Friday, August 23, 2013

A new route

A new route, 
on the road,
one side river,
other side rock....
On a cloudy day,
soft stray drizzle....
with cold weather,
in a shadowing sun.

Inspired I drive by,
tickle that I felt,
of strong winds from river,
or swaying shrubs on the rock!

I watched with awe,
the diving birds...
vanishing briefly and rising,
taking their prize away.
The rustling of branches,
with the falling leaves,
short appearances of wild beings....
squirrel, lizards and mongoose. 

The rock side on my left,
full of nature beauty,
large blocks hanging down,
with vines and  greenery.
some were flat...
others are too high,
climbing and adventure,
and places to relax too !!

Moving on I found,
few thatched huts,
an old man on roadside,
selling the morning catch.
surrounded by kids,
he gazed with hopeful eyes...
for prospective customers,
for fresh fishes to buy. 

hovering dragonflies,
crossing of butterflies
from both sides,
coming near within my hold,
racing along with me,
tried to catch but being alert,
they got flickering their world.

serpentine roads,
with turns and turns,
tree plantation both side,
bamboo, cashew or jungle trees.
new leaves from bamboo shoot,
or the dense cover of cashew trees.....
sweet aroma of wild flowers,
beautiful colors for visual treats!!

I watched them, 
slowed down to see more,
rocks, river as nature treasure
away from city shores!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

If I was true

If I was true,
honest to my heart,
seeking goodness of others,
and some comfort to self,
being happy and safe.....
If I was true,
fulfill the duties of life,
restrain over the impulses,
patience and self-control,
being responsible to family....
If I was true,
avoiding the bad habits,
being simple and quiet,
not be wasteful or lavish,
saving more than I spend....

If all this being true,
for security of my dreams,
of future, distant it may seems...
Then why I do worry,
asking myself to hurry,
moments that passes....
the chance that I missed !

Is it envy, or despair,
of a life that I care.......
Is it guilt of evil thoughts,
or the grief of time that lost.

If I was true, 
then why I want change,
to keep up the hope,
bringing the happy days.......
a need to introspect,
taking up my choices,
to identity my flaws,
working on my weaknesses !

If I was true,
I will get what I want,
but there are doubts...
when I write these lines wishing,

If only, I was true !!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Desh ke dushman

Sab dekhte hai hum,
par kuch bol nahi sakte,
Sab jante hai hum,
par kuch kar nahi sakte......

Are jinki haath mein hai dor,
jab woh hi usse katate phire,
tab kis ummed mein rahe....
kaun desh ko bacha sake??

Yahan har gora hai kala,
har sachai hai jhoothi,
jisne jalayi hai diye ko,
wahi bujha jata hai usko!!

Asha aur nirasha ab,
iss desh ka pehlu ho chuka ....
desh pe marne bale hue kam,
bas desh lutne balon ka hua bhala.

satta aur dhan ki bhook hai aisi,
dushman  hi ab dost bana,
unko phoolon ki malayen mili,
desh ko kanton ka haar mila.......

Woh na sune to na sahi,
par hum to sab dekhte hai,
phir kyun kuch pal ke labh mein,
Desh kedushman bante hai !!