Sunday, October 14, 2018

To connect

I just had this desire to connect to new peoples and know more about the world. I used to chat a lot in my early internet days during school time but eventually it all got lost in my quest for education, social stability from my academic achievements.

It's never late to start something new, to chat online or visit new places and someday I really want to do the same. In online chats, most of netizens are teenagers and young adults, which does make it a little awkward. Still, I can hope that I might learn or experience something new and make new friends.

To connect,
is what my heart desire,
something new, exciting,
widening my world view!

In this vastness,
till the horizon,
the more I look,
the more I want to know!

I might be nothing,
speck of sand on seashores,
waiting for the waves to come,
taking to unfamiliar places!

To connect,
might be my loneliness, 
as I thrive for society,
ones to share my interests!

Am I too lazy, 
or a bit cautious...
shyness or nervousness that hinder
to even take my first step!

So, I had kept it casual...
with little communications..
some reading, or browsing,
sharing of life experiences. 

Still, I wish something more,
a heart connect ?? :)

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Veg, Non Veg or something more?

Hello friends,

Just a few days back, I was having some discussion with my laboratory technician about food. It starting with a simple comment on how great the weather is, and how he wished to have some mutton curry to go with it. When I commented that its Navratri time (9 days of worshiping or enjoying the festival of Goddess Durga), he acknowledged and didn't said any further. (Although, here in Bhubaneswar, Navratra is not a big festival).

But it made me recall a conversation I had with him about food habits in his village. He had said that he does not believe in specific days of abstinence from non veg foods in Hindu festivals like others and in his village, they regularly go for hunts of wild animal like wild boar, deer and enjoy their delicious meat. 

When I asked if forest officials didn't stop them, he answered that they hide and go in night. If they outnumber forest officials, they used to tie them and beat them. I was surprised by the way he naturally talk about doing something wrong or illegal. When I told him that he is wrong to do so, he said, its normal in villages near forests where they smuggle woods, hunt animals because they were poor. They had scanty food from small land they grew food and they need extra food which is easily provided from the forest. They disliked how forest officials stop them, so it was only their anger against them. I was taken aback, even if I knew he was wrong, I had nothing to say.

Now that I think of it, people have their need and I don't have any authority to stop them. But still, as a nature enthusiast, my concerns about the fate of animals, and forest itself, wanted him or such villages to stop such activities.

Coming to the topic, India is a primarily vegetarianism country where it's considered pious. Those who enjoy meat too, stick to veg meals during religious festivals, certain days like Monday, Thursday ( Hostels in Odisha strictly follow it) and some in Tuesday and Saturday depending on their beliefs. Majority of our diet consist of vegetarian food which indirectly promote conservation.

I personally support vegetarianism (not Vegan as they even avoid milk), even if it makes me a hypocrite ( as I enjoy occasional treats of chicken and prawn). I believe we should take food as necessity and not out of greed or pleasure. 

But then, like my technician, how many would believe in my opinions or thoughts?? They too have right to enjoy their food and have a healthy living!
We as a species are already putting lot of strain on the environment and its resources. We also believe in equal rights to all human being....then what should we do??

As a Nation it's our responsibility to have balanced growth and proper use of resources, how it's possible? I believe;
1: We need two child policy or one child policy in countries with highest population be it China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. 
2: We should have universal food for all ( which would need farmer support, purchasing and storing of food and proper distribution of food), so that they have no need to hunt or kill. 
3: For meat, strict rules to be followed for Animal husbandry and any kind of meat from wild animals be prohibited and guilty should be strongly punished. No excuses be heard as we are already providing food.
4: Promotion of Vegetarian food, Vegan food as a strong marketing basis.

Finally, there is a very thin line between Greed and Necessity and we need to make it clear. 
Is it about Veg, Non Veg or something more??

Monday, October 8, 2018

Attending a Conference

So, I went to this state conference to attend. It was a conference of Medical Microbiologists from the state, inviting speakers from other states. 

The speaker talked about Polio and its history, its path to eradication due to vaccines, obstacles and hiccups that it faced and the future course. While the symposium was about Mycology and its clinical importance (Fungal infections like Tinea, Keratitis, Mycetoma etc). Overall it was an interesting session.

I went there as faculty, (although the previous visitation as post graduate student was still fresh in my mind) and many of our teachers and guides were present in the conference. 
I was there to also present a poster about the works done at our hospital and how it helps in clinical cure of patients. Posters by faculties were mostly for sharing of experiences from their postings and I was excited to share the same.

I shared my experiences with my juniors, doctors who came to see the posters and waited for the evaluators / Judges to come and see my poster. 
The Poster presented the clinical application part of our subject. (Blood stream infections)
I was the last person to be evaluated (as I was the only faculty since others were post graduate students). 

Finally it was my turn and the judges saw my poster. I was preparing myself for the demonstration, but before I could explain my study, they started asking the basic theory like definitions, asked about veracity of the study. When I told them its a retrospective study ( studies done from the data provided from past year), they started questioning the study itself. 

I was disappointed, for their intention was more like showing faults and picking mistakes rather than understanding the study as a whole. They didn't even allowed me to tell them my perspectives and understanding about the subject. I work in a corporate hospital and understand the prejudice the medical college have. I also know that I might have been lacking too in some areas, still it was saddening.

The teachers in government medical colleges are so wired to see only faults that they ignore the larger cause. I wanted to display the practical applications of microbiology in clinical set up, but I was confined to bookish definitions and validations. 

How can you learn and grow, if you only see faults and mistakes and ignore or even discourage people to tell what they know?? ( Still I hope its my own opinions but my experiences in medical college from postgraduate days tell me otherwise.)

Friday, October 5, 2018

Blind date with the world

This world is a vast place, 
with lots of culture...
and exquisite lifestyles. 

But what attract me most,
are great natural beauties,  
the charm of the scenery!

Be it rocky mountains, 
or the lush greenery, 
Canyons or creeks,
also caves with dark depth.

Be it alien world under the oceans, 
the swimming fishes and turtles,
or walking above the clouds, 
some experience unknown, hidden to us!!

So, I would go, 
see what the world has to offer, 
thrills of this adventure,
a blind date...... be it called.

#TheBlindList, #SayYesToTheWorld

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Jack of all trades, master of none

Hello friends, just trying to write something, with my opinion on the phrase as the title suggests. Here it goes;

It was fun,
mingling with the buddies,
playing cricket or football,
having some casual talks.

Immersing self in novels,
or writing some blogs,
having small gatherings,
with snacks and carom.

Study with a goal,
getting average scores,
passing by as I go,
from one class to another.

I was in their groups,
but its being temporary,
as soon as got separated,
so stopped the communication.

I loved everything,
curious of the world,
developed multiple hobbies,
not one to invoke passion.

Then why I feel the void?
even though it was fulfilling,
what I failed to notice,
the one, that is missing.

I achieved a lot,
yet feel the melancholy,
dreams that never meant to be,
times that had to be jolly!

I learn a lot,
got many information,
expanded my knowledge,
also the virtual experiences....
but still I lack,be it any field,
yesteryear, all that's gone, 
mocking whisper, accusing me being......
jack of all trade, master of none!

Although there are some 'trades' (experiences), that I never had. But then, not many out there have lived their life fully and understood the various perspectives,or had many encounters, happenings.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Mandatory Internships

I belong to medical field and if you study and work as a doctor, you are expected to complete mandatory internships and other postings in rural or semi urban regions. I worked in a small hospital (PHC and UPHC) during internship postings and also posted for more than a year in a village hospital PHC (primary health center).

Why I am touching these facts is because, we are seeing a large scale migration to cities these days. The rural and semi urban sector actually faces the burnt of climate change, natural disasters  (like drought or floods), price changes, bad infrastructure and greater economic disparities, Our government doesn't give as much importance to the administration of these places and the higher ups prefer to live in cities, capitals or even outside country.
The most they do is, give free or cheap foods for rural people, or some cash benefits and as per healthcare, make doctor's posting in these rural sectors compulsory. But, it ignores genuine problems which also affects the mental and social well being of these people

So, I was just going through a news recently about how Chinese government sent the students of some university of agriculture for mandatory posting in villages. The experiences and knowledge of those students greatly helped in the rise of  productivity and income of villagers. While admiring the story, I wondered why can't we do the same. We have policies for posting of doctors, why can't be posting of students like agriculture, law, civil engineer, nursing, paramedical, commerce and many more fields.

We already have village infrastructure as in PHC, CHC and District centers. We do have Panchayata homes which can be modified. Why not bring various specialties to have their exposure to the ground realities of rural sector, their problems and solutions for the same. A student of agriculture, soil / water scientists, can give the farmers the proper way to farm, storage methods and get to the market, The engineers can help develop new ways of village infrastructure, exposure the nursing and paramedical staffs gets, will help them in future and may help solves unemployment (like Geriatric care). Commerce students can help develop various business strategies, will increase competition and quality, law students make people more aware of law and solve small disputes.

What more advantageous is that, unlike doctors like us, they can choose the village they wanted to get posted to, let it be their own village, and officially can help solving the problems of their own villages. It can act as a one year project or publication too. By channeling the youth drive, it will further help in the developing of the country as a whole. And may be...we could deal the bigger problems like migration of people, slum development, economic disparities.

So, just wishing that our Indian government should give these kind of ideas some backing.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Scarcity or excess?

We human are greedy,
for us, nothing is enough..
neither share with the needy,
nor our expansion does stop!

Oh...the world is so vast,
so much we could ask,
new places, new foods,
rewards for different tasks.

Its like a current of stream.
falling from a mountain,
promising freshness as we climb,
fresh and transparent as it could be..

The bottom is dirty,
with paths of obstructions,
and lots of effort to do..
just to remove soil and dirt!!

Scarcity make us realize..
the one in the bottom,
the hardships, struggles..
words of unspoken, envious heart.

Ignorance being a bliss,
living in own small world,
fighting, achieving a little,
but getting to top of it.

Then we learn, as we go up,
our greed, or the competition,
with the beautiful terms of....
dreams and aspirations !!

The one on the top,
with power and authority,
luxury and comfort within reach...
keep the stakes to themselves.

looking up and keep climbing,
no matter which place we are,
a never ending cycle, infinite loops..
then what makes the drive?

Humiliation of the scarcity or...
the lust of the excess??

Monday, September 17, 2018


Not following the given path,
making our own identity..
and for our beliefs and passion,
we show our defiance

Its rigid.
the thought process,
the social structure,
expectations of our conducts...
and perception of the character.

Its stagnant,
the life as it is,
also the social policies,
be it intentional or circumstantial...
putting the clogs on our lifestyles.

Freedom being a luxury,
vacations hard earned,
the struggles for better life,
becoming a daily norm.....
bringing stress in our minds. 

Its suffocating,
the judging eyes,
whispering talks,
making fun of, being sarcastic....
of our choices and decisions.

We ignore,
try to forgive or forget,
to avoid any conflicts,
while sticking to our passions....
for our joy and happiness. 

Its frustrating,
affecting our pride,
changing our personality,
ways of interaction....
pushing ourselves into isolation.

We can't change the society,
we can't follow their ways..
we neither judge nor protest,
then why should one questions?
our attitude as our defiance..

Thursday, September 13, 2018

River interlinking project

India is a country where both flood and drought happens at the same time and sometimes even in same state. With rise in the frequency of these floods and droughts that are rapidly putting pressure on the farmers, we can't even understand the plight of the wild animals and other living beings in the nature.

What is more alarming, are the pressure mounted my the rising population on the resources, their expansion leading to destruction of forests, drying of natural reservoirs and narrowing of drainage channels.As India is a democracy without any effective law enforcement, and vote banks matter, people misuse the same in making illegal structures/ home/ industries in these government lands and other natural places without giving due importance to its ecological impact. 

So....what was the result? Deluges!! it any part of India...North, South, East, one was spared. Thousands lost lives, millions lost home and billions of money lost...Human greed responsible for their fate. 

Why these things needed to act as Prelude for our topic of River interlinking? Its because I wanted to highlight that already enough damage is done!

We have already damaged the ecosystem enough and only we can bring it back but with a strong backing of government and strong law enforcement. As its difficult to bring back the marshlands, the drainage channels, the natural reservoirs, stream from the people who have made structures on it...its nearly impossible in a country like India.
What we can do, is to bring alternatives, like man made canals, acting as all the above...and also interlinking rivers like a road in between. The farmers will get water for irrigation, wild animals can quench their thirst without coming into contact to human dwellings, water can be transported to drought hit areas and it can also decrease the burden of the floods. It can also act as natural reservoir and help greatly in rain water harvesting. Since it being a government project, people can't misuse  the same as it will get similar importance as an expressway or a railway track. 
This project need to be given its due importance, as the idea was started from the British in 19th century to the 70s as ' National Water Grid", abandoned by Congress, again started during Vajpayee times, then abandoned by the UPA government and finally pushed for the first phase by PM Modi.
It had seen its fair deal of politics around it and I only wish it to be started as a pilot project.

Friday, September 7, 2018

What man has made of man?

If this belief from heaven be sent,
If such be Nature’s holy plan,
Have I not reason to lament
What man has made of man?

Just browsing some old books, 
I came across one poetry...
I had read in my school times, 
invoking deep thoughts of something,
that we were vaguely aware of ,
the reasons of everything.

Most children in school......naive, 
innocent, unaware of world ways,
care for nature, for living beings,
with new vigor...imagine to do things!

So, these lines from a poetry,
William Wordsworth from 18th century,
beautiful, descriptive for scenery of springs,
yet with some dark undertone....
made me ponder, and also wonder, 
what it meant, what it showed,
and never had I imagined...
his reasons to lament!!

but so came, the age of internet,
and the knowledge with it,
opening my eyes, widening my views, 
bringing the experiences that I lacked, 
for I was young and ignorant...
and then, I knew..the sorrows and regrets, 
dangers that the man possess!!

The forests were burned, rivers clogged,
oceans polluted with plastic and oil,
animals were hunted, birds killed,
and the dwelling of others being seized.
there had been wars..some do continue,
nothing is spared, young and old.
conservationists ignored, scorned or hurt,
and innocents were taught the wrong ways!!

and here I am, in working society,
reading these lines from a wise man,
dejected, and discouraged of man's policies...
I too lamented....

What man has made of man !!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Life choices

Its so dull and boring, there is nothing here,
the conservative elderly, and dirty bumpkins..
they laugh like no worries, blind of world ways,
follow the menial works, slothful or loiter  around
I want to be big!

irritating are their actions, careless are their ways,
their time being in standstill, just waiting to wither away..
I want to escape, a place more alive,
full of lights and glitters, to get at the center stage,
I want to be big!

Opportunity did came, I grabbed and went,
moved to the city, took place on rent,
struggled hard and slowly moved up,  
loosing my sleep, tireless I worked. 
I want to be big!

As head of my workplace, with parties and celebrations,
I achieved my dream, life being full of happiness,
I don't miss village, even asked family to come,
but they reject the proposal, and I don't care....
I got to be big!

I grew up in city, parents were the elite,
my goals were fixed, results to be shown,
had fun during school times, with friends and family, 
with good grades, skills, I climbed up in businesses.
something is missing!

 dry and monotonous routine, as I go to work,
noises and pollution, and chaotic populace,
everyday full of stress, everything time bound, 
feeling guilty to take leaves and nothing to do in it.
something is missing!

I want to escape, get away from here,
to get some space, inhale fresh air,
finally I decided, moved out of city,
buy a land from villager, settled in farmland.
something was missing!

Now I find peace, see every sunrise,
feel the breeze, drink cool water,
listen to the chirruping, rustling of the leaves,
as I sit on my veranda, reading some books.
a sense of fulfillment!

A village festival, I came from city..
a visit of nostalgia, clearing of legal matters..
parents dead, family left, and a new owner,
ancestral home sold and I met the new occupant.

It was a pleasant meeting, we exchanged greetings,
visited the festival, while we chatted,
turned out he was my senior, the one moved to village,
we asked each other the reason, answered in unison......

I had always wanted was my life choice!!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Cell at work

Hello friends,

Just for a heads up...My same routine life continuing, job and home. Watching anime series too in my free time. 
I have been seeing a new continuing series titled 'Cell at work' recently which humorously, and pleasantly  showing some of the inner workings of our immune system and other body cells, some illnesses and their effects. So, as a Clinical Microbiologist..I am happy that its making my line of study, some of which involves infection and immunity, a little interesting to the masses. 
 The episodes involving the incidences were not fairly accurate and might miss certain details, still it does gives lots of information and makes me even happy to be following it as a means of entertainment.

 So a simple writing for it;

 Cell at work,
as a sophisticated society,
like us in real world,
with our responsibilities!

On a microscopic level,
every one have their duties,
along with proper scrutinies,
and punishing the guilty.

The dangers also lurk,
in the dark alleys,
even the alien invaders,
or the berserk insiders...

Every one works,
with lot of sacrifices,
to keep it functioning..
the world called..... our own body!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Outdoorish me..

Sitting on the chair,
working on my computer,
small letters, noisy machines,
make my mind to wander..
to have a little daydream.

Outside the glass window screen.
the golden sunlight pouring in,
as I lifted my eyes,
bringing my gaze...
only tall apartments to be seen!

So being struck inside,
a bit of melancholy,
and have a heart craving,
for bounties of nature,
of mountains and sea.

From the lush of greenery
lying on the bed of flowers,
smelling the fragrance,
being touched with blades of grass..
and a welcoming morning dew.

Or be it some adventure,

hill climbing and scrambling,
thrill of the height, 
and the view of the valley.. 
with breath of fresh and chilly winds!! 

A visit to seashore,
playing with the sand,
or facing giant waves..
exploring the calmness and vastness,
while relaxing on the yacht.

Be it the lakes or Riverside,
a bit of boating and fishing,
along with the camping,
eating with the barbecue,
or even on a campfire.

With friends, a common goal,
just to enjoy the moments,
any sites, any places,
but it had to be outside...
playing, relaxing, enjoying..
Is the Outdoorish me!!

......... was a mere Daydream.