Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am

not like a dream,
nor in the reality,
I am what I am,

not like a flower,
nor the hard stone,
I being what I had been.

yes, you want different,
or you have some choice,
but I can give only me...
you can have sweets,
or some spicy bites,
but these flavor's aren't your life!

can't be the rain,
to sprinkle your face,
but be the river to be beside you...
can't be the words,
that charm your heart,
but be the whisper...to guide your path.

not like the winds,
nor like the breeze,
I am what my mind meant to be.
not like some stories,
nor like your movies,
I am what a guy should be.....[:)]

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's a promise...

Hey friends...another try of something different ,

It's a promise...It will be,
but not a believe meant to be,
I know its difficult but true...
forget nor forgiving are you?

but still I say what I do,
its a mistake I made too,
but now things changed...
I had repent the past!!

It was a path not to be taken,
realization eluded me,
but I failed, I faltered....
will you not support me?

True that I was on fault,
true I don't deserve you,
still it was our love..pure,
will you get detached from it?

Not your memory, nor life,
a punishment you shouldn't like,
so why so away..so refrain.....
can't I deserve another chance?

yes the pain is mutual,
the hatred is not desirable,
yet time will heal..will change us...
just come once.

explaining will not do,
trust once gone can't be brought ,
but still I have faith....
a new beginning is what I hope for.

It's a promise...and it will be!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Its not about Ayodhya !!

Well...recently the Allahbad High court decision about the Ayodhya verdict had brought wide and varied reaction all around the country..some had used it for petty dirty politics to get hold of there vote bank..some just wanted to show off..how good they were by condemning or praising it..and a lot more. Still most of them see what I call a very Narrower picture of such a verdict.

Lets take it as this..We know the History..NOT PROOF...but faith that Lord Ram was born there as in Ramayana..and there is PROOF that there was a old temple beneath Babri Masjid and PROOF that Babar did destroyed a lot of temples and built Mosque on it.So, From the start the Hindus felt being the victim and there were tensions which led to declaration of the site as disputed by the British. After Independence, when the Hindu population was more, this was gone for court settlement and the media and government took a lot time for its verdict as we have this tendency of Minority appeasement....This was a misconception which still remains here as Muslims are always thought to be the Victim..as propagated by their religious preachers, by the Government for vote bank politics. So, it indirectly fueled the Hindu believers, as the government never took there side even if they were the majority..leading to 1992 incidence by Kar sevaks, Babri Masjid demolition..No other way they thought the Ram Mandir could be built on the sacred site as the administration were blind for votes.
Then there were Godhra riots sparked due to burning of Kar sevaks in the train, Mumbai bomb blasts, Increase in terrorism just by showing demolition of Babri Masjid..demolition of many thousand of temples in Pakistan and Bangladesh.. No one cared to take a look at the History!!

Now coming to broader part...Hinduism was once the most prominent religion of the world..from it...as a influence, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and all the religion have somewhere or less got some influence from Hinduism..you just can't deny that but, its influence decreased, once covering all of southeast Asia, it is now restricted India and Nepal..While, Islam and Christian flourished...do you know why, they expanded, converted both by hook or crook...Once True India, from Afghanistan to Thailand and more being only Hindu region, it's now covered by Islam and Christians, and Now even Hindus would fear to say there country was predominantly Hindu for the fear of being Branded as communal..Other religion don't understand or they don't want to..why should they, everyone need there profit..Why else after the verdict would anyone say Muslims are CHEATED by having 1/3RD of a sacred place of Hindus and most of Indians supported it,,as they think themselves secular..ITS NOT SECULARISM, its foolishness. Hindus are always tolerant and there religion accept all religion but that doesn't mean other religion try to sabotaged the oldest and most true heritage of such a great country...they just don't understand...its the religion the heritage that there forefathers conserved..What will I say if people are so obsessed with secularism..that the many firm Hindu believer say Pseudo-secularism. On such avoidance and ignorance of people, Religious fanaticism will only grow..and I now understand why..

There are a lot of incidence where a place being sacred to Hindus have a temple along with a Mosque built there...and someone just suggested to do the same in Ayodhya just because there was a mosque built by a cruel leader some 400 yr ago destroying something that was many thousand year old...holding faith of many millions..Let me ask them to give a single example of building a Temple, in Muslim dominated region anywhere in the world along with a Mosque,...answer would be a strict NO and lot of Angry calls..Fatwa and all. Why they want only Hindu be secular, why can't they be the same...But our people, the Hindu majority, the government is blind...I have nothing against the Muslim, what I worry is the survival of Hinduism, If its own people are not supporting it.

Muslims were not the victim here...THEY NEVER WERE..... Ayodhya is not about Lord Ram's temple...its just a symbolism..a sign to show, we need to protect what we are...what we should be. Let all the people, from any religion, being a Indian, protect the very Indianness of you...as all other religion are foreign, all other culture are foreign...What yours is always be yours!!!.....

Saturday, October 2, 2010

trip to Mumbai...

Hello friends,

I have been gone for a trip to Mumbai for vacation this time..and its what my experience from it..
I have a friend there, working in some software company..working is just what most Mumbaikars are, and it was what I saw there.

Mumbai is divided in many parts..New Mumbai, the suburbs...true there are a lot of big buildings, mall as I had expected but most of it region are like general cities..there is a gap of the common men and the elites...but there are places where this difference doesn't seems to matter!!..Mumbai is really a mixture of all the societies , from different class, from different region and that's what it stands for..the diversity!!...I could see the gujrati, marwari, bihari, south indian..punjabis, lot of foreigners..and it was so common that I didn't got surprised.

So, where was I....my journey ...I prefered the Train journey and it was tiring too. but I loved as the new places come and goes...Stations and Vendors. Reached there in early morning...my friend was waiting there for me..at the station Dadar. we took a local Train to our station Goregaon...Its what so Good about the Transport system..you will get any medium, train, auto, taxi...to anywhere you want..and the cheap alternative was local trains...you have to purchase coupons as a ticket. As I said, we went to our station and then to my friends house through an auto, It was in the suburbs..very much like my place. It was Sunday morning and I didn't have sleep..We met his roommates, all his seniors and had some chat.

My friend and I decided to have a little journey to Gateway to India, after spending some time there we went to Nariman point...we had some time to rest and watch the beauties and the places around...from there we went to visit the Bandra - Worli sea link. Then watched some of the Bollywood star's house..a lot of crowd standing there...even the Auto driver was telling, why the people are mad at watching the star's house even if they know that No was there then...he he
We went to visit the famous Juhu beach, rested there, had Pao bhaji and Kala khatta..its speciality and then some time walking barefoot on the wet sand..then we had our dinner and back to room. Next day was my friend Rupak's office, so I had to wait at home..in evening we went to visit Oberai mall and had some shopping there..had some fun in game centre and ate doughnuts..

as Monday wasn't much fun, Rupak decided to take 2 day break and we planned to see the Elephanta caves and some shopping for my family. Next day, as we decided..we went to Gateway of India...took a ferry and went to visit the Elephanta caves..1hr route to an islands...It was 7.00 pm when we returned...we straight head for the shopping for family. It was 11.00pm when we returned in the room...My return ticket was of next day 21.00pm night so, had a whole day for us. We went to SidhiVinayak for there blessings...we spent some time there returned to the Malls..watched one 3D movie and played some games. Had our lunch there and returned to the room.

It was time for my packing, had my dinner, said goodbye to his roommates..and head straight to the stations...Rupak came with me as I didn't know the new station..Lokmanyatilak terminal..after we reached the station..I asked him to return as was getting late..11.30pm and he had to go to office too, and I went to my berth..had my bag place and watched out of the window.

Good bye Mumbai, I thought...surely I know why people want to come to Mumbai...the place had everything the people want yet a lot was happening beneath the veil of this glamorous world, something only be known if you live their. Its just like ordinary life..anywhere in our country..but what it does have is its own charm. I had memories now..of the crowded local trains..the sea and the buildings..the people, the malls, everyone busy in there own world. Good, I was just a visitor there....who knows what lies else there..the thing I didn't discovered in my 4 day stay!!