Monday, January 16, 2012

Are you deserving?

Reality shows and TV, isn't its taking a lot of time from the Indian entertainment industries? A lot of  which stand for something that was never relevant to the society, as the race for the TRP got more competitive, New kind of realities came up...taking 'inspiration' from the western reality show.

Someone started with Singing and Dancing competition, went on in the field of comedy, movies, adventure, truth, Cookery, Quiz , mindless gossiping and many more. Though some of them helped to make the people dream come true, others were just for celebrities and of course no use to the society. With it came a heavy prize money of Lakhs and Crores to make the whole thing a lot attractive. Playing with individual emotion and life conditions, they make the audience to hook up to their televisions. But my question here is..are they deserving of the prize money they get and what help does it done to the country as a whole?

Why don't you make a reality show which indirectly helps the country and it's people and the best one could win the prize money which he really deserves for the work. It doesn't solely depend on an extra talent but the aam aadmi could also take part. A show named ARE YOU DESERVING? 

You can make it a show where the people compete themselves in helping the city or an area in environmental basis, cultural basis and educational basis...plating trees, causing awareness about something, protecting the ethical and cultural people. You can put it into different levels with each level having something to do for the betterment of the society. Anyway, it's my thoughts but then the entertainment industry is big enough to accommodate these novel ways and this way they could contribute to the society and it's people.

When such person, the one who is good at heart and a responsible citizen win the show, he will indirectly inspire other people to follow his/her footsteps, Ultimately the society, Country will be the winner!! So, I ask you.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just a thought

The river that flowed...
time that goes on,
the past, present, the future,
walking by the side,
I had discovered.

The rays of sun fell,
showing the colors within,
be it dark or bright,
watching through it,
I had enjoyed.

The tree that stands,
the branches with the leaves,
fruits and flowers of life,
looking at that selfless thing,
I  had rested.

The wet sand, and the pebbles,
cold wind as it grazed my face,
the memories revealed,
thinking all of it,
I had relaxed.

Its an assessment,
or just a bit strained,
the things at hand, 
getting a way out of it,
I had planned.

So those organisms living along,
the birds above, the insects below,
and I saw all as I had known,
but to be blind, passing by,
had I forgotten to realize?