Wednesday, December 19, 2012

it's a long wait

It's there for some time,
as I have passed a phase..
or just stepping up a little...
still being a long wait!

yes, I was unsure at first,
may be shy and reserved,
or just being so naive,
realizing it after being so late!

earlier life was easy,
simple to say the least,
every thing so organized,
not much worry at sight.....
friends and family took turns,
and studies too had it's role,
most parts being taken care of,
keeping this side to the fate!! 

people say it's needed,
I hadn't cared for,
a part did asked for it,
or it's a mere attraction ??
I was there realizing my dreams,
looked as my friends got away,
just to be occupied in their life...
keeping promise to their date!!

the sun rays on me,
also the moonshine,
the coldness of winter breeze,
or the raindrops on my face!
each had it's effect,
alone with me as my solace,
to speak to, share moments....
spend times with my mate.

yes, I could say this,
now, being the time,
not the world do I ask,
just a small happiness on my plate....

it's there for some time,
as my heart had spoken up,
someone to care, love to...
to find my soul mate....
for now, it's a long wait!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just some thoughts

Hello friends,

Its been a long time since I have's daily workload, any exams or prior commitments that stops one from expressing their views in these forums. I mostly write in poetry as an hobby though I need to improve on that.
I was never a guy of literature, bad at expressing my imagination...but same is true with most of us. We try to hide our emotions to outside world just to avoid any embarrassment or mere shyness withing us. The world around us, our life, each have its effect on us and we prefer to ignore our feeling and move on in our life. Well, it helps if we have someone to share or we could have hobbies just to bring out the same. In my case I choose the latter. Its better, keep our mind free and it can act as a refreshment...a memoir too, to recall our memory.  

So, some people write diaries, some do it with photographs....we love to keep our precious moment as treasure, or just a gesture of remembrance...a lot of things that we wanted to do, the way we feel ....these all will fade by time but not if you have something that could help you look back to the whole of yours in stages that you had been in.....

These are just some thoughts of mine...coming to me, may be because of a state of mind I am in...but then if in future I would read this post, it will bring some part of me back which I might have been left behind in this blind race of struggle for existence...the competition that's called life.

So, what do you thing about this? What would be your take to this would you want to remember it , how would you want to keep a life story for yourself...think about it....Just some thoughts!!