Saturday, October 18, 2014

Everyone is a Hero here...

Hello friends, 

Looks like I couldn't  frequently update my blog these days,  
Getting little busy after joining for my post graduation degree and not much new ideas come too..
there are a lot going on, different hobbies to take care of in free time...

Just thinking of some things, people, world, Reality in different, penning out these things :)

Everyone is a Hero here,
each unique, a reality,
a past and a present,
a future to look forward to....
A story to tell,
path to follow,
with feelings, emotions,
desires and aspirations !!

different perspective,
different circumstance,
hardships and troubles,
frustrations and disappointment...
but with help and support,
or courage to overcome...the obstacles !!

They are no different,
like you or me,
with hopes and some wishes,
dreams to fulfil,
with own outlook and principle,
living for their reasons,
to influence or to follow,
or creating one's own space.

To be a nobody,
being hidden in a crowd
to disappear from everything,
concealed within their own wall,
or be a somebody,
adored and respected,
setting a stage,
creating a change !

To be happy, joycious...
or being hurt in pain,
being special yet so normal,
with the same emotions....
compassionate, thoughtful,
having all the virtue,
or the negativity coming,
in parts of heart with secret cravings !!

Its all the same,
yet feels so different,
each with a unique character
something special inside....
a life to live for,
as a protagonist,
with it's own viewpoint,
with it's own reality.

Looking out towards the world....
or opening up to the vast universe,
a small drop in the ocean,
a part of the wave,
with actions and their reactions,
from zero to infinity...
from nobody to everybody,

Yes........everyone is a Hero here !! :)