Friday, November 14, 2014

Solace in Solitude

A bit alone, aware and awake,
with open eyes and constant gaze,
to watch in silence near and far,

A gentle breeze grazes my cheek,
wind plays with my hair,
and I walk, looking on from afar !

People passes, so does the scenery,
so different, random and disorderly,
the crowd and the place, with so noise,
with no rhythm or regularity.
crossing's so loud,
their laughter, cry and anger,
their love, envy and hatred,
unruly, pulling and pushing away !!

Joining them yet avoiding,
being there but not so....
simply watching, silently,
not with comments or opinion,
detached, within my own world,
in those serene lands,
in my tranquil life....
to find harmony with my soul.

To analyze, to decide,
the world not to blame,
nor temporary change in mood,
not some disorder of mind,
or  influence of words,
governing changes in my heart !!

Attached yet so unattached,
accepted but also endured,
this journey of my path,
build with my choices.....
responsibility of my selection,
opinions as I perceive,
and receiving the outcome,
smiling, with open arms...

So, don't resent,
or get irritated of my actions....
I might be a loner,
sometimes avoids being in group...
not responding to your feelings,
or showing the same emotions,
as I am like this.

Watching from afar,
to the vastness above and beyond,
the clouds in the limitless sky,
with sparkle in my eyes,
excited, fickle minded and childish...
moody and being selfish,
yet sometimes brooding,
serious with hing of melancholy,
sighing, deep in thought.....

I find Solace in Solitude.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Everyone is a Hero here...

Hello friends, 

Looks like I couldn't  frequently update my blog these days,  
Getting little busy after joining for my post graduation degree and not much new ideas come too..
there are a lot going on, different hobbies to take care of in free time...

Just thinking of some things, people, world, Reality in different, penning out these things :)

Everyone is a Hero here,
each unique, a reality,
a past and a present,
a future to look forward to....
A story to tell,
path to follow,
with feelings, emotions,
desires and aspirations !!

different perspective,
different circumstance,
hardships and troubles,
frustrations and disappointment...
but with help and support,
or courage to overcome...the obstacles !!

They are no different,
like you or me,
with hopes and some wishes,
dreams to fulfil,
with own outlook and principle,
living for their reasons,
to influence or to follow,
or creating one's own space.

To be a nobody,
being hidden in a crowd
to disappear from everything,
concealed within their own wall,
or be a somebody,
adored and respected,
setting a stage,
creating a change !

To be happy, joycious...
or being hurt in pain,
being special yet so normal,
with the same emotions....
compassionate, thoughtful,
having all the virtue,
or the negativity coming,
in parts of heart with secret cravings !!

Its all the same,
yet feels so different,
each with a unique character
something special inside....
a life to live for,
as a protagonist,
with it's own viewpoint,
with it's own reality.

Looking out towards the world....
or opening up to the vast universe,
a small drop in the ocean,
a part of the wave,
with actions and their reactions,
from zero to infinity...
from nobody to everybody,

Yes........everyone is a Hero here !! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All or nothing

All or nothing,
I am on a mood swing,
nervous or excited........
expanding my thought's wings,
to do it all,
experiencing everything.....
or remain lazy,
and do nothing !

I was happy,
living in my world,
naive and unsure of things,
to leave or to hold.....
to believe in faith,
in my optimistic way....
reminisce of my past,
hope for the future,
and the present me......
running all the way !!

time flows as moments passes,
never to return back,
hurdles too as I stumble,
brooding for life that I lack ....
love and hatred,
envy or jealous,
desires not being fulfilled....
dreams and wishes,
thoughts or perception,
for things that I really need.

attachment and it's pain,
to detach from the feeling,
all that couldn't happen,
with impulses to do nothing....
greed not to be satisfied,
a thirst that can't be quenched,
but a minimum experience,
the feelings that I want......
of the reality I have,
and make the life worth living !!

All or nothing,
it don't work....
life needs sacrifices,
not everyone have all luck,
or the circumstances favorable....
all the thing that I said,
Nothing is same for all !!  :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just an observer

Hello friends, it's been a long time. I had been busy lately and also my other interests come in the way too.
So, I couldn't write any blogs lately,

I have recently joined PG course in Microbiology in theMedical college where I had done my UG, so all the paper works, counselling, resignation from my previous post of being a Medical officer in a Govt. Hospital, took a lot of time.

So, after all these hectic days, freeing my mind to think and write something was little difficult too. Anyway, let me start with a simple one today :)

I am a observer,
Just an observer after all....

Silent, transparent, standing,
from the world afar,
the moving universe,
the travelling time,
like a wind passing by,
or like a river flow,
and I being stranded.....
on the shore !!

They come and go,
some moments to spare,
somethings to share,
then moving away....
searching for their ways !

We laughed and talked,
and the silence followed,
being in touch as we say,
with hopes of coming days....
but, our lives on separate bays !

Days passed as new one came,
forgetting the past,eyes for the future,
new things to be remembered,
just the thoughts in our heart,
left behind on the memory lane !!

An observer that I became,
not to experience,
but to visualize,
from afar emotionless,
in those crowded ones !!

My reality,
all within....deep inside,
not to speak, nor share,
not to be involved nor care,
just passing the moments I have.

Everything is on the surface,
like the sand on the seashore,
that the waves washing away...
leaving behind an empty floor,
creating new paths and write again !!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The unease

The unease... a panic,
a turmoil within,
I am confused, I feared !

Questions coming in,
unsure of my life,
my presence...existence itself.

I asked myself,
reasons, answers,
doubts that encircles.

To know the unknown,
seek the forbidden,
just to explore the infinite.

I am enclosed,
covered by my rules,
ideologies and principles.

But the impulse,
or my inner instincts,
to listen...or to ignore?

family, friends society,
customs and traditions,
to respect and to follow.

But to want change,
inhale some fresh air,
to feel a new breeze.......

To know more,
to understand more,
receive what the world could give.

Am I selfish or being naive,
the struggles and uncertainties,
running away from foundation.

I do seek harmony,
to have a balance,
in every phase of my life....

still with hope,
a faith in unknown.

honest with self...
carry with my feelings,
in light and darkness,
living without regrets !

To be I search,
what new treasure being hidden,
waiting in be unfold.

Should I remain ignorant,
or thrive to know more,
to remain happy with myself,
residing in my small world,
or bring this unease inside,
as I see more.....beyond the horizon.

May be it vanish,
or grow out to something more,
then.....will there be someone,
to calm this troubled mind,
to bring comfort and ease...
in heart and soul !! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another world...another time.

Another world, 
another time,
another place,
another me.......

wake up in a dream,
or another reality,
me, people, nature,
embracing them all together.....

innocence, understanding, 
love and care,
joy and the happiness,
pain with overflowing tears.....

the stages of life,
living it all...
feelings, emotions,
to savor the best of life.

In situations, circumstances,
with characters and personalities, 
my wishes and hopes,
and struggles in reality.....

the moving clouds,
and the lush greenery,
along with valley and forests,
also the vast expanses of sea....

animals in the nature
the bird flying in sky,
or the small creatures,
present on the ground,

the flower beds,
the river and the lakes,
throwing the pebbles,
or searching of sea shells.

childhood memories,
hideouts in abandoned lots,
adventures,action imitations,
excitement of making new friends

with family and friends,
picnic and get together,
festivals or camping out,
or having fun together,

the cute things,
and the sweet ones,
the beautiful beings,
within this fantasy world of mine...

Be it rain, heat or snow,
I move with the flow...
to live in present,
cherishing the moments,
not making any mistakes,
or have guilt and regrets....

A reality far from real,
yearning with a warm heart,
with music and song from soul,
me, in this serene landscape....

peace and satisfaction,
with me and friends,
passion of young love,
living in harmony......

from nothing to everything,
observing, experiencing, understanding,
nothing to rush, taking my time,
without stress or worries,
watching them all,
world revolving around me,
a different life,
a different reality,

Another world.....another time !!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The bonds

It’s been a while,
I was beginning to forget..
the time spent, moment’s shared,

I was young, so naive,
innocent thoughts with pure heart,
living for present, no worries ever,

But then I grew,
compete and struggles,
created goal to be achieved,
my dream and desires taken over,
as I went on my path..

I forgot the past, places changed,
new acquaintances, new people,
only together for common interests,
we met and talk but rarely so,
the mind was not there for long,
giving excuses for avoidance,
we parted away to seek the heart
gone the friends, being at home,
waited alone as I sat,
as I recalled the days of past.

The carefree days, devoid of worries
going with the innate desires,
book to read, games to play,
some adventures within ourselves,
I remembered them all,
As I pondered,
The bonds that I shared….

True bonds, difficult to form,
the one that lasts lifelong,
someone to cheer you up,
encourage you in the life,
to scold you for your faults,
fights for petty reasons,
yet accepts you as you are,
to assure at time of trouble,
join in the happy times.

to make you laugh,
wash away the tears,
small advice, or just gestures,
loosen you a bit, to be at ease,
to take the journey together,
or just be in touch....

All of it for that bond,
without hidden motives,
any sympathy or pity,
bond engraved….on pure heart.

it's not too far, time will come,
to be with near and dear,
enjoy company and spend good times,
as I walk in this path of life,
those days were gone,
but I am still young,

till then………I am waiting all alone.