Saturday, September 24, 2011

dreamy eyes

dreamy dreamy are my eyes,
these days are so divine,
no more tired, gloomy at heart,
now its rise and shine!!

you may be moody, 
or the surrounding make you so..
but then there are those moments,
which will make you smile.

why worry if its just a part,
and a lot more lies unseen,
why despair, or be elated,
and wish things will always your ways!!

so I am dreamy, 
optimism shows in my heart,
not a joy but am hoping,
a beautiful day would arrive.

thoughts pouring in my mind,
and philosophy shaping up,
small parts and some times,
are just patching up!!

its nothing of sort,
it need not to be,
feel this thing at heart,
and live as you want to be.....

dreamy in my mind,
asking for a logic,
but all I could find,
an intuition at stronger side!!

its not about reasoning,
but taking you at better side,
lighter and softer inside,
living in our good moments.

So I resign now,
letting myself, a little more of inspiring,
the feel....the goodness in the air,
and dreaming some more.....
in my dreamy dreamy eyes!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

the masks we meet...

He smiled at me,
but looks so uninterested,
and there's another one,
so hollow be the laugh.....
this one seeks sympathy,
but does he really needs,
and then comes she,
with her empty cries!!

Faces it is...
or just the masks to wear,
each emotions so unreal,
just for one's own advantage...
you could feel the difference,
or just a sense of it,
searching for a better part,
deep inside, the soul of it!!

Ego, fear, or plain envy,
we all have it under,
still we want to pretend,
to make our stand better....
early life was so easy,
the stakes not so high,
and we could express so freely,
like pebble in a clear beach!!

Is it too obvious,
or we are getting used to it,
the life taking its own pace,
just have a ride on it......
we too are changing,
situation make us indifferent,
too ready to wear this,
the masks, that we meet!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Spare a thought...

Hey friends, Another terror strike in the capital, and our government inaction is really making us angry!!
I am sad thinking about what happened to those poor victims who have now lost many things in the peaceful life with no faults of their own?
What was their mistake to face this ordeal of pain....Will the Government admit their fault or just use the same old sympathy and condolence trick to fool the people?? 
Just a small poetry, thinking of a character/ a person who had lost his friend/family in this terror strike and his emotions when some VIPs come and  just give sympathy and save their face!!

Spare a thought,
to see the unseen,
for once a while,
to stand for something better.

we all know it,
yet we don't recognize,
we make an opinion,
but to follow is far too difficult!!

I am tired, disheartened..
weak we have become,
being a mute spectator,
taking action had never option.

I asked, I cried,
why we had been chosen,
what's our mistake,
its the leaders..who hadn't spoken!!

But then what we expect,
fools gotten the fool,
the weak taken the weaker,
allowing  this bloodshed to occur??

how they can't realize?
or they are too blind,
does they know responsibility,
or just know to hide behind!!

I want them to know,
to get the grief I never wanted,
let them face the death, the fear,
the despair, the frustration......

don't give sympathy,
you have lost your credibility,
Now just its a matter of honor,
will you bring it back??
Just Spare a Thought!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lost in the symbols...

Lost in the symbols,
hazy it has been,
with all being superficial,
not a logic to be seen....
to ask for my senses,
or just to follow it,
to identify with itself,
or be clearer at the conscious!!

Lost I have been,
or just being immature,
blind not to see,
influenced by the heresy....
had I been casual,
or indifferent in attitude,
to follow customs or rebel,
research it out in my mind!!

Lost yet endeavors,
I had to see,
somethings far more relevant,
than a inherited story....
they had it planned,
hidden in the symbols,
to take us there,
where they had been!!

Lost in symbols,
and they speak to me,
we follow something,
which meant to be...
we criticize, we laugh,
boast off that we are smart,
but if gone deeper, believing....
the truth would have laid out....the teachings!!

symbols it is, we were blind,
to open the curtain, it took time,
I reached will too,
just believe in them.....or get lost, in the symbols!!