Wednesday, December 19, 2012

it's a long wait

It's there for some time,
as I have passed a phase..
or just stepping up a little...
still being a long wait!

yes, I was unsure at first,
may be shy and reserved,
or just being so naive,
realizing it after being so late!

earlier life was easy,
simple to say the least,
every thing so organized,
not much worry at sight.....
friends and family took turns,
and studies too had it's role,
most parts being taken care of,
keeping this side to the fate!! 

people say it's needed,
I hadn't cared for,
a part did asked for it,
or it's a mere attraction ??
I was there realizing my dreams,
looked as my friends got away,
just to be occupied in their life...
keeping promise to their date!!

the sun rays on me,
also the moonshine,
the coldness of winter breeze,
or the raindrops on my face!
each had it's effect,
alone with me as my solace,
to speak to, share moments....
spend times with my mate.

yes, I could say this,
now, being the time,
not the world do I ask,
just a small happiness on my plate....

it's there for some time,
as my heart had spoken up,
someone to care, love to...
to find my soul mate....
for now, it's a long wait!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just some thoughts

Hello friends,

Its been a long time since I have's daily workload, any exams or prior commitments that stops one from expressing their views in these forums. I mostly write in poetry as an hobby though I need to improve on that.
I was never a guy of literature, bad at expressing my imagination...but same is true with most of us. We try to hide our emotions to outside world just to avoid any embarrassment or mere shyness withing us. The world around us, our life, each have its effect on us and we prefer to ignore our feeling and move on in our life. Well, it helps if we have someone to share or we could have hobbies just to bring out the same. In my case I choose the latter. Its better, keep our mind free and it can act as a refreshment...a memoir too, to recall our memory.  

So, some people write diaries, some do it with photographs....we love to keep our precious moment as treasure, or just a gesture of remembrance...a lot of things that we wanted to do, the way we feel ....these all will fade by time but not if you have something that could help you look back to the whole of yours in stages that you had been in.....

These are just some thoughts of mine...coming to me, may be because of a state of mind I am in...but then if in future I would read this post, it will bring some part of me back which I might have been left behind in this blind race of struggle for existence...the competition that's called life.

So, what do you thing about this? What would be your take to this would you want to remember it , how would you want to keep a life story for yourself...think about it....Just some thoughts!! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

when time allows...

Hidden from view,
hibernating in a way,
daily onslaught of responsibilities...
pushing it out of bay.

Its somewhere there,
waiting to come out,
knowing it's position....
being in some doubt.

It watches, observes,
accepts the realities,
but still have its thoughts...
as free as it be.

It's imagination, innocence,
carefree as a mind could be,
it's dreaming, wandering .....
to the world of unseen.

Practical, you could be,
ignoring the basic urge,
but this instinct would remain.....
till the attention returns.

so, it's there, let it be...
I have some other works,
with a hope within me,
to bring it back.....when time allows!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

On my way

On my way,
I was walking,
strides too fast,
not a moment to spare.
I had to hurry,
no time to wait,
covered so little....
yet my destination so far !!

These are my aspirations,
things that I craved for,
some nearer to me...
some still a distant dream.
I have been preparing,
avoiding all distractions,
with my vision being set,
left all for my passion.

So, I was there,
as I walk by,
did I heard something??
Someone on the standby......
I turned, looked on my side,
saw my self on both sides.
both were quarrelling,
a debate being made...
what's taking so much,
as I enquired.

The one on the right,
with a jovial sight,
replied in a sarcastic tone.....
" I am watching you,
being with you all the time...
I saw you missed the fun,
as your friend got by,
you faltered, you failed,
still clinging the way,
you are trying too hard,
yet the distance so far!!"

"You missed the rain,
and neglected your lane,
you waited for none...
still your heart cried in pain.
I know you remember,
you want them back,
but the addiction is so much,
you have no moment to spare!!"

"Why do you try,
time never come back,
what will you do...
after you got that you want??"

I stopped and pondered,
as he Mar a valid point,
but before I could answer,
the other on the left replied....
"I was with you always,
encouraging your every move,
and it was I for whom,
you have to reach your goal.
You have to move one,
for the others are doing so,
if you wait for the others,
you will have nowhere to go."

"You have to make compromises,
for that's the way of life,
you have to compete,
give your all in this fight.
the fruits of your effort,
is waiting on the other side,
So, don't stop and keep ignoring,
whatever being said by the right!!"

Saying this the quarrel resumes,
as each one forcing there point,
I waited and saw both,
projections of my inner conscience.
I had to make peace,
as both were right,
and I told them my view,
on the whole fight.....

"Yes, its true that I neglected,
made a destination of mine,
and walked in a hurry,
to reach it on time,
I know I missed things around,
but had my part of it too..
to reach my goal is not all...
but the journey is desired."

"You both are my voice,
still you are in extremes,
and I will move on....
for my experience is on my side!!"
I hesitated a little,
as they both disappeared,
looking ahead, I continued,
On my way........

Sunday, July 29, 2012

To write a diary

So...I was thinking of writing a diary..of daily routines, new adventures, twists and turns that the life could offer to me as it goes. And it could start my journey to be a novel writer that I would love to write someday. An exciting endeavor that I was ready to take just to realize my life hasn't much to offer right now.

  Yes, with most of times goes on sitting on my chair reading books, recalling and revising the things I learned as I bucked up myself for the entrance test for PG examination coming on November, you could realize nothing I would write could raise an bit of interest even to me if I do write those things in my diary...So, reluctantly I let go that thought of mine and brought myself to the study book I was reading. But the thought even though a flicker of it remained...if not a diary, I could try my hand in a small poetry on it right now...

  Its been time that I have been to my blogs and it would bring alive a little part of creativity that was inside me ..that's been gone to a slumber as I got busy in my preparation.So, friends its a small thought of mine that I would want to share with you...

I was alone, 
a moment with self,
revisiting, recalling the times,
life that I am having...
the time that goes past,
inner space that I shared.

I wonder, I pondered,
how will I remember the days,
the wonderful time I had...
I enjoyed, I observed,
made opinions and forgot,
to experience how I fared.

To write it down,
in the memory lane,
the words that not get erased,
time that could be revisited,
the good ones, the bad too...
the proud one, also when got embarrassed...

mistakes that taught me,
desires that asked to advance,
the people that helped me,
situations that allowed me to grow,
not the fear that put me back....
but the achievements that I dared!!

A diary it is,
a life story in front of me,
break that it could give,
examples may be set,
as I could bring myself to it...
when it will be the only thing I cared!!

Enough of inspiration,
moment of excitement may be,
why think now, I have time,
but a record of life of mine....
I don't have time now, 
still a good idea it is!! [:)]

Monday, June 4, 2012

True friends

We are friends,
I know we are,
we talk, meet, smile,
add in social network.
just a little chat,
Hi, hello...hows you?
with a little interest,
busy in our own routine!!

Just to say congrats,
with some happy news...
or a little sorry,
for something that going wrong!!
we exchange note,
plan visits for vacation,
we party, have fun...
or just tease someone.

But when asked meaning,
we hesitate...
think for some time,
just to describe!!
May be some from heart,
but most were just talks,
because not all were having,
a true friend.

A true friend,
that one wants,
to care, to support,
or speak out the heart.
everyone desires,
most ignores the thought,
but still is there...
small pains in heart?

are we ready,
just to explore,
and open up,
be there for someone...
for that true friend,
that we want,
we need to be one...
that they want!!

May be its all illusion,
as we may not see...
the life is full of them,
and we are blind.
May be a true friend,
is there by your side...
you just need to look out,
and its not difficult to find!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Something more..

An usual day,
same old routine,
living with a dull life,
nor much joy inside.
And I hoped for better,
waiting for a change......
until...I saw you!

As a morning came,
being so charming ,
with some magic in it,
as I kept looking at you.
Was it just for a moment,
or for days, I wasn't sure,
but a new change....that I wished for.

meeting of eyes,
or mere infatuation,
a little smile,
and some mischievous  looks.
You being so sweet,
making flutters in my heart,
just to realize...I like you!!

Making my first move,
just to say hi,
but seated at the seat,
I was so shy.
Talking to your friend,
exchanging some quick glance,
but I hesitated to return the same.....

So, it was usual,
I was so naive,
but with some courage,
tried my chance.
Just a friend, it may work,
still I could have my luck,
just to realize.....we were something more!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

An evil mind

An evil mind
fear inside,
or the hidden desires,
on the wrong side.
to be empty handed,
and lots of free time,
a little less accountability,
and too much ego on ride!!

An evil mind,
with no conscience,
with thousands of lies,
making up the whole life.
no trust nor fate,
will ever make a change,
as it spreads in society,
brings a lot of strife!!

An evil mind,
will it ever contained?
making the task easier,
not easier to be tamed.
Its tempting, 
an ideology of it's own,
slowly nibbling out the character,
not giving much time to blame!!

An evil mind,
bringing all the sins,
selfishness, power, lust and many,
taking on the toll.
stealing the precious moments,
blinding as it grows,
presenting great pleasures,
as you sink further into the hole!!

An evil mind,
needs just a moment to score,
a little trouble, a weak heart,
or just an opportunity to kill.
not that we can't fight,
a little courage it just needs,
A step inside and another,
controlling it with one's own will!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

People tend to say

People tend to say,
"you need to do this,
listen to our advice,
follow what's right,
just don't shy away"....

We know it sometimes,
ignore all the rest,
choose after thinking twice,
putting our character to test!!

People tend to say,
"have right companions,
they have good influence,
take the safe route,
just be a nice guy"....

We understand it well,
know what they mean,
but no one can stop us,
from trying out new things!!

People tend to say,
"get knowledge from books,
be responsible to society,
work and help others,
earn bread for home"...

We want it in our way,
get everything for ourselves,
do we care of the route,
if the rewards are of high stakes??

People tend to say,
"be spiritual, respect all,
high morals is all you need,
a gentlemen and friendly,
a mighty tree from a small seed!!

We have our thoughts,
our ideology to work,
there's time, we are young,
lot more to explore before we are gone!!

People tend to say,
as they have to,
but it's only their point of view....

A different perspective,
a new outlook for the same old thing,
Why would we listen all the time??? :) :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Come with me

Come with me,
and I will show,
things that's so gloomy,
Is not as it seems.....

the trees so empty,
or the clouds shaded,
the loose grains with the wind,
is not melancholy after all!!

Come with me,
as it's all going inside mind,
and you need someone,
its that part of your time.....

the moments well spent,
tranquility that you get,
make you understand,
and get through in life.

Come with me,
have faith in me,
am just a friend ,
but a part of your life.....

the pain to come out,
ears to listen, hand of care,
a little laugh, lots of tears,
and  shoulder to support!!

Come with me,
for, you may not see,
loneliness can be a burden,
and happiness is waiting....

a talk here, a walk there,
as we go on with life,
a companion that's make it easy,
and there's nothing to miss!!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time being spent these days...

carefree as I sit here,
waiting for things to happen,
with words not spoken,
and works not done,
Is it my laziness?

Resting on a sofa,
entertained my eyes,
a creative part got lost somewhere,
life came to a stasis,
Is it my tiredness?

Dreaming on the days,
and sleeping through the night,
not a moment to cherish,
going out is also rare,
Had I forgot the purpose?

Forgot what I gained,
nor did I am interested,
busy I was doing nothing,
nor do I listened to elders say,
Is it my foolishness?

May be its boredom,
or I make it out to be...
or is it my loneliness,
taking its toll on me,
Am I being so reserved?

I don't ask, nor complain,
but its something of a concern,
days will change, or my motive,
its just for a time being,
And......Is it my optimism??  :) :)

Time being spent these days ...
Are a bit not useful..
but still...I am hopeful!! :D

Monday, January 16, 2012

Are you deserving?

Reality shows and TV, isn't its taking a lot of time from the Indian entertainment industries? A lot of  which stand for something that was never relevant to the society, as the race for the TRP got more competitive, New kind of realities came up...taking 'inspiration' from the western reality show.

Someone started with Singing and Dancing competition, went on in the field of comedy, movies, adventure, truth, Cookery, Quiz , mindless gossiping and many more. Though some of them helped to make the people dream come true, others were just for celebrities and of course no use to the society. With it came a heavy prize money of Lakhs and Crores to make the whole thing a lot attractive. Playing with individual emotion and life conditions, they make the audience to hook up to their televisions. But my question here is..are they deserving of the prize money they get and what help does it done to the country as a whole?

Why don't you make a reality show which indirectly helps the country and it's people and the best one could win the prize money which he really deserves for the work. It doesn't solely depend on an extra talent but the aam aadmi could also take part. A show named ARE YOU DESERVING? 

You can make it a show where the people compete themselves in helping the city or an area in environmental basis, cultural basis and educational basis...plating trees, causing awareness about something, protecting the ethical and cultural people. You can put it into different levels with each level having something to do for the betterment of the society. Anyway, it's my thoughts but then the entertainment industry is big enough to accommodate these novel ways and this way they could contribute to the society and it's people.

When such person, the one who is good at heart and a responsible citizen win the show, he will indirectly inspire other people to follow his/her footsteps, Ultimately the society, Country will be the winner!! So, I ask you.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just a thought

The river that flowed...
time that goes on,
the past, present, the future,
walking by the side,
I had discovered.

The rays of sun fell,
showing the colors within,
be it dark or bright,
watching through it,
I had enjoyed.

The tree that stands,
the branches with the leaves,
fruits and flowers of life,
looking at that selfless thing,
I  had rested.

The wet sand, and the pebbles,
cold wind as it grazed my face,
the memories revealed,
thinking all of it,
I had relaxed.

Its an assessment,
or just a bit strained,
the things at hand, 
getting a way out of it,
I had planned.

So those organisms living along,
the birds above, the insects below,
and I saw all as I had known,
but to be blind, passing by,
had I forgotten to realize?