Friday, October 15, 2010

It's a promise...

Hey friends...another try of something different ,

It's a promise...It will be,
but not a believe meant to be,
I know its difficult but true...
forget nor forgiving are you?

but still I say what I do,
its a mistake I made too,
but now things changed...
I had repent the past!!

It was a path not to be taken,
realization eluded me,
but I failed, I faltered....
will you not support me?

True that I was on fault,
true I don't deserve you,
still it was our love..pure,
will you get detached from it?

Not your memory, nor life,
a punishment you shouldn't like,
so why so refrain.....
can't I deserve another chance?

yes the pain is mutual,
the hatred is not desirable,
yet time will heal..will change us...
just come once.

explaining will not do,
trust once gone can't be brought ,
but still I have faith....
a new beginning is what I hope for.

It's a promise...and it will be!!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Do one thing if not anything else...
if it is intended to someone specific, make sure that person reads it.

Dan* said...


mk said...

@Blasphmous----nope, its just one try..not intended to someone..[:)]