Saturday, October 31, 2009

a appeal to mother Earth!!

just a drop of it...
or some sight,
what it matters for me,
to make the things right!!
for the ocean of love...
heart so big,
its not too much to ask for,
forgiveness is all I dig.

It might be too late,
or I am so weak,
cannot return you what's lost,
or bring your old life.
how can I ?
for my interests so different...
a false move,
make my whole life to repent!!

I may have been waken,
but I am still in dreams,
so, blurred is my vision...
to think things clearly!!
it will take time,
just you need to be patient,
just don't punish me so soon,
not giving some moments to relent!!

Me as a human will realise soon,
as you my mother had given,
and soon will I be with you,
before your anger become apocalypse...
Its just a matter of days,
for me to choose a path...
to take me more near to you...
to have a more serene view!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

to be known!!

to be known...
to belong,
how I wish,
to be someone!!
being in the crowd,
watching those empty looks,
the future, the past,
a mad rush not to last!!

why am I here,
so many of us,
all so different yet so same,
choices so many, hope so more!!
am I right to think?
or to just move away,
tell me just once,
which way my path being!!

When I know them,
learn so in experience,
will I realise the meaning,
or abstract thoughts its been!!
I have still time,
but way too little,
for I am just enjoying,
what I never meant to be!!

may be or mayn't be...
I know I can't answer,
nor anyone for sure,
can tread on the issue!!
still I have faith, the hope,
the dreams and aspirations,
walk as I go..looking for signs,
might get it or mightn't...does it matter??

being so alone in the crowd,
yet a part of society..the human being,
I think, I aspire..try to fulfill my desire,
may be I reach or may get invisible,
Till then be my wish...
to be known!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I don't care

Hello friends,
just tried to write something different...hope you like it!!

I don't care,
nor do I want...
why are you here,
if not so sincere??
Got my own work,
lonely I better be...
I can do better,
away from your concern!!

Hate you..NO!!
just minding my business,
Can't stand your talk more..
just wanting my time alone.
far I would go...
better I would be,
just me and myself besides me,
who needs you in my life?? inside me heart,
not an ocean can drench it..
Hatred it's not or may be,
or just irritable my mind be!!
no remorse, no guilt do I feel,
more and more weaker I may be,
had I done right is the question,
just needed some time to be asked!!

Now the moment, now being calm,
just recalling the past things...
on the wrong path was I,
or just forced by the circumstances,
but far I did go,
from a point of no return..
time gone can't be forgiven,
mistakes being done at the high.....

looking back in life..just I see,
making up a decision in a hurry,
if ever I had the patience,
if ever I had the understand,
I don't care??

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maladive's cabinet meeting

Hello friends..

Some of my views on environment change...You must have heard in news that the Maldives (the island country in southwest part of India ) are holding there cabinet meeting inside the water!! Its all done just to show the world their fears...We could just make a laugh out of it, but we had to look for the cause.

On of the statistics shows that the way the ocean is increasing in its height ,This small country is in the face of extinction in another 100 yrs!!..That does mean a lot to there countrymen..just to think that the place you are leaving is going to submerge in the near future..just bring shivers in one's spine!! Does it matter to us??...No, not now. So why do we think for them??

We have to as it also means the coastal regions of our country also faces the same situation. We could talk of submerging of many small islands in Andaman and Nicobar, the melting of glaciers in Himalaya, the floods in coastal region...The same thing will affect many parts of the world. The only difference would be some of these countries would be better prepared than the others. We are talking of million of people, there life, home, culture..all at risk.

Can it be changed, reversed??..Yes may be but that would be the change too costly for today's world...things that our capitalist world will never listen or heed. The government , the people could just talk...they just don't understand the seriousness of the issue. We can only watch silently this small island country as it asks for a mute spectator...or just laugh it out.
Who cares? 100 yrs are a lot...we can still enjoy our life...or will we??

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali!!

Don't stop me when I fires..
the crackers, the bombs,
not that we always get it,
nor we wanted it more.

festival of light..
its what they say..
time to relax..
time of fun..hey?
at night you see..
the feel,the difference,
the up,
and sweets on tray!!

But I differ, not light,
the charm is of crackers,
the sounds, the fire thrills,
but beware it kills!!
not now, not here...
just watch it everywhere!!
the gas, pollution,
the loudness that hurts.

Its a festival friends..
not like any other day,
why listen to them..
its they who always cry!!
but we too are sensible,
know our we care,
so don't stop me when I fires,
for the time will not come for a year!..
its for us..happy Diwali !!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Enjoying my saturday!!

hello friends.. was a hectic week for me in, I was really looking forward to take some relaxing time out for Saturday...but it turned out exactly to be the opposite..I had some plans but it turned out that my family had a different visit 'Kapilash Temple'...Temple of lord Shiva, near our hometown Dhenkanal..but 100 km from where I stay!!...They had planned it for my sister and her animation group friend circle (she is a animator) but latter joined me.

I had some protest but had to turn in on the prospect of visiting the place with my friends..So, two of my friends made our plan visit separately the place yet join with my parents, my sister's group there. We missed the train so, took the bus to Dhenkanal....(could say it was far from comfortable!)..the bus was just packed with people..( thus hate to go in bus)..The plan was that, they would go in Bolero and we will follow them in bike from Dhenkanal..

Could describe a full page on our suffering inside the bus but that would be too long and you must be familiar with the conditions!!..So, lets start our journey from with 2 of friends on my bike...( Now you will ask why 3 person on bike..surely no one would have wanted to be single out inside Bolero while other 2 on bike)..The temple was on the top of a mountain..The road are steeper, rough somewhere and moving uphill and that's what the tiredest part and funniest part of our journey..we stayed on some part ..clicked some a token of memory for us...At last we reached the top..They say there were more than 1500 steps ( large steps) from base of mountain to the top..yet as there was road for us..we had only to cover 50 steps..but tiring steps these were!!..there were lots of Monkeys..Indian rhesus monkeys mostly..
After our prayers and some sight seeing we went downhill..just at the base was Dhatatreya Sai
Ram ashram..we had some relaxing time there..After that we went for visiting..famous Dhenkanal Lakshmi puja there...We had to hurry as time was running fast and My friends needed to return that same night to Bhubaneswar.

Dhenkanal Laksmi puja was famous as whole city had been lighted for the occasion and there were more than 50 puja pandals to was like giant will get tired but still find a lot more pandal to see!! everywhere!!.. We had with my friends and with family,..lots of food, fun and walking..My friends returned to Bhubaneswar, though I wanted to go..I stopped to sleep in our village..anyway, my family was here. At morning Today I had returned...

So, what o you think...Isn't the opposite of what I wanted to do with my Saturday..yet it was fun!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

deep down me!!

deep down me...
life asking to come up,
freedom, anger, emotion,
things not spoken,
things not asked,
its just piling up...
pressure so much!!
gotta bring it out,
and show them all,
time will come,
time will take,
till then be dormant..
away from others,
hiding...not been seen,
deep down me!!

what you expect?
what you want...
why are you so possessive..
I want to be free..
fly away to the sky,
do what I ever wanted..
don't stop me as you can't!
its just need some time,
till I get some way,
path to be taken..
waited so much...
patience not on my side,
but I will not fall,
the strength is with me!!

Live my life as I want,
learn from world what I expect..
reach the place I ever wanted to,
get whatever my heart lets me,
but that's not now,
Its not time..its not the moment...
the dreams, desires,
things I ever imagined,
get in, be with me...
wait till then.....deep down me!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

some views

bund bund se sagar banta hai..
aur usi sagar se badh aati hai!!...

Hello friends...

Had listened these flash flood news that's being spread all over south India...Maharastra, orissa also being affected!!...Started with a lighter note though the problem is quite serious!!..

These floods are more devastating and are more damaging than the earlier ones...though not many death have occured..yet on the broader side...these ones only bring our apprehension about something bigger, more damaging ones which are still to come!!....These doubts are only being complemented by the storms,tsunami and earthquake which strikes on American Samoa and vietnam, indonesia.

It's Man-made or Nature one can say, Yet these are only increasing in there number and size!!..To make things more complicated..increasing our fears these News channel are bringing news of doomsday, 2012...and all...(you must have heard them!..) Today I watched a movie called Nostradamus...had to admit it was pretty convincing of this doomsday prediction!!..

Though many of these things are used by the media and the movie makers for making some quick buck and increasing TRPs but any way it has some basis with the past and some scientist do admit this...skeptics may make a laugh out of it but down bottom they are too not sure about this matter!!..You can't deny Global warming, nuclear weapons,these natural calamities and there increase in frequency...You can only hope that nothing will happen to you and your place..'s only an assumption, Human being's future is only in there own hand and They are in most responsible hand , that thing for sure...OR IS IT??

Friday, October 2, 2009

A poetic story

Hello friends...

guess if I had to make a story of a gal being with his boyfriend for some mistake..something big off course..So, what could be their poetic conversation ...lemme try this thing for me so I will be happy of your reaction in it!!

It's guy's pleading to her girlfriend :-

"I am sorry, ohh me..
the mistakes I had done..
I confess all wrongs..
girl don't leave me..
being so deserted...all I feel!!."

"I know you will not forgive..
nor these flowers or cards..
clock swings, heart twinges..
waiting over as you flings,
ohh baby, why are you angry..
why are you moving away.."

It's her reply :-

"I believed you blindly..
didn't doubted your intentions,
even if you were far,
being so popular at bar,
all the gals around you!!"

"waited for you on dates..
never asked a question for delay..
each time you lied..yet I had faith..
today no more..not any more!!
I loved you but it's goodbye!"

Guy panicked for he had discovered the true love...

"I know I was wrong,
taking you for granted is all I do,
but I am ashamed..guilty now..
another chance is all I wish now!!.."

"I will not disappoint you,
faithful is the least I could do,
I am genuine, I am true...
I love me...just don't go!!"

Gal had made her mind..and he deserved the fate!!

"I would savour the moment with you.
remember the days I lived,
maybe I would miss you some days,
yet I will not forgive ...
it's your fault that I had to leave!!"

So, The moral of the story is...never hurt those who loves you!!...
{another one is..don't double cross..Be happy with one girlfriend ....correct yourself before it gets late..OR....make sure they don't catch you..ha ha}

How's this poetic story??