the kid's village. She loved Lata as her best friend and Dhanush, Sambhu and Lochan too as her friend. She too wanted to visit their home even though she could feel the reluctance in the expressions of  her friends whenever she brought up the topic.

"You asked ?" Dhanush was perplexed. He had no idea about how Parvati and the goddess communicate themselves but he presumed that it would take more time and before long Parvati might forget about it.
"What did she said? " Lata added, curious of goddess response to Parvati's request. 

" She agreed.' Parvati continued, ' At first she denied it but then I cried, requested her sincerely and then she said with a smile, that it would be my decision. But Lata and you friends should agree to this as it would be your village I would visit."
" She also said something about secrets and truths" Parvati added.

The thing they all feared, to tell the truth to Parvati. Dhanush called everyone and signaled them for a meeting. Lata came hesitantly while Sambhu and Lochan came together as they were at loss of their words.
"Parvati, we will take you to our village but first you must bring some water for us, as I am thirsty." Dhanush told Parvati, so that it will give them some time.

"Now listen, how are we going to tell her?" Dhanush asked
"I think we will tell her directly as goddess want us to tell her." Lochan said.
Both looked towards Lata as it was her best friend. Lata was young but she cared for Parvati. So she answered, 
" I think we must first warn her about dangers and prepare her for it and let her realize it herself . If anything happens, we would be with her." Lata was very calm about it.

Parvati came with glasses of water which they drank and then went for their play in the valley. Everything was normal as they played and ate together. Finally they decided to return together to the village.

Parvati was nervous as they reached the cave entrance. A magical passage opens whenever they return and it vanishes after the children were gone. Parvati at first searched for that passage but later decided to give up on it as it would be against mother Sikhareswari's wishes. She was like a mother to her and didn't know why she was revered as god. But this time was different, as she was going with her mother's permission. This time the passage will open for her too. 

As they entered the passage, which came naturally on the right side of the wall, Parvati got excited and started running.
"Wait Parvati, let me come with you." Lata said as she tried to catch Parvati's hand. Dhanush too started running. 

The path was short and they reached their side of cave entrance within few minutes. They could see the temple of goddess Shikhareswari and they all felt her presence inside. They prayed as they touched their both hands and bowed to the temple. And so, Parvati begin her journey to human world. A gentle wind flowed behind them as if goddess Sikhareswai was seeing them off. 

As Parvati went out of the cave, a new land was there to welcome her. It was similar yet with a different feeling than the valley she was brought up in. She was beaming with joy, running with excitement. Her joy was transferred to other children too but it was short lived one.

"Hey look, that's a nice flower." Parvati said as she tried to hold that flower from it's base. But she couldn't as her hand passed through it as if nothing is there!!
"Why?' Parvati was silent as she panicked. Lata and others were standing with their shocked faces as they saw Parvati trying hard to hold even one flower. 
"Oh god, not this soon.' Dhanush thought, ' at least give some time for us to prepare."
"Why? Why can't I hold this flower,' Parvati said as she stood and tried a nearby tree for support but again she passed though it!. She looked with her pleading eyes towards Lata.
"Parvati we need to tell you something," Lata said as she glanced towards Dhanush.
" You  said that goddess Sikhareswai was saying about some secret or truth? Danush said with a grave expression."
"Yes yes, what about that..." Parvati was slowly understanding her situation and her friend's reluctance.

" Parvati, you are not a human but a spirit." Lata said while holding her hand. For some reason, they could touch her. 
"What do you mean by spirit?" Parvati was confused. She didn't have much knowledge about the world.
"It means that you don't have a physical body. You can't touch or be seen normally by people." Dhanushsaid as a matter of factly.
"It means you are special." Lata added as she saw Parvati's panicked face.
And that's how the realization of the reality stuck Parvati. This was not the way she wanted to feel about the outside world. She didn't knew what to do anymore. She felt so cold and lonely with heart in pain. It was then she felt a warm feeling in her palms, Lata was holding her hands tightly.

----- to be continued----

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Under the Starlight

 hello friends, I am trying to write a song, hope you all like it. :) was a time,
we... at our prime,
the moment we had,
holding hand in hand,
when we made a promise,
under the starlight.

The glittering stars,
spread on the vast sky,
the night was warm,
as we together lay.....
the wetness of grass,
or cool night breeze,
didn't even made me waiver...
when I was immersed in you eyes!! was a time,
we... at our prime,
the moment we had,
holding hand in hand,
when we made a promise,
under the starlight..... 

Those were the life,
gone with the years,
the charm of the young,
magic of the teen,
as we laughed with joy,
always together.... passing our days! was a time,
we... at our prime,
the moment we had,
holding hand in hand,
when we made a promise,
under the starlight..... 

But now we work,
seldom do talk,
with awkward smiles,
lost in virtue and the vile.......
And we falter, no wonder,
becoming so distant altogether!!

I missed those moments,
etched in my memories,
I cared for them so much....
I tried so hard,
failed from the start,
but I ain't backing down.........

That was a time,
we... at our prime,
the moment we had,
holding hand in hand,
when we made a promise,
under the starlight.....  

Yes, it was long ago,
but I will hold it tight, was,
the promise we had

Under the starlight!!! :) :)