Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sikharpur days (final)

"Let's just assume,' Dhanush paused while making a hypothesis, 'That this place is deep inside the cave since that's where we fainted. If that would be true, then there must be a route somewhere."
"But we have searched everywhere, there was no such path or openings." Sambhu said.
"What if we were magically transported to this place and this place is very far from ours.' Lochan added, ' It's even daytime here while you told us that it was near evening when we entered the cave, isn't it so?"
"Agreed, we came here in search of Lata, but she doesn't remember anything. But then what was that, the proclamations and tears of Lata !!" Dhanush said while looking at Lata.
"I don't know what you are saying, just what did I speak?" Lata said hesitantly, looking at Dhanush while being confused of the conversations they were having.

Everyone became silent for a while to get the hang of the situation, contemplating their options. Lochan was sitting near Sambhu, glancing Dhanush and Lata intermittently, trying to say something but then becoming mute.
Sambhu put his thumb and index finger on his chin, looking down. Dhanush was standing in between them, putting his hand on his neck, and circling around nervously. Lata and Parvati were sitting together, holding hands as Lata was observing her friend. She still couldn't get what they were saying but she knew that they were telling the truth.
"Lochan, do you want to say something?" Dhanush asked Lochan as he saw him looking at him.
"'s just that, something in my mind.." Lochan faltered as he tried to speak.
"Just say it, any ideas could help." Sambhu encouraged Lochan
"What if it's Goddess Sikhareswari divination since the cave is her abode. Then we might return if we pray sincerely." Lochan replied.

Everyone looked at him disbelievingly, as they only thought that gods would protect them. They thought that this illusion or whatever it was, done by some evil force. It was Dhanush who spoke first.
" We should see all options, but then why she sent us here...near Parvati home and into that valley?" Dhanush questioned.
"Also, the valley and the mountain trail were somewhat similar to our, what could be the explaqnation for that?" Sambhu too asked.
" May be because she thought Parvati was lonely.' Lata said cheerfully, 'That's why Goddess brought us here!"

Everyone was surprised of Lata's answer as she was not the one who would give her opinion. But that could be true too. They were not harmed rather sent to this beautiful place and Parvati was living alone there. 
Suddenly a mist started to form around them as if supporting there thoughts. Everyone looked in amazement as a magical figure of women was formed in the air around Parvati. There were some instant thoughts started coming inside everyone's head. They remembered everything, what happened to them, how they reached there and most importantly, who was Parvati.

Everyone looked at Parvati in awe. She was actually a spirit of a young girl brought up as daughter of resident goddess. They were inside the cave but transported to another realm connected to the temple. Goddess wanted to ease the loneliness of Parvati and so she brought Lata to her. She also requested them to say nothing to Parvati and a route was opened to the outside of the cave so that they could return. Slowly the mist faded away.

" Parvati, I think we remembered the path from which we came." Dhanush said politely, 'We must return before evening as our parents might be worried."
" So, you would be returning, I wanted to play more." Parvati said sadly.
"Don't worry Parvati, I will come again to play with you." Lata said while hugging her,
" Yes, yes, we all will come to play with you." Sambhu added. Lochan nodded in support.

After having their farewell, they went inside that path to come to their physical realm. It was near morning when they came out of the cave. They hurriedly went down the mountain, past the forest to the valley. They collected their belongings out of the branch and rushed to their village. Everyone was happy and feeling delighted to have such an experience. Parvati would be there inside the cave waiting for them, and they can have lot many adventures. They have a new secret, something to look forward to, in their Sikharpur days......

---- Finish-----

Afterthoughts: So friends, how do you like this story?  I tried it after many years, it's made with a plot of making a children story, but let see if I could continue it or not! :)
The adventure of four childrens and a spirit in Sikharpur days!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sikharpur day part 8

"Dhanush, are you alright?" Lata and Sambhu asked in unison as they try to hold him.
 Dhanush was visibly in pain with face of grimace. It took a while for Dhanush to calm down as Lata gently patted his back while Lochan gave water to him to drink. Parvati was standing there with a worried look.

" It's fine, I am feeling good now." Dhanush tried to ease the tension.
"What happened,' Sambhu asked, 'why did got the headache."
"I remembered, why we were here!" Dhanush answered as he look around.
Everyone  were shocked while Parvati looked curious. They all wanted to know the feeling of something missing and the sense of Deja vu, they felt while entering this place.
"Really, then tell us about it." Lochan asked. He was now panicking.
"Everyone first be calm while I speak.' Dhanush said, 'We came here to search for Lata, actually we should have been behind the temple of Sikhareswari inside the cave.
"But this is not the that cave. There is no temple here, and the interiors are also different." Sambhu protested.
" Why were you searching for me? I never got lost!" Lata complained. She was confused of this sudden explanation.
 "I don't know about that. But there must be a reason for this. We have to think about it together." Dhanush advised as they all became silent.

They don't know what to make of it. Dhanush was not lying even if evidence show otherwise. Also everyone in there heart knew he might be telling the truth. It was only Parvati who was silently observing everyone as they were sitting there.

" Don't worry friends, there should be a way out.' Parvati tried to cheer them up, 'there must be something that you are seeing, look around, there might be clue somewhere!"
" Parvati is right, if Dhanush is right then we must find a way to return to the village." Sambhu joined in.

Everyone started searching around even in the dark. Thankfully it was noon with sunlight helping them out. Dhanush remembered how they entered the cave in seach of Lata and went deeper behind the temple. They heard the laughter of Lata, pursued it  but got fainted in between.
" That's right, we must be behind the temple. There should be way going more deeper in front.' Dhanush said, 'Parvati, do you know any such path?"

Parvati denied any such knowledge. But suddenly there was small laughter as if they had heard before, everyone looked up. Lata had a look of amazement as she spoke.
"I think I know about this place." Lata said.
" I was following a squirrel, then a rabbit, then a bird and before I know it I was inside the cave.' Lata was telling as if possessed, 'then everything become warm and bright, I felt so happy!"
"Lata, what are you saying, where are you looking?" Dhanush asked frantically.

He shook her shoulder and Lata became herself. She had tears in her eyes. Lata had a good sheltered life but she had lost her mother when she was young.They never knew that she would be lonely or seeking of warmth. But the face she was showing, happy tearful face that even they didn't knew about.

Dhanush started wondering, what if logic didn't work here. What if it's something magical or work of a spirit. Then where are they, did they got teleported to another place, or an illusion was created to fool them? But again the same question came into his mind.....even if it is an illusion they are seeing, then what is Parvati doing here?? He looked at Parvati, the same innocent face with questioning eyes, as if even she had no ideas about the whole situation.

Dhanush started using his brain to maximum. He needed an answer as he knew, there must be worried parents waiting for them in their home.

-----  to be continued----

Friday, December 14, 2018

Sikharpur days part 7

"Lata come with me,' Lochan took Lata's hand casually as he took her with him, ' let me show you something."
" What is it? Stop pulling me, I have to make garlands." Lata protested.
" It will take only a moment, I will some rare flowers too." Lochan replied as he tried to persuade her to follow him.
"Parvati, wait for a minute, I will come back soon." Lata told to Parvati as Parvati nodded in acknowledgement.

Lata followed Lochan as Lochan gave signal to Dhanush and Sambhu that the field is clear for them. Dhanush sprang to the opportunity of Lata's absence as he confronted Parvati.
"Parvati, can you tell me exactly where your home is, and do you know about this valley as its not the same as our location." Dhanush asked her.
Parvati looked at him and gave a questioning look.
"This is my place, and that house inside that cave is my home but it's boring there, that's why I play here,' Parvati replied with a smile, 'I don't know about your place."
Dhanush got more confused as she didn't looked like she is telling lie and her eyes were looking straight to him as she answered.
"Then, we might have been lost as this place is not ours and we have to return too in the evening." Dhanush said.

Dhanush called Sambhu and told him to call Lochan back along with Lata. After sometime, Sambhu brought Lochan followed by Lata. Lata had a angry face as she was annoyed that Lochan took her in false pretense. Dhanush asked them all to gather around in one place, Parvati included.

"Lata, this is not our valley, we need to return before it gets dark" Dhanush told Lata.
"What are you saying? It's our place, look as the river flowing down and that mound where we sit. Also, that tree from where we pick mangoes..." Lata stopped abruptly as both the location of river and absence of the tree denied her the case.
" Its similar to our place but it's not ours!!" Sambhu joined in.
" Parvati, show us your home. May be we will find something." Dhanush requested Parvati, for which she agreed.
"I will help Lata to go home but I wanted to play more." Parvati said in a sad voice.

So, all of them took the small path going towards the mountain. The trees, plants, all looked the same yet had a different feel to it. The reached near a door made up of wood. It was old but sturdy and had a similar making as of their own villages. They all entered inside, which was dark and humid. They didn't like the smell but sooner got accustomed to it.  When they finally got near her home, to their surprise. it's inside had the same built that of the temple inside the cave but the surrounding were so different.The path stopped as the walls of the cave and the rocks enclose the area surrounding the house. It was a dead end as their was no path visible outside the house, nor they say any en-route.
But the vary place gave the insight Dhanush needed but it was also accompanied by an intense headache, and Dhanush fell on his knees with a big cry!

----- to be continued------

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sikharpur days part 6

Parvati, a thin and slender girl, was looking at Dhanush intently. May be she realized the inner turmoil he is having. He remembered taking the treacherous journey to the valley, collecting the consumables and then the memory becomes fuzzy.
"You are not looking good, have you got a fever?' Lata asked with a worried look, as she hold Dhanush face closer to look.
" No, nothing like that,' Dhanush stumbled as he tried to change the subject, 'Its just that I am tired from the play."
"Lata come, let's play. There are so many flowers remaining to be string together." Parvati called her and took her away from him.

Dhanush sighed as he saw them go away to play. Dhanush tried to calm himself up as he looked around his surrounding. He remembered the place since he came here from his childhood times. He loved the tall trees surrounding the valley, laden with fruits. He loved the wild flowers growing there and loved to play and lie around on the grasses will were softer here without their pointed heads. As she was viewing the landscape to relax, he noticed some anomalies.

Flowers were evidently more with some species he had never seen before. Same goes with the trees, as they were of varied sizes and some were totally new. Sun was directly overhead but he was not feeling the intensity of heat that he normally felt. Though his biggest worry was that, he didn't feel any presence of dangerous wild animals in the vicinity, nor heard the alarming cries of birds afar. What he heard instead were the sweet sounds of birds like a flute, which were smooth and easy to the ears. If he noticed closely, the whole place was so peaceful and relaxing that it felt like it had came from some fairy tell. But real life is harsh and they knew it very well.

He was so engrossed in his analysis that he missed the call of Sambhu and Lochan and only came to know after getting a hard slap in the back by Sambhu.
"What are you doing, standing here?' Sambhu asked annoyingly, ' we have been calling you for so many times."
" Huh, oh sorry, I was lost in some thoughts." Dhanush asked for his forgiveness.

Dhanush take a last look at Parvati before he went ahead with Sambhu to play. A thin girl, with a bright smile as she was talking with Lata but somewhat delicate as if fading presence. If he looked closely, he could even see the birds or small mammals were looking at her attentively from where they were sitting and it had some mysterious feeling to it.

He decided to discuss about this with his friends before talking to Lata as they play and went with Sambhu.
"Sambhu, did you feel something strange about this place?" Dhanush asked as a query.
"Why strange, its the same old valley we always come,' Sambhu answer, ' I don't feel anything wrong at all."
" Is that so, then tell me about this flower or that tree, have you ever seen that before?" Dhanush signals to those mysterious flowers and tree.
Sambhu looked closely to them. He hadn't seen them too and may be ignored these small differences when he had woken. He gestured Lochan about the same and got the same questioning look in return.

"Yes, you are right Dhanush,' Sambhu said, ' There are lot of strange things here. Come to think of it, I too felt something odd for a while now."
"Let's talk with Lata, I think this is something to do with that girl Parvati." Dhanush replied.

Lochan went to call Lata as Sambhu and Dhanush thought of some plan to confront Parvati about the same. 
---- to be continued----

Sunday, December 9, 2018

SIkharpur days part 5

A happy journey, regular activities, and then a mysterious disappearance. Dhanush and others had seen a lot for a day. They had been prepared for the dangers of the mountain and it's jungle. But never expected for it to come so suddenly. Lata, the youngest of them all, also being the dearest had disappeared and they had finally found some clue about her whereabouts inside the cave.

It was a dark inside the cave and they were scared. But because of the divine presence of the goddess in the temple and their belief brought them little relief they needed. Presently, they were walking deeper inside the cave from a small entrance behind the temple. They had a small lantern with them that provide the little luminosity they needed. While following the tiny voice of laughter, which could be of Lata's, they became oblivious of their surrounding.

Bat flew past them, tiny insect wriggling on the sides and fear of snake or other poisonous creatures had made them careful. The cave went deeper and deeper with no visible end, and the boys still went ahead with the tiny courage they mustered. But the fog that's forming overhead caught them unaware, as it slowly covered them.
" I don't feel well,' Sambhu said, ' We should take a break."
" I understand, but hang on a little as Lata might be waiting for us!" Dhanush replied as he turn is head towards Sambhu to answer.

To his surprise, Sambhu was on his knees and Lochan has fallen on his back. Dhanush hold Sambhu's shoulder to support as he called Lochan to stand but Lochan had fallen asleep. Tiny laughters were getting louder and louder and unmistakably they were of Lata's!!
"What is happening,' Dhanush shouted, ' Lata, where are you??" He couldn't even heard his own voice before he fainted.

Bhaiya... Dhanush Bhaiya.........DHANUSH BHAIYA.....

" What happened Lata?, ' Dhanush wake up in a fright.
As he look around, Sambhu and Lochan were seated in a awe. They were in some valley, full of flowers. Lata was holding Dhanush hand with worried look. 
"You were sleeping for long, look Sambhu and Lochan too had woken up." Lata said with a smile.
"What were doing here, and where is this place? Dhanush asked bewildered as he hadn't seen this place and it was new to him.
"What are you saying Bhaiya, it's the same valley we come for our collections. And look, I have made a friend.' Late said as she introduced a little girl, 'Her name is Parvati, isn't she cute."

"Is it the same valley,' Dhanush wondered. He had a fuzzy memory and  felt a loss of time, ' but why do I feel like forgetting something!"
"What are doing there sitting around,' Sambhu shouted, 'aren't you rested enough, let's play."
" Who are you ordering around, wait for me," Dhanush replied while letting go of the uneasy feelings.

They played while Lata was chatting with Parvati. They were plucking some flowers and making garlands. Parvati offered some fruits to them which they gladly accepted.
" So where are you from Parvati?' questioned Sambu as he took some berries.
"I live there, just behind that mountain,' signaling to the north.
" Oh, behind that mountain?, then you might also have visited the temple of goddess Sikhareswari, inside that cave." Lochan said.
"I don't know about any temple but it's very dark and lonely there in the cave,' Parvati answered nonchalantly, 'that's why I come here."
" What about your parents, what do they do?" asked Dhanush while showing his interest in the conversation.
" I don't have any, I live alone." Parvati beamed.

Dhanush was taken back from her reply. The feeling of unease stating coming back to haunt him. Something is not right, he was forgetting something....but what??

--------- to be continued -----

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sikharpur days part 4 ( behind the temple of cave)

It was dark inside, with small rays of fading  sunlight falling from multiple crevices on the roof. The buys entered the cave with little lantern they had. Dhanush light it up, and hold it while taking the lead. They called for Lata, but still no answer. A slab of rock fell in distant, alarming them as they huddle up in fear. 
"We shouldn't shout much, it echoes here and might affect the rocks overhead!" warned Dhanush as Sambhu and Lochan were cluttering near him. 
"But we don't have time, it's getting darker' Lochan exclaimed, ' I want to go home."
"Don't whimper, we all want to go home. But first we need to find Lata." Sambhu retorted angrily. 

Having said that, they entered deeper into the caves. A little farther and they would have reached the small temple of Goddess Sikhareswari. Now that even sun rays were not entering the region, they could only see directly in front of them from the tiny glow of the lamp they carried. The wooden temple came into view and they again bowed to the goddess. The cave went a little further but no one was allowed to go there. It was said that only the village priest can go there with little offerings but that too till a limited distance. There were stories about how few anti-socials went deep inside in search of treasures and were never to be seen again.

" We should return, Lata wouldn't have gone that far!!, complained Lochan, while pulling the hand of Sambhu.
" I also think so, Dhanush we should head back and search elsewhere" Sambhu backed Lochan.
"Lets go a little further,' Dhanush answered, ' We know Lata entered here and this is a straight path. I think she had went there."

So, the boys with no other option entered deeper into the cave behind the temple. They saw part of offerings. But most of them were rotten with foul smell, or half eaten by insects of that place. They hurriedly crossed it by closing their nose. As Dhanush brought the lamp in front and adjusted his eyes to the surroundings, he couldn't make the end of the paths. But there were signs of someone entering it. As there were tiny insects or other bugs crawling besides them. 
They walked faster and faster with the hope of getting it over with. With calling Lata's name once in a while, they keep moving ahead. 
"I think I heard a noise coming,' Sambhu whispered,' Could it be Lata?"
" I also heard it, but it's coming from above." Dhanush replied.
No sooner they had their little chat, hundreds of Bats came flying towards them. They ducked to take cover as they flew past them.

"I am telling you, we must return,' Lochan shouted,' I am going back."
Dhanush and Sambhu too were scared and decided to not go any further and wait till morning. 
" Alright, let's go back to the temple." Dhanush said as they turned back.

But before they could take one step, they heard a tiny laughter. It was the one they heard everyday, it was of Lata's!! 

" Did you here that?' Sambhu asked nervously,' It's Lata!."
"Yes, that means we were right. Let's go ahead." Dhanush decided.

As the boys entered further deep, with renewed hope of finding Lata, they became anware of their surrounding. And slowing a small haze started spreading behind them.

--- what happened next?---

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Sikharpur days part 3( towards the cave)

It was around 4.00 PM, and the sun was slowly setting. It gets darker in the forest even in the evening. Dhanush was worried, while Sambhu was supporting the sobbing Lochan. The had gone little farther from the valley, inside the forest. It was an old footway made up of dirt and fallen grasses. It was probably used by wild animals or occasional adults as they pass through it. It goes up towards a particular mountain, more like a hill made up of old volcanic deposits and rocks.

The mountain was famous for having an ancient cave, with a resident deity. It was said that she was the protector of the forest and mountains, a form of goddess Shakti. Not much of a relief but even her presence had a calming effect in the heart of the village. Still, the scary thoughts from the running imagination of the boys brought fear in the hart of those young boys. Lata had vanished without a trace, no matter of shouting or intent listening, gave them any idea of her whereabouts. 

They were getting tired from walking on the steep hill, but resting was not an option. Now that the summit was within their sight with the clearing of the trees and shrubs, the separate pathway also came into their vision going towards the cave. It was a narrow path, filled with rubbles, broken branches, wild plants growing on the edges.

" Should we move towards the summit or take the path to the caves?'' Sambhu asked to Dhanush as he was the more experienced one.
" Wait, let me check' Dhanush replied, ' There might be some sign of recent movements on the earth."
Dhanush went to see for any signs. Luckily there was trace of some movements on the soils of path toward the caves. He hurriedly signals his friends to follow him.

The caves were not far from that disjunction, with only few hundred meters. They cautiously moved towards the cave while negotiating the gaps or clefts, any protrusions of rocks or branches. Even when there attention were occupied by these hurdles, Dhanush was carefully searching for any signs of breaks in the edge to make sure Lata had not fallen. Since there was no sign of trouble, they finally reached the cave. 

The cave had a narrow entrance while they knew how larger and deeper the cave went. All of them had come once or twice inside that cave as the part of their training and also as pilgrimage with family. It was evening and sun was setting down.
"Let's search Lata first before it gets dark and spend the night here" Dhanush said while surveying the inner space near the entrance. 
Both Sambhu and Lochan nodded in unison to support that decision. A thin ray of light of setting sun was falling inside the cave from the entrance. There are also multiple small rays falling from the crevices of the roof. After first closing their eyes and praying the resident deity, they started their search with shouting Lata's name.

----- continued-----

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sikharpur days part 2

The morning mist surrounded the party. The small kid in the front was jovial, walking briskly while negotiating the treacherous path. There were exposed roots, broken branches, puddles, big rocks in their way, which could bring trouble to inexperienced hiker. The kid along with his friends following him in the back, were energetic and pulling themselves ahead without sweating.

He was followed by a thin tall guy, who was little nervous and trying to keep up with him. Behind them was a tall guy who seemed strong and was accompanied by a small girl. They were walking fast with a destination in mind, ignoring the insects on the ground, large cobwebs on the branches of the tree and loud calls of wild birds.

Sambhu, the short boy was the bold person and didnot worry about the precarious situation they were in. The thin guy Lochan, was only concerned about following him. But Dhanush, in the back was aware of this uncertain feeling and was surveying the land, listening intently for any kind of voice or sound which could signal any danger.

They were only couple of kilometers away from their arrival site. Dhanush asked the party to fasten their pace. This feeling persisted for some time but there was no risk at sight. So, they arrived to the valley that was surrounded by the mountains and was more of a clearing from the dense forest. It had most of wild flowers, medicinal herbs growing and constitute one of their collectibles. There were also some mushrooms growing near the tree bases with from berries in the shrubs, which would have complimented their lunch for today.

A small stream was flowing below and seeing it made them remember they were thirsty. After quenching their thirst, they started their daily activity of gatherings. It was noon when they finished, with the sun directly above their head. The morning sun did gave them the warmth they needed but now they have to seek the cover of the trees. They put their gathering of food, branches and herb on the ground to be dried from the heat of the sun.

Lata was eating the berries slowly while the boys were devouring the fruits and snacks. A curious squirrel was looking at their activities from its hideout in one of the tree. May be the smell of the fruits or their loud voices disturbed him or it came out to get the warmth of the sun. After their lunch, they started playing catch,  hide and seek. The whole valley was echoed by their laughter. They had completely forgotten the morning tension, and were enjoying their free time.

"Come, catch me if you can"  challenged Sambhu to Dhanush as it was his turn to catch everyone. Lata was far behind the tree along with Lochan while Sambhu was teasing Dhanush by coming closer to him.
"I will take away that smug face of yours" retorted angrily and Dhanush started running with a jump. But Sabhu reflexes were faster and he smartly avoided being caught and started running towards the forest. Lochan was caught first as he was the slower one and again the game started. They were running everywhere, from the trees, to the valley, sometimes high above the rock, sometimes below the foxhole.

They played for a hour or two and finally get rested. Dhanush called Sambhu to stop the game as it was time to return. Lochan came from Sambhu's call but Lata didn't responded to the call. They thought that she might have gone a little far and Dhanush started shouting her name for her to listen.
As she didn't respond to that, they started to panic, the uneasy feeling of the morning came back to haunt them.

" Where is she, wasn't she with you?" Dhanush asked Lochan.
"I don't know, she went ahead while I was hiding near the tree." Lochan replied, now with a face ready to cry.
" Show me the direction where you had been." Dhanush exclaimed while calming Lochan down.

After securing their gatherings, and placing it safe on a big branch of the tree, they proceeded to search Lata.

----- A small wait for the next part -----

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Sikharpur days part 1

A long time ago, there was a boy named Dhanush. He lived in grassland plains of ancient country of Lathimi. His village Sikharpur, was present at the far north region of the country. It was a beautiful village surrounded by the mountains and even snow fell on their village path during winters. It was a pastoral land with basic occupation of most villages as farmers or cow herders.

The east side of the village had a big river which was fed with water from the melting snow of the mountains that fall from the streams. The streams form glorious waterfalls on the rocky walls and happened to be a favorite family outing place for the villagers. Dhanush loved to trek those treacherous mountains with skidding path lined with moss because of the wetness of the trail from falling water. It was a daily routine  in his quest to uncover the hidden treasures of the mountain or the daily necessities like food or consumables. He was accompanied by his friends named Sambhu, Lochan and Lata.

They had been warned of the dangers of the mountain hidden from the naked eyes. Those were Bears, Leopards, Snakes, poisonous insects or fruits. They had learned it from their parents, mother or father from when they were young and visited those places under their protection. The elderly shared their experiences, wisdom, giving warnings about the dangers lurking in those mountain but couldn't stop them from going, as it's a necessity.

Dhanush was a strong lad, with well developed muscles, long arms and legs, and an active body which he used like a spring while climbing the trees or jumping off a hurdle. He had large black eyes just like mother, with long and wavy black hair contrary to his friends who have dry, unruly and unkempt hairs. His mother made it sure that he took proper bath and attend his daily chores with discipline, a habit being instilled in her from her life from living in her hometown. His father was a tall muscular man, with large mustache, for which he took a great pride. His primary profession being a farmer, is to attend the fields but he was also the sought after person to take the farm yield to sell outside village or to the town.

So, Dhanush along with  his friends Sambhu, Lochan, and Lata proceeded for their routine adventure. They had taken flaked rice, pickles and some fruits with them for snacks while planning to have some lunch from their collections in the forest.
Sambhu, a short and plump boy of his age, was very energetic and always on front. Lochan, a thin guy wearing dirty shirt and dhoti with tired look, followed Sambhu. Lata, a cute girl with long silky hair, always smiling while showing absence of one of her tooth, accompanied Dhanush as they follow others.

Dhanush was most experienced, and always remain behind looking around for any sound or feel of danger. He would warn the rest and everyone would climb to the tree. They would then survey the surrounding and make sure that no dangerous wild animal is at the vicinity. It was in their instincts as the ones who have lived their whole life there and they know everything about it. They had an encounter with bear, but it was a momentary chance meeting lasting for minutes. Even though it didn't count as an adventure, they still proudly proclaimed to have fought off the mighty Bear.

It was one such expedition, where they went to the forest near the mountains. The goal was to collect the seasonal herbs, ground potatoes, berries and fruits, and fish if possible. They went along the muddy trail since it rained a day before. With high on spirit they walked towards the dense forest. 
The trees were silent with lack of rustling, which unnerved Dhanush.The tracks were straight, with an feeling of discomfort. It could have been because of humid surrounding, but something made Dhanush to be on guard as they climbed the mountain, far from their village.

---- What happened next?------

Thursday, November 22, 2018

A new story

I love to read story books since childhood and even today, I find it very much relaxing and enjoyable to be able to read or watch different stories, be it novels, movies, TV series. Being an ardent fan of books like Panchatantra, Jataka tells, Sherlock Holmes and writers like Enid Blyton and Ruskin Bond since childhood, I too tried my hand in story telling.

It was an amateurish attempt of self gratification, and I succeeded in writing a few of them. As per critics ( my mom and sister), it was good but not great. Somehow, I couldn't make it more interesting and I also didn't have much patience create longer stories with deeper plot. Be it character development, instilling of emotions, making them more lively....I knew where I lacked but probably didn't have the will to rectify the same.

Its just like cooking, I am a foodie but don't know how to cook. It requires patience and hard work to develop the required skills to create culinary masterpieces. Be it any field, hard work is the key. And here I am, lazily lying on the bed, holding novel or viewing my laptop. 

But then, I also wanted to write a story too. To start with, some short stories, followed by light novels, and then bigger novels. The path is prepared, planning is done, only to take the first step!
So friends, today I wanted to make this commitment, more like a new year resolution, to write a story and hope that its interesting enough for the viewers!! :)

A new story,
with great plot,
the live of characters,
some  interesting lots!
Come again and read,
open ears and listen,
for I am writing new,
to have it reviewed !

And then, I will share,
just how much do I fare?
will it bring out the emotions,
drive the crowd into motions!
be it joy, be it pain,
tears of laughter or sadden,
or its about faraway adventure,
of mysteries and pleasures!!

Story it is,
I loved to listen,
a lot I had understood,
the encounters in childhood,
may be it's my time,
write in stanzas or rhymes,
with its twist and turns,
what magic would it churn ?  :)

Monday, November 19, 2018

My comfort zone

In the dreamland,
with it's colorful creations,
waving the magic wand,
refreshing my possessions....
Immersing myself within,
enjoying time alone,
that's what holed me up,
secured in my comfort zone!


I had been alone,
with my families,
even with friends,
as they... don't even understand;

The splendor of books,
the vastness of knowledge,
and the continued drive,
occupying my days.

Or be it my laptop,
connected to the internet,
streaming live TV series, 
rewarding my daily wait.

Is it my inadequacies,
the introvert shyness...
lack of outings or hangouts,
or simply my laziness!
May be these circumstances,
pulled me to this world,
bringing out hidden emotions,
lost in the old perceptions.

Allure of the stories,
adventures of characters,
as if being transported,
while feeling the atmosphere!

Lying on my couch,
reclining on my cushions,
as I read, as I watch,
the unfolding of the stories!

and so goes my life,
away from the daily strife,
being lazy to the bone....
while enjoying my comfort zone!!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Over the hilltop

Continuation of the moonlight adventure;

Over the hilltop,
resting near the tree,
bathed by the rays,
what a scenery I see?
surrounded by the mist,
and fragrance it carries, 
with those tiny luminosity,
like dancing of the faeries!

Ah! such a beautiful sight,
behold, my choice was right,
as I listened to my heart call,
to explore my midnight stroll.
The freshness of air,
this feeling so rare,
magic of the surroundings,
opens up my bindings!

A sparkle here, twinkle there,
silent activities of somewhere,
as the creatures of night, 
prepare for fight or flight!
startling me, alerting me,
to their individual being,
accepting, appreciating the presence,
this harmony...putting me in trance.

Brief moment of tranquility,
from my tedious reality,
having its own allure,
from the conjure!
And here I am,
walking in this dream,
in the created illusion ,
out of my imagination!

Wanted to rationalize,
but I was being wise,
and I stood there,
lone tree and me....
imbibing the ambience,
perceiving in my every sense,
with the stillness of night,
filled with glow of the moonlight! :)



Wednesday, November 14, 2018

In the moonlight

It's cold,
as my naked feet,
presses upon the frosty sheets,
spread over the grass.
A momentary thought,
as I look out,
over the foothill,
where stands...the lone tree.

The cool breeze,
passing through me,
blowing my hair aside,
giving me the chills.
I shuddered, glancing over....
towards the distant hill,
shining the night,
from the reflections of moonlight.

As I look back, 
towards an empty veranda,
a craving comes like a tide,
to open the gates outside,
Passing the invisible curfew,
to sprint towards the hilltop,
like curiosity that came to fetch,
from the other side of hedge!

Its that foothill,
with pebbles and grass,
small shrubs and vegetation,
so ordinary in daylight....
Then why, it looks so gentle?
welcoming me in open arms,
so I ran...towards the hilltop,
in the stillness of the night,

Elated, spent as I reached,
sitting on the rock, I gazed,
the vast expanse of the field,
glowing on this moonlight.
The rustling of the leaves,
small whispering of the winds,
loosening, put me at ease,
as I lie tired, from my flight.

Was I asleep?
I opened my eyes,
looking around, same night,
only numbness of cold feet.
folding it inside,
surveying my surrounding,
saw a small fox bark,
scurrying up in the dark.

I had a smile,as I remark..
No playmates in his walk,
or it's being in hurry,
attend to his own worry.
But what about me,
why I am here,
is it my impulse,
without my usual fear ?

As I wondered,
let myself ponder,
some light started blinking,
to bring pause on my thinking!

Those flickering were enchanting,
that's catching my eyes,
as if some fairies speaking....
from the signals of fireflies.

PS: Just what's ahead of this midnight adventure ;)