Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another world...another time.

Another world, 
another time,
another place,
another me.......

wake up in a dream,
or another reality,
me, people, nature,
embracing them all together.....

innocence, understanding, 
love and care,
joy and the happiness,
pain with overflowing tears.....

the stages of life,
living it all...
feelings, emotions,
to savor the best of life.

In situations, circumstances,
with characters and personalities, 
my wishes and hopes,
and struggles in reality.....

the moving clouds,
and the lush greenery,
along with valley and forests,
also the vast expanses of sea....

animals in the nature
the bird flying in sky,
or the small creatures,
present on the ground,

the flower beds,
the river and the lakes,
throwing the pebbles,
or searching of sea shells.

childhood memories,
hideouts in abandoned lots,
adventures,action imitations,
excitement of making new friends

with family and friends,
picnic and get together,
festivals or camping out,
or having fun together,

the cute things,
and the sweet ones,
the beautiful beings,
within this fantasy world of mine...

Be it rain, heat or snow,
I move with the flow...
to live in present,
cherishing the moments,
not making any mistakes,
or have guilt and regrets....

A reality far from real,
yearning with a warm heart,
with music and song from soul,
me, in this serene landscape....

peace and satisfaction,
with me and friends,
passion of young love,
living in harmony......

from nothing to everything,
observing, experiencing, understanding,
nothing to rush, taking my time,
without stress or worries,
watching them all,
world revolving around me,
a different life,
a different reality,

Another world.....another time !!

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