Wednesday, August 5, 2009



today is a day of rakhi purnima or simply rakhsa bandhan... and like most of other guys, I had a younger sister too and then you can add, cousins, sister's friends, girls next door and all..
while the gals wait for this very day for so long..(nice way of getting gifts and all)..we both love it and hate it...and you know why....(pocket khali ho jata hai yaar!!) nevertheless..we enjoyed it.

so, today as usual, getting up early morning...and all puja, and then the custom of rakhi..I had gifted a 4 GB pen drive as the gift...(now this is heavy to my pocket though) and purchased chocolates for, morning was as usual the day progresses, came all the 'brothers' of my sister...her classmates, and then my friend... and some of my 'sisters'(read my sister's friends)

so we had some fun today, had some chat and gupshup..played carrom and then all the customs sister got lots of chocolates(some had gone to my stomach now!) and then we had lunch...I was with my friends and we watched T.V for some for my sister's friend they all had some fun..I could hear the music from the other room.

you too have enjoyed this Raksha bandhan very well and share some of your stories here...
hope you have enjoyed the read and my message for today for you all!!........


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