Friday, October 9, 2009

deep down me!!

deep down me...
life asking to come up,
freedom, anger, emotion,
things not spoken,
things not asked,
its just piling up...
pressure so much!!
gotta bring it out,
and show them all,
time will come,
time will take,
till then be dormant..
away from others,
hiding...not been seen,
deep down me!!

what you expect?
what you want...
why are you so possessive..
I want to be free..
fly away to the sky,
do what I ever wanted..
don't stop me as you can't!
its just need some time,
till I get some way,
path to be taken..
waited so much...
patience not on my side,
but I will not fall,
the strength is with me!!

Live my life as I want,
learn from world what I expect..
reach the place I ever wanted to,
get whatever my heart lets me,
but that's not now,
Its not time..its not the moment...
the dreams, desires,
things I ever imagined,
get in, be with me...
wait till then.....deep down me!!


Zanil Hyder said...

Title photo is excellent

angel from heaven said...

Loved all the emotion and feeling portrayed.

Anonymous said...

nice poetry...
keeep penning..

pooja said...

liked the pic u hav put it ..good choice of words, put wisely

Dan* said...

luv the freedom, anger, emotion...