Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birds calling me!!

On my way,
I moved so fast,
waited so little,
ambition to last,
never had I seen,
or even put some glance,
it was my own journey,
winning my only chance.

then who are these,
calling me through me soul,
on what path they are,
or dispersed all around me?
they are always there,
making the way for me,
waiting to call, to reach,
just exist to set me free....
never had I watched them,
or see what they say,
its just like a childhood dream,
just to see them play!!

but now its all different,
not something I wanted,
this path is all I have,
this is all I lived for.
may be its not right,
or just something in my conscience,
but it was always my aim,
or a patch of life being cast at me.

I want to be free,
to fly in the sky,
may be the fear of fall,
preventing me from a try,
but they are here,
flying above me,
chirruping on all the way,
calling me to join the day.

its all they do,
cheering me all my life,
the time has come,
nothing could hinder it,
its I who choose,
not this world that rules,
its time to fly,
answer there try,
time to join....these birds are calling me!!!

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