Sunday, October 4, 2009

some views

bund bund se sagar banta hai..
aur usi sagar se badh aati hai!!...

Hello friends...

Had listened these flash flood news that's being spread all over south India...Maharastra, orissa also being affected!!...Started with a lighter note though the problem is quite serious!!..

These floods are more devastating and are more damaging than the earlier ones...though not many death have occured..yet on the broader side...these ones only bring our apprehension about something bigger, more damaging ones which are still to come!!....These doubts are only being complemented by the storms,tsunami and earthquake which strikes on American Samoa and vietnam, indonesia.

It's Man-made or Nature one can say, Yet these are only increasing in there number and size!!..To make things more complicated..increasing our fears these News channel are bringing news of doomsday, 2012...and all...(you must have heard them!..) Today I watched a movie called Nostradamus...had to admit it was pretty convincing of this doomsday prediction!!..

Though many of these things are used by the media and the movie makers for making some quick buck and increasing TRPs but any way it has some basis with the past and some scientist do admit this...skeptics may make a laugh out of it but down bottom they are too not sure about this matter!!..You can't deny Global warming, nuclear weapons,these natural calamities and there increase in frequency...You can only hope that nothing will happen to you and your place..'s only an assumption, Human being's future is only in there own hand and They are in most responsible hand , that thing for sure...OR IS IT??


saurabh said...

Quite interesting..
I'd like to watch Nostradamus to allow me to get convinced about the 'Doom's Day'

Sorcerer said...

that was an interesting read.