Sunday, April 24, 2011

just some writing

Hello friends,

Hope all well from your side...Mine are not so good :) :)
anyway, its ages since I had written something about my life, I always tried some poetry's....though not as picturesque as a lot out their...I do keep it simple, may be I don't have much words in my vocabulary to play with :P

so, talking about my creative self...I do limit myself in few aspects of life..deeper, just too direct in tell others what I observed, felt. I have seen lot others out there in blogger, too imaginative and expressive in their pieces. I had tried something different, but then returned from where I have started. You can never leave the actual path of your beginning, even though you have modified your approach...that's something defines you right?

Anyway,I was never good at grammars , but still, its one of my hobby, to keep something at hands....its someway of taking your point out from the life...your takes.

Its a good way, to keep track at your feelings, reading books or writing something helps you some way or other. Its true, writing could be boring, but then, its refreshing too. Take an example of today, I had my exams on morning...doing some social networking in the evening and then thought of blogging something but no subject what so ever come to my mind for poetry..and here I am writing just what's coming in my mind!!

its all about creativity,
to keep alive the imagination,
the fire, the design,
to express what you got inside.

You may be good,
or just being different,
but then, that's what you...
be the real world, or be virtual!

just some writing for me,
to refresh my mind,
to represent what I believe,
or my takes on the life..... :) :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


the strength within,
the cry not heard of,

the fight everyday,
the unrest, the patience,
life, so hard fought for!!

had no time,
to watch others,
to feel these moments...
the emotions, craving,
to enjoy the blessings,
wish to be someone like you!!

you think its fun,
or you are the only one,
but a lo are there doing the same!
we run in despair,
your passion, our dare,
the pain , distress we you care??

yes, its survival...
or the fight to be fittest,
our endurance not thought of,

the dream, the duty,
the fear of fading away,
state of our living... truth so far off!!

Still I see,
changes I perceive,
I look around...find new hope,
will you be there,
keeping your promise,
so big responsibility to care off!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

walking with the heat...

Hello friends....its long time since I had written something....surely, time and work really don't work up together!! Having some tough time out there..studies and the scorching heat!!

So, here's another one from my side...

its too hot inside...

burning deep withing me,
tears in my eyes...
Add Videoas I look around.

searching for something,
there is emptiness somewhere,
what was it, what I wanted,
the one that will satisfy my heart!

walking , this shadeless world,
facing the heat on my side,
had I be alone for long?
or I was waiting for the right one....

tired, fatigue on my face,
tiny droplets of sweats,
dry mouth and cracked lips,
deserted , far away from anyone!!

then the breeze came,
or the falling of afternoon loo..
few clouds, drifting towards me,
spreading those blankets of love on me...

I was elated, happy of joy inside,
the emptiness recedes, for something new,
and I saw, what I was dying to find...
A stall of ....fruit juice, Lassi and cold drinks!!

Thank God I could quench my thirst,
drink to heart content...
really had a strenuous day,
and I entered inside the stall!! [:P][:D]