Monday, April 17, 2017

Just my thoughts for now

I want to be free...
yet a bit of stings attached,
to be there or not,
from face and my heart.

I want to capture,
all my desires,
as the time passes on,
to relish those moments.

But there were responsibility,
for I need stability,
to attach to my roots,
along with my social duties.

I want realised too late,
or my simple regrets,
to experience the universality,
out of pure self interest....

I can't say, only wait,
for my ideals, my goals,
though it pains...the void,
I can't let go of my stubbornness.

I dreamt big, lived in my own world,
unaware of passing tide,
and now, I feel the dread,
failing of my endeavours.

Still, I would stand tall,
I won't deny my choice,
although with failed opportunities,
I also had some rays of hope.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Hello friends, it's been a while....a long time since I have been online.
Sorry being busy in different work, also found some new hobbies too.
Still, some part of me do wants to write...a small one...what my mind thinks about various personalities;

Personalities.... Various faces...
to be known be shown,
of smile n laughter,
of worry n concern,
joyous facade or superficial emotions,
mute protests or resigned eyes.

Feeling nervous...being conscious,
avoiding confrontation...quick retreat,
accepting answering without denial,
hiding truth with lying voice.

To be silent observer..
lost in deep thinking,
debating criticizing every thoughts,
as my tryst with philosophical world.

To be irresponsible... Impulsive,
with some embarrassing moves,
to laugh at and laugh with,
acting silly n childish.
Get scared,being afraid,
things to avoid ....
and divert the mind.
Escaping question,ignoring reactions ,
acts to be ashamed of....
Negative thoughts,
dark emotions,
hatred,jealousy and anger,
selfish desires,greed n lust,
to imagine, speak or act....
without the reign of conscience.

To be a leader,
righteous and idealistic,
with a bit of arrogance,
being stubborn..wanting perfection,
asking others to follow the path.

To be passionate,
seeker of companionship,
feel of togetherness,
part of some memory,
friendship n romance ,
to hold on to  something precious,
straight out of story books.

Remnant of innocence,
affluent with the daydreaming,
ignorant unconcerned of the life,
imagine create enjoy,
live in one's own world.

To be a liberal,
with an wide outlook,
a broader acceptance,
not stereotyping nor disregarding,
something to be good or bad. be honest with,
wanting to change ,
opening myself to real life,
thing will change,
conclusion to be made,
and then the cycle repeat itself,
different place or perspectives,
but the me will be same,
for all faces..different personalities,
Those all being the same me!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Solace in Solitude

A bit alone, aware and awake,
with open eyes and constant gaze,
to watch in silence near and far,

A gentle breeze grazes my cheek,
wind plays with my hair,
and I walk, looking on from afar !

People passes, so does the scenery,
so different, random and disorderly,
the crowd and the place, with so noise,
with no rhythm or regularity.
crossing's so loud,
their laughter, cry and anger,
their love, envy and hatred,
unruly, pulling and pushing away !!

Joining them yet avoiding,
being there but not so....
simply watching, silently,
not with comments or opinion,
detached, within my own world,
in those serene lands,
in my tranquil life....
to find harmony with my soul.

To analyze, to decide,
the world not to blame,
nor temporary change in mood,
not some disorder of mind,
or  influence of words,
governing changes in my heart !!

Attached yet so unattached,
accepted but also endured,
this journey of my path,
build with my choices.....
responsibility of my selection,
opinions as I perceive,
and receiving the outcome,
smiling, with open arms...

So, don't resent,
or get irritated of my actions....
I might be a loner,
sometimes avoids being in group...
not responding to your feelings,
or showing the same emotions,
as I am like this.

Watching from afar,
to the vastness above and beyond,
the clouds in the limitless sky,
with sparkle in my eyes,
excited, fickle minded and childish...
moody and being selfish,
yet sometimes brooding,
serious with hing of melancholy,
sighing, deep in thought.....

I find Solace in Solitude.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Everyone is a Hero here...

Hello friends, 

Looks like I couldn't  frequently update my blog these days,  
Getting little busy after joining for my post graduation degree and not much new ideas come too..
there are a lot going on, different hobbies to take care of in free time...

Just thinking of some things, people, world, Reality in different, penning out these things :)

Everyone is a Hero here,
each unique, a reality,
a past and a present,
a future to look forward to....
A story to tell,
path to follow,
with feelings, emotions,
desires and aspirations !!

different perspective,
different circumstance,
hardships and troubles,
frustrations and disappointment...
but with help and support,
or courage to overcome...the obstacles !!

They are no different,
like you or me,
with hopes and some wishes,
dreams to fulfil,
with own outlook and principle,
living for their reasons,
to influence or to follow,
or creating one's own space.

To be a nobody,
being hidden in a crowd
to disappear from everything,
concealed within their own wall,
or be a somebody,
adored and respected,
setting a stage,
creating a change !

To be happy, joycious...
or being hurt in pain,
being special yet so normal,
with the same emotions....
compassionate, thoughtful,
having all the virtue,
or the negativity coming,
in parts of heart with secret cravings !!

Its all the same,
yet feels so different,
each with a unique character
something special inside....
a life to live for,
as a protagonist,
with it's own viewpoint,
with it's own reality.

Looking out towards the world....
or opening up to the vast universe,
a small drop in the ocean,
a part of the wave,
with actions and their reactions,
from zero to infinity...
from nobody to everybody,

Yes........everyone is a Hero here !! :)