Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello friends,


As a student, this day is special to us, a morning prayer to Lord Ganesha and putting our books and study materials in his feet wishing that he will bless us and bestow us with good thoughts, concentration and the year could be good in study perspective. As he is the first among all gods in Hindu faith, every work are started every year with his name and I am wishing that he will bless me as I am starting my final year in college.

Lord Ganesha, bless us all,
the students of our country,
every shops, industries and administration..
bless us those sport persons faltering,
and the special children of India.

Bless those who are on wrong path,
make them come to mainstream,
bless us even if we do wrong,
forgiving us and help us make it right.

bless all living beings from danger,
help them fight back for their survival,
show us alternate way to save them,
and enlighten us all about our environment.

and end of with us always,
be it in good or bad,
guiding us, taking in hand...
making us bow with a divine faith,
wishing all our people a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!

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