Saturday, October 31, 2009

a appeal to mother Earth!!

just a drop of it...
or some sight,
what it matters for me,
to make the things right!!
for the ocean of love...
heart so big,
its not too much to ask for,
forgiveness is all I dig.

It might be too late,
or I am so weak,
cannot return you what's lost,
or bring your old life.
how can I ?
for my interests so different...
a false move,
make my whole life to repent!!

I may have been waken,
but I am still in dreams,
so, blurred is my vision...
to think things clearly!!
it will take time,
just you need to be patient,
just don't punish me so soon,
not giving some moments to relent!!

Me as a human will realise soon,
as you my mother had given,
and soon will I be with you,
before your anger become apocalypse...
Its just a matter of days,
for me to choose a path...
to take me more near to you...
to have a more serene view!!


Himanshu Karki said...

nice poem buddy....
thnx for sharing
keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

Nice poem..
really like it..
keep penning

Sayan said...

Liked all your posts... keep writing!!