Friday, August 14, 2009


Hello Friends...

First of all...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO U ALL!! you are feeling proud to be a part of this great country, so am I. We live in a country so diverse, so vibrant, so beautiful, yet showing all aspect of life ( it means,from very poor to very rich) all are take care of. Its we who decide what we want to do in our country without fear. Our government is not autocratic
like China or myanmar...Not secretive like many others. Everything is so transparent due to a very powerful media and democracy.

We have our deficiency too, you can call it corruption, crime, terrorism, hostile neighbours, those were taking a toll in our country....Though we had faced a lot of adversaries, yet we stood firm to our objectives...we had some good leaders in the past forming a strong base for a country and our all time loyal military, sacrificing there lives for saving the same. Now-a-days, though some of our leaders had taken the path of corruption, nibbling our country from the inside, they just don't think in big picture...the harm they could do....some may be in mining scam and land scam...destroying the natural beauty, some playing games with crime and making police as there servants....even some police had taken to bribery, government administrative works were all fallen to this corruption and bribery traps...all want to make money as early as possible..In this run for easy money and fame..they just don't realise that they were actually defaming the country as a whole...So, what we lack here...why our country can't progress that fast???

the answer is simple, all leaders come and go and only say of curing poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption and all but in the end become involved in themselves...some stick to making their own statues!! as if it matters...become crorepati's within months, some were busy in foreign tours, and false diplomacy, some still go for minority appeasement forgetting the cause of majority!! some were too busy in communalism to see the real India. Real India was never been religion will come to riots if not influenced by money, poverty and pervert leaders to whom they have so much faith.
what we lack here then??? See China, USA, and many others... You will realise that they just don't waste time in all there nonsense. The secularism and diversity of our country, a boon has also become a bane!!
We lack patriotism, a sense of belonging to our country, a sense which demarcate a line between our greed, selfishness and to the cause of our country. So that we could see India and our actions in larger picture!!...We know we re facing the risk from our neighbour, even our own (naxals). If only we could relieve our police and army from doing our 'babu' job, and V.I.P job's then they could easily neutralise these issues. Take the recent example of Mumbai attacks....if we stop hating our own people( read MNS ..raj thakerey, and north east) , then we could develop our country without any restriction.

We had to believe that every single of us had ability to change, we must do our job and yet keep an eye to our surrounding, we should evade bribery if it can hamper our country's progress..We should do whatever it takes to make ourselves a real Patriot....remember, we just don't need to be in army to show that we are a real patriot!!


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