Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trip to Village

hello friends....

Its been a long time since I had visited my mom's village (5 yrs I think). So when my parents made a plan to visit them, it comes to me as surprise...not that I wanted it but four days were a lot more to spend in village (if you take into consideration...puja time, friends, a cricket match and others)...I protested to this prospect saying that I can only give three days for the visit. At last it was decided that my parents, sister will go on Saturday and I would come at Sunday...it was more good for me..(I could see cricket match!!).

Now, I had to live alone for one day...that means a lot of freedom to me!...the day was gone watching movies and cricket...but the real problem was at night..(I don't know how to cook)...Mummy called me at nine pm and I asked her simple recipe of making aloo ki subji(in phone!)and somehow completed it. I do know how to make chapatis. So, a big problem cleared.

Next day I was ready for this trip (village was 80km from our home)...It looked like it was going to rain. I wear my Raincoat and then started this trip....In the matter of driving I can only say that I do drive fast but safe. and just I had covered only 10 kms that It started raining heavily...water keeps pounding on me...pricking my face....couldn't see clearly..had to close one eye sometimes!...At first I felt frustrating but then it started becoming a bit fun...a bit of thrill component in it!!...I enjoyed those pricking and rain dripping from my helmet to my lips...it felt good.

The water was sipping down from my chest to my pants and down under....you can yourself imagine how it felt to sit in wet pants!!...But I was enjoying this moment,...as I got nearer to my village..the surrounding changed...there were more trees, mountains, on both side....cool wind flowing around me and my cheeks were feeling the cold surrounding!!....Cars, trucks and bus are speedily passing from the opposite side sprinkling those puddle of water on road on me...I was really sympathising them...they may be protected from this rain in their comforting seat inside the closed metal box...yet!..they were missing the essence of nature....

So, I reached my destination within one and half hour ....From Papa's clinic, My Mummy's village was still 15 kms...But at last we reached there...I had some fun meeting my maternal grandparents, cousin brothers and sister..and all the relatives..We had to attend some puja...
So, today I returned from the village...The return journey was same fun as the arrival but the rain didn't last long this time.
Though I wanted to come to my home here in bhubaneswar, to enjoy with my friends but surely I do miss them and the fun I had there....

Friday, September 25, 2009

School friends

Hello friends..

Puja vacation has come...that means no early rise or running to class, ward and all. Some time to relax at home, watching movies, TV, travelling, meeting friends and hang out...
Though I am not that a social animal and hadn't had much touch with most of my school friends...yet just month ago I met one of my old school buddy and we had a great time...We do chat some time online but that was it..

Yesterday, he planned a get together with few of old schoolmates at evening in Big bazaar..though I was told about it, I didn't expected it to be so soon!...Moreover, My parents were gone for shopping and my sister for her animation class leaving me to watch the house...I was told that someone has an appointment and I have to here till they return.

OK..No problem, I was busy watching some movies and just at six pm, got a call from this friend of mine..Dipti ranjan and Biswa to come to big bazaar..now I was fixed..Had to wait for parents and can't leave house yet my friends may feel bad so I told them to wait and I will come soon as my parents returned..

After half an hour, I learned that my parents can't come as they were stuck due to rain..Also my sister has some extra work so again I am here, clueless...here my friends are getting impatient!!...
after much thinking I decided to leave the house and give the key to my sister as they she will return within half an hour and then I went to see my friends...I was late but some friends were more slow than me!!...Dipti, the organiser had gone for some work... At seven pm, he returned and looked little worried..we learned that he had gone to bring some from ATM and found that his account balance is nil..someone has taken Rs 80,000/ from the account..It did dampen our spirits but yet we had some fun and talk about old times...really I recalled my school days!

It was fun to see old friends and remember old times ...many of them were earning, one is a lecture, one in business..being in medical college we (me and Biswa) were the only students present!...

So, A time well spent is all I can say!!...(lucky to reach at time though)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

just don't give up...have a heart!!

a moment of greeting,
bring happiness to soul..
make relation stronger,
and increases your faith...
don't avoid!!

a small smile...
keep the sadness away,
relieve all from worries,
and forgives all faults...
don't be shy!!

there are no foes...
nor everybody could be your friend,
but you can try,
even broken strings can be mend...
don't ever fear!!

kindness has no price,
nor it hurts any ego...
once you get softer,
see the beauty of nature..
don't keep away!!

strength lies within,
and the inner force being with you....
decisions are made with conscience,
never fear of others if you are right...
don't back off!!

these are things easily overlooked,
yet always be with you when needed,
make the most of the life...
never make you lament of past..
just don't give up...have a heart!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

kill your boredom

Hello friends,

This time I am going to share with you some of the funny games I played while on an outing or during my shopping with family. The fact is that whenever you go shopping with women (my mom and sister)...you had to wait a lot as they take their sweet time. So I had devised a plan to escape my boredom during this time!!...

It just started as an innocent observation....I used to watch the people coming for shopping, their attire, accessories...and above all their personality...(it only include how they looked to me in my brief span of my attention). Then I used to rate them out of 10 in fashion....Its a well known game though...but I hadn't had that idea then.

So slowly it just became like a survey...say in 10 minutes..I watch 100 people and I would found out that 40% are below 5 and 30% are within 5 to 7 and other 20% are from 7 to 9. 10 I rarely got....surely it was my own view and my opinion doesn't matter much in national survey ( I don't follow any particular fashion nor I am interested)..It was just their personality...enhanced by their accessories that I checked.

Another curious thing I noticed was that the youngsters mostly try to look fashionable ....(sometime wearing things that doesn't suit them but yet had attitude)..some were looking for attention and some are giving a damn for others..well their are a lot other thing I tried to obverse and rate yet I wasn't that good in others. Then their is another one I tried when I was riding my bike. It was like how many guys are travelling with a 100 cc bike and how many in 125cc or more...and result is all known...100cc bikes were very less or older but these new pulsar,CBZ ..these were the new trends of guys who wana look cool...but then I had to give attention my driving instead so it didn't worked as a survey.

anyway, These are few interesting things to observe people that really kill your boredom..hope you enjoyed the read and please share with me your ways or games you played in such situations....!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

show me what you got?

show me what you got?

attitude of a tiger,
bullying all your life,
partying up at night,
bunking all your days.
making hype of your talent,
making followers as you go...
no more of such hypocrisy..
show me what you got?

and you fellow, you introvert,
or a loser as they call you..
what make you fear, why so shy,
being popular is no talent!!
you are good...you got heart,
not in million will they find,
nor they be happy and kind..don't stop,
show me what you got?

and all of us...I demand more,
don't be a spectater here,
why are you just getting entertained,
don't you have guts to face the world?
don't back off..there's no way,
join up but be alone here,
as you will have to face it...I am watching,
show me what you got?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

change the world

a child,
protecting a life,
enjoying the nature..
so beautiful the time.
a guy,
joining up whats right,
taking the responsibility,
going on with time.

no hatred be there,
only love to be shared,
its not so difficult,
just give it a try........

these small things,
these small works,
you take on hold.....change the world!!

an old one,
making the line,
freedom to be given,
supporting on bad times.
as a leader,
see the people,
help the surrounding,
making the world shine.

no greed, no selfishness,
just being what we ought to be,
its not so difficult,
just give it a try.....

these small things,
these small works,
you take on hold.....change the world!!