Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sikharpur days ( Mountains of west-Part 2)

" The air was cooler here,' Lochan exclaimed, ' It's refreshing"
"Yeah, indeed so, I would like to take rest here," Sambhu added, he was feeling a little sleepy too because of their early departure.
" The wind is cooler here, I admit that.' Dhanush added, ' But don't you dare take rest here, we have a promise to keep. Also, I don't was you to catch cold and risk our exploration plans"

" Yes, yes, listen you kids, fist you all should deliver the package to the that village merchant and then we will explore this area while we return." Parvati scolded Sambhu and Lochan.
" Who made you the leader here?" Sambhu protested, offended by Parvati's attitude.
" I am your guide here, give some respect." Parvati retorted.
" Boys, don't fight, Dhanush mediated, ' Parvati is right, we need her to scout the surrounding to make it safe for us to explore. We need to appreciate her help here"

Parvati smiled proudly, as Sambhu sighed at his defeat. Lata saw the fight and decided to join in.

" Sambhu don't be angry, we are all friends, right?, 'Lata said soothingly, ' Take this crackers that I made and smile."
" Parvati, you come with me, let us pick some flowers that are growing here ion the sides." Lata called Parvati to her side to bring down the tension and lighten the mood of the group.

Dhanush looked at Lata and smiled at here sweet manipulation of her friends. The had gone down the mountain trail, carefully treading the steep path. After that it was a little rocky jungle path with wild shrubs growing on the sides. The fruits and flowers were inviting but they need to reach the village early.

It was late evening, as they reached the village outskirts. Only a few people were walking towards the gate and the gatekeeper was scrutinizing them. The children thanked their luck to pass over the jungle before night or they had to camp outside and it could have been dangerous.

" Who's there, " called the gatekeeper as the children were coming out of jungle path towards the gate, happily chatting among themselves. The gatekeeper was concerned about the stranger faces near his village. Although, not in alarming way as they were only children.

" Sir, we are from Sikharpur village. I am Dhanush and came here deliver the package." Dhanush announced as he made contact with the gatekeeper.
" Oh, you are from Sikharpur village, but that's so far and the jungle is dangerous. Where are your guardians?" gatekeeper asked.
" It's alright, we were in group. We had taken parent's permission and also Anuj kaka's permission.
can you tell us the location of Narendra's shop?" Dhanush replied.
" Narendra's shop is just straight from here, you will find the big board and fancy designs there. You should hurry as it's his closing time." The gatekeeper said.

" Straight from here, thanks sir....?" Dhanush thanked the gatekeeper.
" It's Ram Singh," answered the gatekeeper, ' now go, hurry!"

The children run straight towards the shop as they wanted to deliver as soon as possible. Sambhu was the first reach the shop. The shop was just going to be closed as Narendra was closing the door.

" Sir, wait...." Sambhu shouted as he inhaled deeply to retain his strength.
" Do you need anything son? Narendra questioned, surprised by the arrival of unfamiliar faces.

Narendra saw this kid, breathing heavily, may be tired from a long journey. Following him are a group of kids, two boys and one girl, all looking too tired. He invited them inside the shop.

" Sit on the chair here, do you need water? " Narendra said.
"Thanks sir, I would need a glass. Kindly give some for my friends here." Sambhu thanked Narendra as he sat on the chair.
 All the children sat on the chair and drank water. Dhanush and Sambhu went near Narendra to talk.

" So, what you kids need?" Narendra enquired.
" Sir, I am Sambhu and this is Dhanush. We are from Sikharpur village and here to deliver the package that Anuj kaka promised." Sambhu took the lead.
" Oh, the package, I needed that urgently. Do you have everything that I asked." Narendra was happy as he recieved the package.
" Yes sir, all the medicinal herb that you asked and other things, I don't know. " Dhanush assured Narendra.

" I believe you, don't worry." Narendra said looking at the nervous kids, ' Anuj always keeps his promise."
" Thanks for believing and also for the water." Dhanush said.

" By the way, how you kids crossed the jungle alone? Were there no porters who normally bring these packages to me?" Narendra asked.

" Actually, they were busy and package would have gotten late. So, I asked Anuj kaka to allow me deliver the same." Dhanush replied.
"So, that's what happened! You kids don't have a place to stay, right? Narendra understood the situation, ' Come to my home and spend the night." he invited them to his home.

" Really, thanks, we were really worried about that." Sambhu said excitedly. Sleeping inside a house is far better than sleeping outside.
"Yes sir, thanks for inviting us. We will return back earlt morning." Dhanush showed his gratitude.
" No, no, pleasure is all mine. You have really saved me by bringing these herbs. I could do this much." Narendra added,' after all you have come to our village of Kanpur. Allow us to show you our hospitality."

Dhanush and Sambhu went back to the group to announce the good news.

" What, a place to stay.." Lata said excitedly.
" I too wanted to try new food," Parvati joined in.
"And tomorrow would be day of explorations...yeah" All the kids joined in.

                                                ------ to be continued---

Friday, October 4, 2019

Sikharpur days ( Mountains of west-Part 1)

"Careful, The slope is steep here" Sambhu shouted as he turned back to warn his friends of the danger.
" Lata, walk slowly, and take support of my shoulder," Dhanush advised Lata, as he held Lata's arm.
" Don't worry, I will save you all if anything happens," Parvati announced with a smug face.

The children were going for their first adventure after many months. This time, it was exploration of the furthest mountains in the west, which were restricted for the children to visit. Only a few adults pass the mountain pass, mostly to travel to villages and towns of the other side.
Since Parvati, our spirit girl, had learned to control her powers, she wanted opportunity to show off. The children too were curious about the mountain pass of the west and the villages beyond it. The opportunity came as the local merchant fell ill and he had a deal promise.

" What happened kaka (uncle), you look so worried?" Dhanush asked Anuj Kaka, the village merchant, as he was brooding near his veranda.
" I need to supply these medicinal herbs and baskets by tomorrow, but I caught cold and don't have the strength to walk the distance" Anuj kaka rued,
" Why, there most be some porters available in the village." Dhanush questioned as he tried to understand the situation,
"Yes, but no one is available now, they are out of the village and return only after day after tomorrow. I don't know what should I do?" he answered.
"Tell you what, you can rely on us." Dhanush had a epiphany, an opportunity for new adventure.
"But you are children, and you shouldn't be walking that far!" Anuj kaka protested.
" Don't worry, we fought with dacoits, and we regularly go to the mountains to bring the medicinal herb for you anyway." Dhanush replied.

Anuj Kaka thought a little and decided to go with it.
"No, Lata shouldn't be going that far!" Lata's father protested while the Lata cried.

Dhanush and co went to Lata's father to get his permission. As she is the youngest, and also a girl, there were some hurdles. But the adventure would be incomplete without her!

" Papa, I will be alright, I am not kid anymore. If you love if, then you will aloow me to go with my friend." Lata emotionally blackmailed him.
" No, means No." he retorted angrily.
"It's alright, Shyam. Dhanush will take care of them. It's just two days journey and relatively safe as our porters regularly follow the path." Dhanush's father tried to calm him.

Shyam Singh calmed a little. He loved his daughter dearly, and didn't wanted to risk her life. The Sikhareswari mountains are under the protection of Devi Sikhareswari but other mountains are far and not visited frequently by their people, so he was concerned. But he didn't want to alienate her daughter and he like other villagers, have trust in Dhanush and company. They were the most responsible and active children in the village and also support the village too.

" Alright, but make sure to return by 3 days and don't move further than the pass." ShyamSingh warned Dhanush.
" Don't worry uncle, we will make sure to walk safely." Dhanush assured him.
" Let's go Lata, talk my hands...." Lata was immersed in thoughts. They are near the mountain slope, one of the difficult terrain that they had to pass before reaching the entry point of Mountains of the west. A place to begin their new adventure....they were cautious, after all safety first.

----- to be continued-----

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Bird and the tree

It was there,
standing tall and proud,
always open, welcoming,
with it's spreading branches.

The roots well placed,
and plenty of nutrients,
letting it flourish, to grow,
to the is now.

The fellow brethren too,
grew as they would,
some taken to places,
in orchards, parks and gardens.

Standing lone, looking out,
it's friend..far ahead,
some visitors that came,
bringing news with them.

The birds flew overhead,
making it's leaves to sway,
fluttering the wings above,
with the breeze it create.

Ah, it wish...
extending branches towards it,
to help it rest,
a place comfortable to sit.

To find it endearing,
and be it's friend,
being part of it's life,
even be of different kind!

The bird looked perplexed,
only interested for cover,
a place for respite,
and some fruits for hunger.

Only for few moments,
but that's all it asked,
as they were with each other,
and the comforts it brought !

The bird and tree,
one free, other attached,
still finding happiness together, 
a story of opposite attracts.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Sikharpur days (the hideout-2)

" Its fun,' Lata exclaimed as see was running behind Parvati, ' we should do it more often."
"Yeah, we should," Parvati answered. She was floating in the air and running away from the children while the others are running to catch her.

It all started half an hour back. The children were gossiping as usual, having their breakfast,although a little late. It was almost noon as they spent a lot of their time in making the hideout habitable.

"So, what should we do now?" Lochan asked as he was getting bored from not being part of other's conversation.
"Hmm, lets have some game after we clean up." Lata replied as she went to collect the utensils of the kids who have eaten.
Lochan nodded and went out to wash his hands and mouth. Sambhu followed him outside.

"So Parvati, you got some new skills. Why don't you show us more?" Dhanush teases Parvati. He was impressed by her entry today, which was like she was the wind herself.
"Yeah, I will. I am so excited to show it after all the training I did!" Parvati was elated that her hard work was noticed.
"Why don't we play pakdan pakdai (catch), where we will all try to catch her." Lata suggested.
" Actually it's a great idea." Dhanush said, ' so,what do you say Parvati?"
" Hmm...think again, you all will fail." Parvati said in a menancing voice, and then giggled.
" Don't be so sure about that." Dhanush answered back. He hates to lose and was confident of his new found stamina.

" What are you guying talking about?" Sambhu asked as he returned back.
" We just made the plan for today. Today's game is to catch Parvati and whoever catches her first will get a prize." Dhanush answered.
"What's the prize?" Lochan asked as he was excited by the prospects of a prize.
"That's a surprise !" Parvati smiled mysteriously.

And here we are.

Parvati was passing through the forest with ease. Lata was following her hapahazardly. She was getting tired now as she was the first to take the dash with a hope of catching Parvati early. Alas, it became her own downfall. She sat on a nearby rock to rest and regain her stamina.

" What happened Lata, giving up so early?" Sambu taunted.
" Yeah, yeah, girls are so weak!" Lochan laughed as he went near Sambhu to join the conversation.
" Lochan, you know the plan, right?" Sambhu whispered.
"Yeah, lets ambush her." Lochan answered back.

Parvati was running straight ahead toward's a tree. Actually she was chased to that direction by Sambhu and Dhanush. Apparently, Dhanush too had taken part in their plan. There was a thick bush near the tree, where Lochan had already hidden and was bidding his time. The moment Parvati cam near the bush, Lochan pounced on her, only to fall on ground. Parvati had vanished, and both Sambhu and Dhanush were puzzled.

Here I am, Parvati announced. The boys looked back, and there she was sitting near Lata. Lata was surprised to see Parvati sitting beside her when moment ago she was so far from them. But Lata didn't let the moment waste and hugged her tightly.

" I won, I won!!" Lata laughed.
" Yes, you won." Parvati smiled brightly.

" This is unfair, she let her win." Sambhu protested.
" It's alright Sambhu, we lost." Dhanush said as he admitted defeat, ' Parvati how did you know about the ambush?"
" I could sense people.' Parvati replied, ' I know someone was there in bush."

" Ah, again a new skill of yours." The boys sighed.

" We should do it more often," Lata said recalling Parvati's words.
" Yeah, why don't we plan some new adventures? Parvati  said excitedly.

" Hmm...I too want it!" Sambhu added.

" Then, we will do that. I was also planning some get togethers like this. It was scary when the bandits attacked and the adventure were fun." Dhanush answered,

So, the children decided in the meeting, to plan for some adventures, explorations.

Saturday, September 14, 2019


this dormancy,
and monotonous life,
infused in normalcy.

I feel nothing,
within my calm self,
the joy or sadness,
not where thought dwells.
And the emotions,
feelings that's expected,
one that still eludes me,
as much as I waited !

When I stopped caring,
immersed in daily life,
engrossing in multitasking,
buried those occasional strife.
I had my belief,
opinions of my own
may not be much social,
dissents might have some.

a kind of inertia,
going with the flow,
devoid of the tryst...something new!

Ignorance is indeed bliss,
knowledge brought the thirst,
more I know, more I seek,
disappointments makes me meek.
Things that I can change,
actions that should be taken,
lack of courage, the fear.....
led to failures, being forsaken!

And then came the savior,
infusing passion to my dreams,
appreciation of my wishes,
some ears to my screams!
The delights of new discovery,
making me lose my cool.
things got easier, being nearer,
exploiting my leisure as a tool !

moment of quiescence,
falling towards the sluggishness...
loosing out of my conscience.

The distractions kept me occupied,
unaware of passing days,
oblivious of my responsibilities,
I let others to be driven away!
There are reasons,
not to be spoken of,
nor it will be understood,
even if I try to convey !

And so here I am,
penning away these thoughts,
as I retrospect,
from the moments I recalled.
Regrets of my past,
worries of the future,
but actions of present,
might make things work !

not an act of passivity,
it's just a consequence...
of my desire of harmony!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Sukharpur days (the hideout Part 1)

" Its a great day for fun" Sambhu proclaimed, as he set out for the journey of his sanctuary.
" And we will have a blast !" Lochan joined in as Sambhu's enthusiasm was infectious.

The group had decided yesterday to meet in their hangout place...a hideout away from the village. As the meeting point was the hideout, Sambhu didn't have to wake up early as he did yesterday. He was refreshed and as energetic as ever.

" Alright guys, have you taken the goods, and the games?" Dhanush queried one last time as he looked towards Sambhu and co.
" Why are you giving me this doubtful look? I have packed everything we need, have some trust in me !" Sambhu laughed off his questioning look.

" I have also packed them in this bag,' Lata replied with a big smile, ' This time I have cooked our favorite halwa too." She gave a proud look.
" So, lets move, or else we will be late." Dhanush ordered and held the bag tightly on his back.

His arms were more muscular now, with his sturdy back. He was exercising more after the encounter with the dacoits. Few months have been passed and the effect is now visible. Lata watched the assuring back as she followed Dhanush and they depart.

Parvati was happy as she had got her permission to go out of the cave. Devi Sikhareswari, the resident deity have become more flexible and kind to our resident spirit girl!

Parvati had planned some games for the day as it was mant months since her visit to their hideout. She really loved to have fun and picnics like the human children and also thought herself as one. Now that she could control her power, she could enjoy their pastime .

The children were the first to reach the destination. Dhanush oped the gate and all of them entered inside.

" cough, cough, what is the all this dirt inside. I had cleaned it all last time." Lata declared, visibly upset with all the dirt, soil and other growth of vegetation. "

" Can't help it, we have been away for weeks this time." Dhanush answered, " So, first we need to clean this mess."
" We will clear the plants," Sambhu said as he took Lochan with him in search of a sickle that they had kept somewhere.
" Alright then, I will clean the dirt while Lata, you should set our bags and wash the storage area." Dhanush ordered. Lata nodded in agreement as she went to the storage area.

It  took the children the next hour to make the hideout usable. The garbage were collected and discarded in the natural pit that was present just a few walks away. Lata had already cleaned the store and was making lemonade for them to drink.

" Ah, I wish, I could drink this lemonade with Parvati,' Lata sighed, ' Why is she late today !"

Suddenly a gush of wind came over, tripping the bag that was on the table, Dhanush reflexively caught it on time. Lata turned to see what happened, only to get a faint cold wind touching her ears.

" I am here !" Parvati whispered.

She was surprised by this sudden entry,  Lata couldn't see her as she tried searching the room.

" So, you got a new weapon in your arsenal," Dhanush chuckled as she look around to find her.
" Where is she," Lochan got exited, as he started running all over the place, only to be stopped by Sambhu.

And just as the children were calming up, Parvati appeared from thin air. She had a new one piece dress, with light pink color. She put her arms around Lata and hugged her from behind bringing a big smile over Lata's face.

" Oh, Parvati, you are becoming more and more naughty these days." Lata hugged her back.

" So guys, everyone has arrived, time to start the party !" Dhanush said.
" Yay....." All shouted in unison.

-------- to be continued -------

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Something genuine !

We talk free,
out of concerns,
and when we walk...
hand in hand,
with smiles and laughs !

in the solitude,
watching the horizon,
am I lonesome?
socially outcast !

sometimes I view,
to be mingled,
not lose in this race,
and left abandoned !

Try, try and try,
with hopeful prospects,
some differences, contradictions,
and all ends in failure !

The spring of life,
everyone's wishes and desires...
the stimulation of heart,
brightening up the flares !

Then comes the cold wind,
of rational calculations,
splashing out the fires..
out of personal aspirations !

Of all talks,
and the explanations,
avoidance of the inevitable,
rebelling out of social norms !

My heart craving it out,
and mind reasons...
in the end, what I seek ?
is something genuine !!

The one, natural and honest,
the grasp of the pure,
may be, all I wanted...
was something genuine !

Thursday, August 29, 2019


What does it takes,
to see what's there,
out in the world,
spread out open and bare.....
The breath of life,
subtle or rough,
display of their existence,
around of us all !!

As I watch in silence,
showing my sympathy,
and here I acknowledge,
the fact of their presence.

The freedom of choices,
assurance of the group,
feeling of the safety,
out of natural affinity!

And slowly yet surely,
they go down n down,
nothing for the support,
the one to form rapport.

Ah, the adversaries are many,
homeless with no asylum,
and even in display of sincerity,
become the object of pity!!

Where have we lost ?
the sense of belonging,
being part of nature,
appreciating all it's feature !

And so I write,
the pain of hurt,
of them, of mine,
as no one should be fine...
Of things done in need,
for pleasure and greed,
and all deserve their chance,
experience the feeling of warmth.

Show of solidarity in action,
preserving their part of life,
be out of compassion or sympathy,
Just have some empathy!

Open eyes and look around,
feel the loss with your heart,
also joy of kindness and humanity,
with a little help of....Empathy !

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sikharpur days (new meet-2)

Parvati was holding Lata's hand tightly. Earlier the boys would have been surprised about the fact that she could squeeze their hands but couldn't even touch a flower outside the cave, but now Parvati was trained enough to physically handle most of the materials outside. She is still invisible to others and they feel privileged to have this miracle for themselves.

Its the magical valley, where they first met Parvati. With it's beautiful and mysterious flowers and fruits, with lot more to be explored too. The small animals were friendly and curious while there is absence of any dangerous animals to be wary of.

Lata and Parvati went to collect flowers while the boys decided to explore the valley again. Dhanush went to the north, while Sambhu and Lochan towards the South. Today's mission was to collect some fruits and water from the stream. Most of these things become normal once they went outside the cave and lose their distinct flavors, so they had decided to relish them in the valley itself rather than bringing them to their home.

" Parvati, how are you feeling now?" Lata asked as she was concerned about her well being.
" I am good. Look how healthy I am, " Saying so, Parvati jumped in the air and ran in a circle.
"Alright, you look great, let's play now" Lata laughed by her funny display.
" But first lets talk about how was our week, how was your village doing?" Parvati questioned as she went and sat besides Lata.

And so, the two girls got busy in their talks and gossips as they plucked some wild flowers and stitched garlands and other structures from it.

Its was noon and sun had just went on the top of their head, so the girl shifted their sitting place towards a shadow of a tree. The boys have returned too with their gatherings.

" Lata, take these berries and apples and serve them in a plate." Dhanush requested Lata while transfering the contents of his bag to her.
" Also take the water, I have collected it myself." Lochan hurriedly gave the bottle to her.
" What are you competing for?" Sambhu teased Lochan and had a hearty laugh.

The children had their lunch in merry. They laughed and talked about their adventure and plans for the evening.

" So, Parvati, can you go outside now?" Dhanush asked her.
" Yes, I am refreshed, we can again go out in the forest." Parvati answered.

" Then we can hangout in out secret house!" Sambhu joined excitedly.
"So, that's we will do tomorrow." Dhanush decided and others nodded their head in unison.

---- to be continued----

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Sikharpur days (New meet-1)

Its been days after the incident of bandit attack to their village. The villagers were slowly returning to their usual life. Thankfully no one was killed in the attack and those injured were recuperating well. The bandits were sent to the Kotwal and would be sent to jail or so they had heard.

Lata was helping with the cooking with her father. Dhanush went to help in farming with parents while Sambhu and Lochan were playing as usual with other kids. It was the usual routine as peace returned in their village. As per Parvati, she was holed up in her home in the cave as she had spent a lot of her spirit energy in their adventure. She needed to recover her powers back to normal, so the friends had promised to meet few weeks later.

" Dhanush, when are we going to meet Parvati?" Lata asked as Dhanush returned home one evening.
" This Sunday, I think." He answered, " we should discuss with Sambhu and Lochan as well."
" But I want to meet her and play with her now." Lata protested.
"Don't be selfish, Lata." Dhanush tried to make her understand.

Sambhu and Lochan joined them near Dhanush's veranda as both returned after their play.
"So, what's the plan? Sambhu asked gleefully, ' I am getting bored and need another adventure!"
" Me too, I am missing the fun we had in that valley" Lochan joined in.

Lata too joined in and started pestering Dhanush about it. Dhanush tried but in vain and finally gave in.
" Alright we will go tomorrow. I don't have any work too, what about you two? " Dhanush said with a sigh.
"We are ready to go even today, but it's evening now." Sambhu answered.

So, the group decided their next meet for tomorrow. Lata prepared some dishes for breakfast and lunch as she wanted to give it to Parvati and also present it Devi Sikhareswari. Dhanush had brought sweets and bananas for the same. As per Sambhu and Lochan, they brought some of village snacks but probably would gobble it up during their travel.
They slept early and told their parents that it's their forest exploration to find consumables. Their parent protested as they were still recovering from the shock of bandit attack, but the children assured them of their safety.

It was early morning, even sun didn't rise yet, when they embark in their journey. Lata was excited to meet Parvati while the boys too had their interest, of games and treasures of forest, they might get. They walked fast and reached the cave sooner than expected. Even Sambhu was awake for a change even though he was not much of morning person and always need Lochan's support to walk.
Lata started calling Parvati as she entered the entrance of the cave, as the golden rays of sun were falling through it, illuminating the inside.
Dhanush and co went near Devi Sikhareswari's temple and paid their respect while offering sweets and banana. They prayed for their village prosperity and thanked for saving it from bandits.
As the children went behind the temple towards the short path inside, mist started to flow.
They were not surprised as they had seen it so many times. It the mist of magic that transport them to Parvati's home. They were or smiling and laughing while anticipating the meet with their spirit friend Parvati !!

A cooing voice they hear and they turned to see that it's Parvati's room. Parvati was excited and jumped on them. She hugged Lata as if they hadn't met for years. The boys greeted Parvati and all the children went outside towards the magical valley.

---- to be continued----

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The nature calls

The nature calls,
with a saddened heart,
and the voice so weak,
I will be heard !

Again and again,
bringing out the pain,
no time for healing,
only leaving the dark stains...
Some want to leave,
or change with it,
no hiding would help,
nor escaping any lanes ! cries in silence,
as homes broken down,
choking out their freedom,
with laughter and merry,
were hunted to oblivion...
the ones stranded by,
destroyed without a thought,
years of struggle and survival,
lost for some momentary gain!

be it conscious or not,
every action had its way,
responsibility that's not taught,
hurting it night and day..
innocent lives were lost,
raising the life's cost,
but its too cheap for them,
as they have the final say!

As the time goes by,
it fails to protect,
the good and bad,
also one's that we won't detect..
everyone, everywhere,
the ones within it's reach,
would be enveloped along,
as it brings the consequences !!

The nature calls,
it's time to listen,
attentive heart, open ears....
as it calls, as it warns,
of the dangers..that we brought !

Friday, July 19, 2019

Essence of happiness

Being happy,
for what I own,
being understanding,
of choices and perception.

Words that go by,
with it's bit and pieces,
infusing light and darkness..
like the fireflies.
I see them all,
bring out my smile,
being part of them,
hiding out my vile!

I do enjoy them,
of all it's social form,
be it their adventures,
from their explorations.
They share their picture,
share their experiences,
involving the known ones,
out of innocent wishes.

But we do like individuality,
seeking of our desires,
holding the central position,
beyond other's care.
World from our views,
colorful or grey it may,
that others will understand,
and we have our say!

Not all work as it should,
and the life revolves,
and we have our shares,
of frustration and disappointments.
smiles would become fake,
words filled with lies,
heart filled with envy,
suppressing the muffled cries.

The emotions hidden,
anger in voices,
annoying attitude,
feeling so distant..
and words that hurts,
being so spiteful,
how can one retains,
the essence of happiness?

Sunday, July 14, 2019


middle of nowhere,
Nothing that I seek,
nor I aspire.

Is it a meadow,
or a forest land.
a sight of mirage,
from this dune of the sand!

Ah, its beautiful,
full of nature's glories,
as I assimilate within,
freed of any worries.

Be those ancient timbers,
the vines that it carries,
with numerous living being,
like some little fairies...

Immersed I was,
and I went deep,
barefoot on these pebbles..
with the softness of grass!

Some encounters I had,
brief as it may,
the dwellers being curious,
for this stranger's stay.

Yes, we..being outsiders,
forsaken by ancestor's past,
driven by greed and pleasure..
endangering their species so fast.

Guilty as much I am,
still welcoming my presence,
letting me the blessing of forest,
cleaning all of my senses.

A hiker, adventurer,
be a social escapist,
a nature or animal lover,
or some TV program enlist!

Time had changed,
so are we...
for better or worst,
understanding their plea.

But do I care?
as I walk,
on these treacherous terrains,
with all my packs?