Friday, July 31, 2009


ho ek aisa ashiyan,
na ho jahan burai ki chaap,
jahan ho hum asie paas khud se,
na koi kare hume tang.
hai woh ek aisi duniya,
jahan na ho koi budhapa,
na bachpan ya jawaani,
jo ho ek chitrakari jaisi,
mil jaye sab duniya ke raang.

mauka ho sabke pass,
jo chunna chahe apne raaste,
ya to jiyo iss muskil jindagi mein,
ya kho jao apne asli raang mein,
chun sako tum woh sab khusiyan,
aur dil mein na ho koi paap,
gum ho na jahan muskil ke pal,
aur sabhi jiv rahen sath mil ke,
aur bura na lage dil ko kabhi,
ho itna biswas hume khud par,

haan! maine bhi li thi yahan,
ek choti si sapno ki udaan....
dhundta hua woh jagah,
khoya tha apne khayalon mein.
pata tha sach na honge yeh,
sirf hai yeh ek sundar sapna,
thi ek choti si bachpana isme,
aur dabe ichayon ka ehsaas,
par, phir bhi dil ko chu jati thi,
aisi sapno ki udaan.

toh yeh tha ek bachpan ki udaan,
jo li thi kabhi maine apne dil mein,
bhul gaya jisi mein aab,
chalte hue iss jindagi mein.
par sach yeh bhi hai yahan,
ki kitno ke sapne yeh hai sanjoye,
aur kitni choti choti khwaise liye,
kabhi hum sabne liye honge...yeh sapno ki udaan.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lost in the clouds!!

It was a dark night,
not much stars to see,
being tired sitting in room,
I thought to make my mind free.
so there I was outside,
resting on a perch,
a thought come to me,
why not feel the breeze on the roof.

for some silence time,
and with the relaxing mind,
I could rejuvenate myself,
get serenity of some kind.
so I was on my roof,
and came a gust of wind,
touching my cheeking,
allowing me to close my eyes....
it was some moment to cherish,
better enjoy it by lying down?

lying on roof, I opened my eyes,
to search for some stars,
only to see clouds ,
they just hide the scene from me.
upset I was but for a moment,
then came the emotions from inside,
my gaze changes to the clouds,
making out some figure from the tide.

at first it was a cute bunny,
then came a women and a child,
there was a man holding his hand,
and a dragon of a kind.
I saw a king with a crown,
a big bird spreading its wings,
and a lot, I couldn't describe,
its all so clear coming at that time.

hours past as I stared,
bring my creativity to full flow,
it was like a celestial painting,
or the musics in opera show.
its just an artists imagination,
or just comes in dreams of child.
forget and forgive..from what I was......
making me absorbed for some time.

I felt something good,
for it was within me,
then why not take our time,
and have meetings with it,
some will not perceive it,
or others are so ignorant,
to know the solace, the serene nature....
to get some time for being a true creature,
to felt the emotions, what I felt at that time.....
after being..... lost in the clouds!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birds calling me!!

On my way,
I moved so fast,
waited so little,
ambition to last,
never had I seen,
or even put some glance,
it was my own journey,
winning my only chance.

then who are these,
calling me through me soul,
on what path they are,
or dispersed all around me?
they are always there,
making the way for me,
waiting to call, to reach,
just exist to set me free....
never had I watched them,
or see what they say,
its just like a childhood dream,
just to see them play!!

but now its all different,
not something I wanted,
this path is all I have,
this is all I lived for.
may be its not right,
or just something in my conscience,
but it was always my aim,
or a patch of life being cast at me.

I want to be free,
to fly in the sky,
may be the fear of fall,
preventing me from a try,
but they are here,
flying above me,
chirruping on all the way,
calling me to join the day.

its all they do,
cheering me all my life,
the time has come,
nothing could hinder it,
its I who choose,
not this world that rules,
its time to fly,
answer there try,
time to join....these birds are calling me!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


system not working...something is wrong,
govt. not listening...gotta be strong,
what are we here silent, path so long.
its not if fear, ignorance is the only song!!!
we are here...not waiting to see..
life getting messy not one to free,
why we so careless? down to our knee,
is it not your issue that is troubling ME!!!

You don't care, you don't stand,
only the cunning getting the land,
what will you do, its not in your hand,
excuse are ready but not making band..
then who will be there...if you are not set,
its had to be our share...we need to get,
environment, sanitation, or any rules...
its not only legislation, we have to give fuel.

we will never see the bigger part,
resources are plenty in our cart,
each one has to change...
make some points in our range,
every drop will be an ocean,
just don't shy away and TRY ON!!!

its our time, its for change,
everybody around just buck up here,
give some time out of yours,
and you will get our country near,
to the development that's so dear.
then we don't have to worry away,
for our country will take us away,
from every trouble and all ills,
every corruption and planning that kills.


Monday, July 6, 2009


Their was a fierce war going on outside and we had been assigned a more difficult job of finding Kruraka!! The odd of finding him was so small as yet we were optimistic. And the only thing in our side is that we know some part of the castle very well..if the mirage castle was a exact copy of real one. we were alert and confused at the same we were not sure whats there waiting for us....the devil king in no circumstances would welcome us here and not going to hide. He must have some surprises waiting for us and those must be dangerous for us. It will not be an exaggeration to say that we were fearing of the prospect of being attacked by him. The place was unknown to us. Every step were put with lot of consciousness.

" You must not fear my friend, as long as I am with u. Just keep searching for him....he will not try to attack you directly as long as I am here."

we all looked behind in unison. There he was...Raja Digvijay raj standing behind us in human form. He looked more human now. And there was a additional shine in him which we didn't seen in him before..

" Are you surprised by seeing me like this." He asked.

"Yes, how could this be possible? you are not human." I answered.

" Its because my body is present in this castle and my powerful sword is being present here. It gives me inner sense of life. Outside this castle I am a mere soul. I had been here for so many years in this castle.'He replied,'now move to the stare case and go to eleventh room from the right. There you will find the sword."

" Not so soon my you had brought your tiny rats with you. Let see how could they save themselves from my magic. Ha ha ha ha....

We couldn't find anyone as the sound was echoing all around us! And then suddenly their was darkness filling on the roof of the ground hall. And suddenly something took hold of my legs. I couldn't free myself as the hold was firm. Swikriti shouted at the top of her voice...the whole thing looked creepy to us. Now we were frantically trying to free ourselves. Our sword were of no use. If we could cut that thing holding us..a new hold begins.... It was slowly pulling us down. We were hoping that something or some help would come. And lo behold their was a angelic brightness all around. We couldn't even see what was it but it surely took some fear away from us. We could see now the thousand hands coming out of floor and could easily cut them ..moreover it looked like excess brightness were troubling them. Soon we were freed.

" what the hell was it?? Is this what he call magic?? no face to face attack!!!" Bhira roared.

" Its one of his dirty tricks...he doesn't attack from front...You have to be careful, Next time may be I couldn't help you..." Raja told us.

" So now we could move to stare case. Lets make it quick, before new problem arises." Uncle called.

We were soon running towards the stare we had covered half of it.... something started on the stare started moving, and we were all in trouble for holding to it. And to put salt on injury, there came some jumping creatures towards us.

" They were Grumpin, Magic yourself from their bite...they are poisionous and could bring hallucination to you. They are quick. I will try to slow them down. I can't stop them." Raja shouted to us.

He then vanishes in air but now we could clearly visualise these jumping Grumpin...I was with my gun and all others with their sword. Though Raja was slowing them down but they was too quick for us. It took many attempt to kill them. Our eyes were tired concentrating on was like hitting a fast ball coming towards us. We suffered many scratches and Surya suffered a bite. But in the end we could survive the scare.

" Bhira, Surya will soon be in hallucination. Protect him, I will go with Daksha and Swikriti." Uncle advised.

"He is right Bhira, I am also with the children, now we are near the sword. " Raje echoed

We reached the top with some difficulty and were on our way towards the Raja sword as this was the only thing which will kill Kruraka and strengthen us against him. As we were moving in our right direction, counting the room as we go, we couldn't find the eleventh room. We just couldn't make up our mind or it just not there!...

" The eleventh room is on this wall...he had hidden it from you, let me open it for you, I can feel my sword inside this wall." Raja said.

And the wall was broken in a second. We are inside a room, a much bigger one and in the end of the room was a wooden was the Demon imprisoned by our ancestor king. There was a darkness, or negative radiance around it. And the sword was right in the middle of the room. the floor being cracked in the half. (now this much power that cracked that floor could have brought some earthquake to seal the castle door with rocks, I thought)

" Swikriti, take that sword!..its yours". King ordered her.

" You will never touch it!.. a sound echoed and something took away the King out of our sight and the next moment he was being suspended in the air...being hold by some magic invisible prison."

" Now what will you do, all your protectors are gone. Who will save you from me?" A dark appearance was taking a human form in front of us. He was certainly looking evil, his eyes, face and body!

" I will, and I will kill you." I got some courage and took my gun, and fired all the bullets on him. With Uncle too dazed to react.

" Your bullets are of no use, let me handle it" He laughed. Now the gun was not in my hand, being thrown far away from me. He mumbled some magic words and me, Uncle and swikriti being attached to the wall as if we were some paintings.

" So, let me finish this chapter forever, no more nuisance for me, I will then capture all the world, use there weapons for my purpose...dominate the world!! ha ha ha" He was amused with himself.

" Its not that easy, We were here for no fun." And there he was...Angara! he must have killed the priest and Bhira have told him where we are.

There follows a gruel some fight. Both were powerful but Kruraka was dominating Angara. We know that Angara will not last long, only if we were freed. Angara also know the face. He used his magic Gada to block the attack and attacked his hand. His powers on his hands. The devil become weak for some moment, enough for us to get free.

Swikriti jumped towards the sword as I get my gun. Kruraka could see that and suddenly swikriti lay there frozen on floor, sword near her hand. Devil used his full force against Angara, and Angara was thrown far away, unconscious. He was injured and passed out. I had to do something quick and I took my sword in the hand and run towards him..he also came running towards me, with swikriti at centre. He sprang towards me, flying in was the moment swikriti finger touches the sword, giving her the strength she needed. As the Kruraka sword was just near me, my sword near his a quick movement, she take out the sword, and pierced it into the heart of the devil. It was like some movie scene but, there he was falling down, howling the loudest I ever heard. And in a Tiffy, he was turned into dust.

Our uncle came to his senses and King got freed, The dark cloud give away to bright sunlight outside. We won the war, succeeded in our quest. Angara was injured but was fine. Surya had been given some Ayurveda medicine. Injured were taken care of.

" Its my time..I had to go, thanks for setting my soul free, now I can go to where I belong. Keep the sword with you, it will remind you of great family heritage to which you belong." King digvijay raj said.

" Its we, who had to thank you. It was a wonderful journey...we met new people, seen the legends coming true, becoming a part of it, saving people." I replied.

Swikriti hugged the king. Uncle gave a parting hug. Angara kneel to his knee to say farewell to a great king.

" Good bye all, a good leader, Daksha be with your family, bring them happiness.
Hukum singh, always be friend of our family, protect these kids. I am proud of you all." He just vanished in thin air...there were flowers and leaves falling from the tree. (I am proud that you were our ancestor, I thought)

Now we were on our way to return to the monkey men village. It was a long journey and we all chatted and sympathised with injured and those killed.

" So, whats your plan after this, anything you want to do, will your family come out of jungle? " I asked.

" I don't think so, jungle is our home and we don't want unnecessary attention from you humans. What about you? do you want to go for another quest like this." Angara answered.

" can't say, my life would never remain normal after all this. Devil is died but not darkness, for any presence of positive side, there has to be a negative side.' I said, ' who knows if the dark priest will not make another devil, someone wanting to rule the world." I was philosophical but optimistic."

" Yes, and we will be all there then, for another quest for the survival of humanity...right?" Uncle joked and we all laughed at this prospect. Not another one, at least for some time, I thought.

Far on the west side, near the devil castle, in the remains of the fallen slaves and killed priest.....there was a man, walking towards the castle...

" We will not die...we will fight, they are fools, they don't know anything." he cried. His sound echoed but there was no one hearing him. he was alone.......

Friday, July 3, 2009


We were now at the heart of the Kruraka's territory and not at all sure of what may come next...We could see the castle and were just moving towards it. It was on a hill filled with pointed stones and there were hot springs flowing on either side of it. Now, that's a place a cruel devil could use for his residence. We had to be extra careful, taking help of every tree and grass we could see, protecting our feet from these sharp and stony terrains. Our soldiers..these monkey men guys were pretty tough, and easily moving forward by swinging away on trees. As the path got dangerous and impossible to walk on, Angara halted the troops.
" I must get some way to clear the path or else we could never reach the castle,' he said,"I must make use of my magic."
"yes, and I will put our brothers on rest. It will save some time for us." Bhima replied, hinting at us.

I was watching Angara, unsure of..what he is going to do. He closed his eyes and started chanting some mantras....took some dirt in hand and throw it on the road. Soon it become golden yellow in colour...bringing soft grass on the path in front of us. We were on our way now. It took little time to reach the castle but it was army, no resistance for us? curious thing it is!! We were all non-plussed and also doubtful now.
But then something came from behind and suddenly appeared in our front. We were not ready for it and within a blink of an eye there formed an image...its King Digvijay raj..!!

" You were not in the castle! its only a if formed by the evil priest, the chief adviser and head priest of this dark empire..beware of the danger around you...remember, he is a mirage..'maya' and you must trust your instinct to defeat him. I am always with you, protecting you from any unknown force." and He vanished.

" Angara, we must unite and search for the way...if its a mirage...reality must be present." Uncle told.

" you are right, we will all be together and move forward in the castle...the real castle is beyond this." Angara ordered.

We got armed and distribute some tasks like watching from different angle, attack, our selves. And were just took small steps at a time..searching for the right path, right way to move. After a while, it got a bit darker...we could see the castle, its architecture, yet the troublesome picture galleries and some other articles we couldn't understand. It seems to me that this mirage must be the exact copy of real castle. As the place got darker, we could feel the presence of some foreign being with us. There was still some light so, they might not come out. As we got in deeper, we got attacked by some unknown force, we were helpless to attack and defend...if only Angara use his magic 'Gada'. And bless me, he used it.

There was a ray of shard golden light all around us. He was holding the Gada in his hand...the attackers were all around us, lots of them...and their face, flesh on the body..ugh, it would have been better off in the dark..they were evil....evil creatures. We were now in stronger position, and I needn't to tell you again of there psychosomatic changes in the body..the fierce look of big monkeys, there nail and could yourself imagine, these evil creatures were all tore apart in pieces. We were soon surrounded by dark animals, Bats, snakes and all...they were all coming towards us..we were sure we couldn't fight them all!!

" Remember they are all mirage, listen to your heart, you can defeat them without even fighting...go on, they are nothing." It was the only thing running in my mind. I had to make them listen...they could defeat this.

" Angara, move forward, these dark creatures are all mirage, blocking our path..this is the right way and we shouldn't back off....remember what my ancestor, the great king told us...move forward, please order your people to attack, nothing will harm them." I shouted at Angara.

" My brother, listen to Daksh, do as he says..." he ordered them.

We moved forward with all our was near impossible as we could only see bats and snake around us, they were biting us, forcing us a wave of a sea, pushing us. Breathing was becoming difficult for us as if we were in underwater in the Ganga river...which is pulling us, pushing us....but we were on our way. Soon it subside, I mean they just disappeared as they had appeared. The path was clear now...we could see the sun rays for the first time. And there it was the castle not much far from us. We won our battle against fear, but where is the head priest? We didn't needed much search as there it was...he was on a gigantic human made of black dust and he didn't were any rings or was not holding any crystal. (there goes my chance of defeating him from my I don't know his weakness).

" You have come this far, but this is your last...I am going to kill you all, you can't defeat me...."He laughed a us.

I fired at him but of no avail, bullets doesn't touched him...he made a swift movement and boom, there were thousands of army of evil creature standing in front of us.

" Angara, you fight with him, we take care of them." Surya said...pointing at those soldiers. As if we could defeat them all, I thought.
" Evil priest, this is your last day, I am coming for your blood..." Angara growled, he was now transformed into a fiery beast....He jumped at the Giant holding Priest but couldn't touched them...the priest in turn, attacked him by throwing hundreds of sharp stones on him, some even cut through Angara... it was like some chase, Angara was saving himself from Priest's stones.. There was some invisible wall between the two protecting the priest... Angara got to know this fact soon and there appeared the magical 'Gada' .
He jumped on the tree and again used his leg muscles like some spring, used his Gada, and gone the invisible wall..... the priest was taken aback by this sudden movement.
" Daksh, go with your sister and uncle, I will handle this Priest, Surya and Bhira would give you cover.' Angara shouted,' kill Kruraka, I will be there soon." And he was busy fighting this last battle as this priest was the final shield of Kruraka.

The castle doors were open...and we were with Bhira and Surya. Any soldier coming for us were taken care of by our friends. We were now in main hall. Our dear priest had indirectly helped us to know the castle very well. we don't know what was happening outside, how many of us were injured but the only aim of us now was to find Kruraka and kill him.

(story continues.....)