Sunday, June 28, 2009


It was not until morning that we reached Takarampur village, It was more village than the previous one we had encountered, beautiful greenery's, orderly placed huts, and small farms. There were wells, and ponds, and courtyards.
As we entered deep, we found beauty is not all it had. There were very few or little people and almost all are old ones. They had fear in their eyes, not one ventured near us or stopped us. We found a unusual loneliness and quit surrounding...we feared for worst. Bhira went to a hut and knocked it but there was no answer..most of villagers run to their huts and closed the door in panic. We couldn't make head or tail out of it.

" I think there's something wrong here', Swikriti told me.' why do people fear us, we came here to save us".
"may be they think us the slaves of the devil king". I replied.

Yet again our small army become alert. Something is coming to us...
" Surya and Bhira...take some army with you and block them, I will protect these humans. Act now" Angara shouted.
"whats going on? who are coming..." I asked. But I didn't need any reply as I saw wind od dust coming!!

They were many....fierce eyes, big swords, and hard skinned body...they look no normals. Our people, took there position on trees. As these soldiers reached an appointed place, Bhira's soldier jumped on them, taking them in surprise. Before they could reciprocate....they had there arm torn apart, neck bitten and head broken...yet most of them survived. They were met by a second offence by Surya's squad. And if some still survive the assault, Angara and my bullets clean them up. We had to protect Uncle and swikriti as they were most venerable!! The fight didn't last long as they were all done. Sooner there were piece in the surrounding and the villagers come out in the open. One of the elders, an old man came near us and thanked us.
"O great men..who are you all, saving us from the torture of these evil look no human ( looking Angara's tail). You must be the forgotten army of monkey man written in our ancient texts, We welcome you here".
"We were grateful to you sir,' Angara answered, ' Can you tell us what happened here and they way to Kruraka's castle?"
" They took our people, young and old to work for them...they kill them, change them...form there army. They will soon advance there offence to the eastern side as they had the west side under them up to valley o spirits,' He answered, ' you must take the right side path of will take you to a Forest. Beware of dangers, his men guard that place as its the only way to the castle. May God help you."

You took his advice and went in our right side. We took some rest near a pond..had our food and sleep. Then we reached the forest. It was blocked by a big stones and there were trees of spines around it. We had to move that rock. It took some time for 20 odd soldiers to move it. There was a echoing sound all over the forest while we were taking the rock out. As if the trees were talking to each other. We all cautiously took our step inside the forest, and to tell the truth, the forest was least helpful in our quest, we had to make our way..using all the weapon we had. Cutting big grasses, vines, shrubs out of our way. Bhima and Surya were really sweating it out as they were in the front. as we reached in the denser part of it..we got surrounded by dark creatures..something or someone was there. We got pelted by small stones, branches.

" all of you, take covers...all our brothers take the aerial route, follow them attack them." Angara ordered
He with all his members were gone in a flash. We are all alone. I grabbed my gun and silently listened to any sound behind my tree cover. Swikriti and Uncle had there swords.
" you must protect your sister, I will keep watch" Uncle told me. He stood there like a Crane waiting for its Fish. I was on the other side.

I thought something was up there or my instinct but I pointed my gun upward just in time to see a creature jumping from tree...he had sharp claws and before it could touch me, my bullets had created a hole in his skull. He was not the only one..there were a lot more coming towards us...Uncle showed some fine skills of sword ship and took 5-6 of them down but he was hurt and my reflexes not fast like them...we were soon surrounded, they were just going to attack us that some pointed branches get to there hearts. Our friends were back..and what a time they had come.

Rest of the journey was not much exciting, we were know out of the the Kruraka's area!!! As we moved on...we could see the castle very clearly on the top of the hill. Now I know what hardship our ancestor ..The king Digvijay Raj must had gone to reach there. I want him here.

We had no time to take rest and we must have taken a few steps that we got face to face with our first danger...The dark priest of Kruraka and his slaves. They were all like black dust...with black clouds hovering above them. Our army changed into there original part...they were the fierce monkeys...I could easily say I wouldn't have wanted enmity with them. And then what follows was a big war. Four of these monkeys protected us. We were all with our weapons...for a change I took sword. Angara was with them, initiating the offence on them. The priest was armoured and well protected with the slaves...our men were getting injured, as the priest had magic to rejuvenate these slaves from death.

It took some time for me to understand, his powers are in his right hand, in his four rings...Now it was my time to show my skills, I took out my gun, and waited for right time, when his fingers are in straight line....there were no room for error, I don't want him to know the power of gun. And blam blam....his fingers were on the ground, he was now weak.
" Angara, kill him, he is weak....get him." I shouted.
Within seconds, he was dead on the ground and our first problem solved. Now we had to see whats our next one would be....But how could I know Our second innings would be the last one...As our battle with the head priest...And search for Kruraka.

(story continues..............)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


It was evening and the sunset was near and we were still in that dark magic path, walking down the lane, waiting to step our foot on the valley of spirit or death, as those local says. Its a defensive plot for the Devil to protect its castle and it falls on a deep forest, so no poacher or government officials tries to enter that dead zone. But we had to cross it to reach the villages, better be sooner as Kruraka's force will take control of them.

Finally we reached the end of the path, it was early evening and darkness was setting in, a time you would never wanted to enter the valley!! but we had the army of pure ones..the monkey men. We single out a place to sit and relax...some went to get the knowledge about the areas and dangers of the place as I with Swiktiri and uncle sat under a tree. My eyes were searching for our leader, Angara...he was sitting with two of his friends, one of them was tough built like a wrestler and a bit darker..his name was Bhira and one looking smart, light skinned and charming..he was Surya. Both were best friend of Angara. We were just chatting as I got conscious of something is going on, something bad as I saw all the people were sitting straight and alert looking to western side. Before I could understand anything, there was a army of bats and rodents came rushing towards us...there were lots of them and there's a sense of darkness in them, as they coming near us...something very bright light fall on us from behind, as the light touched the bats and rodents, they burned up as if some black ash. We looked behind us to see a golden 'Gada' in the hand of Angara, his eyes closed and there's a glow around him. I couldn't take my eyes from him, but slowly light got dimmer as I got conscious of my place. Angara was smiling as he looked at us and said " its a power given to me by my guru, don't worry I know some magic myself ", and he returned to his place.

It's some hour gone as I woke to see our people were ready to go, I hurried to pack my stuffs, Gun on my side, I was ready to tackle new challenges. We hadn't much problem covering the valley though I must confess the location and the surrounding do bring some shivers in my spine...there were echoing of fearful voices, dreadful hallucination in the mist but we were unite and other problems were solved by the forward squad of army (or I could say so), and it took few hours to reach the nearest village outskirt (better be a tribal colony), we got washed up at a pond nearby, had some rest. One thing was troubling me as I searched for any visible living being...the place was unusually quite.
Angara divided us in three groups..." Surya will take half of army to search for people here, Bhira would go in front of us with other half of our brothers, and Daksha, you with uncle and Sikriti, would come with me behind them. We would meet at the end of the route." was his exact words.

As we went in our way, we could see the damage being done on the village. we reached the middle of village to see some wounded people being laying on the ground. We gave them some water and medicine.
" go away, you will die, they are coming...killing us, " one dying villager said as he fall down never to be awaken.
" what's happening here, who were coming??" I was asking puzzled but no reply came. I was going to leave the body but suddenly the body held my hand tightly (it was dead for sure) ...his eyes, Gosh...they were burning red and his hand was trying to hurt me. In a flash I got hold of my gun, and fired at him indiscriminately. There was blood all over me, as I successfully freed myself from his clutch. The guy was becoming a zombie of sort!!
" step aside, move away from them,' Angara ordered his men helping the wounded ' they were under spell, they could hurt you...they injuries are fresh..culprit is not far....lets pursue him!"
Bhira and his men jumped on the trees and swing away towards the opposite side...we followed them. After a while, we could see, they had encircled a man in black coat...couldn't see his face, I had my gun close to me...that man in black coat suddenly made a swift movement and there were two big moving rock structures standing against us!!..
I fired bullets on them, while others tried there hand...Angara was fight with that man, must be one of those dark priests...They were fighting in magic spells and different kind of changes in environment were if some type of light shows. My sister was with uncle and uncle had his sword in his hand. The Dark priest was very cunning and was protected from Angara...I got a idea, I was a good shooter and aimed at his hand holding a magic wood with a crystal ball on it. The magic wood slipped from his hand, fallen on ground and crustal broken...the rock structure turned into dust and the priest was now venerable to us. Angara easily captured him.
" who are you and what have you done with the villagers...where is Kruraka?" Angara asked but he just smiled and said..
" You can never stop our great king, this time he will conquer the world...think of saving your life now from these villagers..ha ha ha..long live the king!!!" and he turned into black dust!
" what does it mean..from villagers?" we looked behind to see large number of zombie villagers were coming towards us..they had weapons, and they were angry....we took our with gun.,Swikriti and uncle at centre...
" beware of there nails, and teeth, they had can turn like them!! we will protect you..there poison is ineffective against us."Bhira said.
It was a fierce war...there was another thing I didn't know about these monkey man...if angered, they could change fully into monkeys..with big nails and a animal!!..they were killing the villagers mercilessly...but there were lots of them, even my bullets were nothing for them. We had our back up soon, Surya and his men come from behind and joined the party. It was pretty easier then.

And tired, wounded, the war was finished at last..all of these zombie villagers dead...we moved in our direction...there was now only one village to cross and I know its not much easier for us. God knows what more danger awaits us!.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am the one...

I am invisible, I am alone,
there's no one, care for some,
its not my day, nor my time..
no one will know when I'm gone..
it me, only me all I see..
not a single guy I wanna be,
or be someone I should become,
no fame or money is coming to me!!...

but its not all ever decide..
you are not half bad, its not your side,
just come one ...face the world,
its just too small for you to hide.....
look around you, a storm is there,
the hurt n emotion are going to bare,
be a new man..get some air,
fight for you..nature no fair!

I know what I want,
they are not me n I'm not them,
be different is not a shame,
it my life..I have no one to blame,
gotta play it out...its MY GAME!
don't be some will be not me..
I'm not a film star or a rock star gotta be,
but the people will know one..
their desire to love me!!

not so weak, I got to be strong,
this is the moment, I waited for long,
that's why I'm here, singing the song,
because this is where, I do belong.
I know its going to be right,
never loose your way out of sight,
take the prize, let the enemy bite,
take on with your your might!!

Its all my world,
and the life I want to live,
no one can stop me,
It's my believe,
for I am the one.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


So, we had a long journey from our hometown in the small town Shampur to a place we had never had been.
Am I worried? Hell no, we had our uncle with us and I must tell you, he's one tough guy I would keep all faith in him. He is strong, a grim look and a tender heart and I was a eager student of be strong like him. (my look may betray you...I am just the opposite!!). But I do had doubt about our meeting with those Monkeys in jungle and also of those soldiers the king was talking about....We reached the station in the evening next day and had our dinner in a restaurant near the station.

Now the journey part to forest reserve....I was excited about!! but uncle told us to take a rest. In his words..."Its a long journey my friend and you will have your piece of pie if you keep the patience within, then we will know that the pie is sweet or sour for you!! Until then you must take rest. " Thus we had to spend our night in a hotel nearby. Money was not the problem to us as Uncle brought his ATM card and Debit card...he too wishing this journey would be quite an adventure. We had a comfortable night and all our tiredness of travelling in train washed away by the following morning. We were fresh and uncle was well prepared for the journey to the forest reserve, he had hired a taxi and also pass to entry from the forest department. (I doubt if he had slept at all..) My sister was more excited than me and really bugging me off with constant queries of her. I was so curious...what could I tell her?? So she got calmed and started enjoying the scenery's of the path leading to reserve. It took us 5 hrs to reach the gate. we had our lunch at nearby dhaba...and with plenty of supply with us, we proceeded in our way.

It was a long and tired journey and we were just near the core of the reserve and still we couldn't find our destination. We took leave from the taxi driver and left for the tourist home inside the reserve. When I asked uncle about the hereabout of the jungle of monkeys, he just told me to look for the signs..he just told me that our forefather (obviously the King) will take us to the path. But I just can't wait for the same while swikriti was all in her good mood...watching the wild birds, a rabbit or some dear. Its like a dream for us to be in a jungle which we couldn't even think of! It was a big opportunity to us. My wait was not for long as at night we got the first sign, a bright light moving northwards and slowing down for a while, then again increases its pace. For one thing, it was definitely not a star or anything artificial, we had to follow it north.

We had to take long strides to make up to its pace and surely getting tired, but we got to move on and we did, Swikriti was a little slow but she was with us and never had fallen behind. Gosh! that's sort of women power.Soon we reached a place where the jungle got deeper but not a single wild animal come to our path as if they know about our mission. And we found ourselves in a areas of tall trees and we could only see monkey all around us and they were blocking our way as if they had something to hide!. How much we tried, we couldn't get to pass them, we had to retreat a while but not for long....something happened and they do gave away the path to us. When we saw around, we could see that bright light coming to the ground and becoming a human figure, the one we had waited for...the great king..Digvijay raj!! He just stared at us and we could know as if by instinct to move. we know which way and we moved slowly towards the path and the monkeys followed us. Slowly we could see some figures in that deeper forest..Its a village!!. but not a modern one....A old man met us. he said his name as Subira and he was waiting for us. He was the village head. He gave us a room to sleep and some food to eat, which we ate gladly as by then we were terribly hungry. we thanked him and went for sleep. Uncle had some word with him but I was in no mood to hear them as I fell asleep.

It was early morning and I had a great sleep, it was beautiful morning, one I had never seen in my whole life.
Swikriti was awake and had taken her bath. I also took her queue and got freshen up. The well was just behind our room. As I met my uncle in morning, he had been talking to Subira and he called to me: " Daksh come here, see there's something for u." As I went to them, I found to my surprise, Raja Digvijay raj was standing in front of us, in human a living human!!. It's not all as Swikriti gave me a look of surprise and asked me to watch subira's back. He had a long tail!!...a langur tale, like of Lord Hanuman!!, I couldn't believe it. I asked Uncle as he told me in a smile:" so the legends are true...they are the off springs of those monkey kingdom, one who helped Lord Rama in their epic battle against Ravana. A species of half monkey and half human." I was speechless, all those stories of Ramayan and it could be true!!

"Yes, its true and its one of the surviving village of our species" said Subira," we will give you the people for the making of an army to fight the evil king Krurak, as we are the son's of those forgotten soldiers who battled for lord Rama. Only we, the pure ones could fight against him as he had got black magic. The king had told me all about it and we had the army available for you."
" we had to proceed sooner for the same" my uncle told, " Before sunset we should go by the secret way and we would reach the Vally of spirits by the day's end. Now take the breakfast and reach the temple of Rama". And so he went with Subira, but before that he give us in his Son's custody (reportedly the leader of our army).

As we reached the temple, we found a group of 40-50 people..all with tails, sitting under the tree. The village head's son was addressing them...
" I, Angara, son of Great Subira ask you to keep faith in me, we are going for a battle with a great evil, we had the responsibility to protect the world. The god had given us a second opportunity to show our loyalty
towards him. May God grace us with his blessings". Now, he had quite a leadership qualities!!

After prayers I had chance to talk to him. "so, what do you do buddy, that was a wonderful speech" I asked.
" Me, I do nothing, we are all farmers, protectors of jungle....these Monkeys help us in our work." He was polite and courteous in his way and my sister was quite impressed by him. He was a handsome chap, all but for his tail! So, it was decided that we must move before the sunset to the secret magic path of jungle, which opens up valley of spirit...which was two or three village away from the Devil's castle.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It was in early morning that we come to know that the story he told was real...for that time it just looked so. I was going to my uncle's house with my sister and the environment was unusually quite. Unsuspecting of what to come, we entered the house. we were shocked to see he was sitting on the bed in despair. His eyes were red showing that he didn't had sleep that night, and sweating throughout his body! He was talking to himself-like"he has returned, danger, our life at risk" over and over. I had to comfort him for a while and give him water, so that he could come to his senses. When I asked him the reason for his sorry state, he told me something that happened in last night.....something that changed my life forever!!

He told us that our forefather...the great king 'Digvijay raj' has broken free from the castle as the followers of Devil king, the black magic tantriks had destroyed the king's magic that blocked the entrance and prisoned the Devil, in other words....trouble to the world has just in its beginning. In these thousand years, the Devil had become powerful due to inner meditation and more dangerous...he will soon start attacking its neighbouring areas..No one will survive from his anger. He must have started making the army. And his followers must have attacked the nearest police and army post. It will be impossible for the media to know about it as the villages are in isolation from outer world. Its in the forest!!...Before anyone will know anything, it must have covered half the state. We have to do something fast.

At first I thought that my uncle had gone mad but then what follows was breathtaking and really freakish!! there was thunder, a gush of wind enters forcefully in the house and like some movie show..there was a dense fog around us....then slowly the air got thin and there comes a shape of a man...a man I had seen in our family portraits....a great king.. Maharaja Digvijay raj!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! it something super natural , a mysteries or a real ghost( I would prefer soul respectfully to our forefathers). He greeted me in some air fit for a king..." son you and your sister are "kul ke dipak for me" like brightness of our family!
you were destined to kill the Devil Krurak...Don't tell your parents..go with your uncle to north,in the jungles of
monkeys in north India...there you will find your army waiting for you...then we will attack Krurak before he get the opportunities to increase his power. I will always be with you. Now I had to go" and he vanished in air.

I was too shocked to say anything....neither me , my sister or uncle could open there mouth....some time passed and we relaxed and as we got composed, a thought come to me...what in the hell do I tell my mom about my absence if I will get ready for this journey or quest!...College is no problem as our vacation were going to start in 10 days, same with my sister. This problem was solved by our uncle as he told our parent that we are going for a nature trip to see wild animals in northern India. Our parents were happily agreed for the prospect as they had full faith in our Uncle.

With a day packing and planning, we approached a tour guide to get information and logistics required to reach our destination. After getting fully satisfied, with a fear, excitement, curiosity...taking all the emotions with us....Off we go!! Let the god help us for our journey..our quest for protection of mankind..( Did I said something wrong?)..Anyway it's going to be an adventure for sure!!

[ story continues...]

Monday, June 15, 2009


I am a regular guy like you. Going to college, playing in college cricket team, impressing the gals and having a good friend circle. At home, a normal family consisting of mom, dad and my younger sister
swikriti. My name is Daksh. My father was a businessman and mother a housewife. Father says that we belong to a family of great heritage and probably our ancestors ruled a state which is now in Madhya pradesh...It was not in large area but we had many other states under our rule as for giving protection. Our ancestors were a great ruler and ruled the state for many years but then the disaster stroke!!

What was the disaster, whats the name of that state which has no record what so ever in the History, and who were our ancestors, these are the information given by our great uncle Hukum singh. ( actually he is not our blood relation but his ancestors were chief advisers of our state or its what he told me so) So, he told us about this forgotten story of the past....story of a demon king, his plans, black magic, a great war...and death of a great kingdom. The story was as follows,

A long time ago, in the state of sukhprasth lived a king in the name of Digvijay raj. He was a great king like his forefathers who made this small kingdom brick by brick. They could had covered much larger area if they hadn't made friendship with small tribal leaders. These leader gave him the protection money and 'kar' taxes for there own well being. The king was very king, caring about its 'praja' or its peoples both in and out of his kingdom.(which would have been ten times the original size if taken the area it takes taxes from!!). But there happiness doesn't lasted for long as they got a information about a devil king who was increasing his power and using black magic for its success. The devil king 'Krurak' had many followers who knew black magic, so opposition rulers couldn't defeat him. He was slowly aggressively coming near them.

The king called a emergency meeting of neighbouring kingdoms and ministers to make a strategy to defeat the demon's army. As the king was righteous, he had a magic sword with great powers, given to him by a Rishi/saint. So, all the rulers agreed to attack the demon king before he increases his power more. Attack is best defence so they had this only option left. The demon wanted to win at all cost that's why he was too cruel to ask for any understanding, or retreat. As it was decided, they attack the Demon king.

The war was fearsome and many a soldiers died in the battle, but at last Digvijay raj and his soldiers reached the Demon castle. The king asked his advisor to take his soldiers to stop demons followers to come near as he entered the castle. Then what follows was a great battle lasting for days between King and Demon. At last the black magic became weak and King pierced his sword inside the demon's chest but alas! demon didn't he had this power that only a women hand could kill him, but he do became paralysed. Here the King got the information from his advisor that the enemy are closing in, The king had to take a decision and that's too a quick one.

Then what happened had changed the life of our kingdom. The king told the advisor.." Dayal singh, I will imprison the devil with the magic I had and use my sword to block the entrance..I am injured and may not last one more day!! You must go now and block the gates. Let the god give my family the strength to live." And the king used is power sword to close the entrance. The castle was on the top of a mountain, so their came a landslide and blocked the doors. After that our family ruled the kingdom for ten years but soon we got overpowered by a neighbouring kingdom and we had to leave our palace and live in solitude in which our great uncle's ancestor helped us.

I never believed in this story but it was fascinating to hear and I with my sister loved to hear the tales by our Uncle. It would have remained the same if something unusual hadn't have happened that night with our Uncle!!

[ story continued.........]

Friday, June 12, 2009

Life without you

some time I am moody,
be angry or not be sorry,
hurt you for slight words,
make you happy in moments,
we fight, we love, we feel..
you will be my world..
world of beautiful dreams,
baby I just can't think a life..
a life without you!
a life without you...
it was our first meet,
as I lay my eyes on you,
my heart goes mad,
had I fallen for you...
and then we became friend,
the love and care from you,
life got easier, time happier,
baby I just can't think a life...
a life without you!
a life without you...
sometimes you are away,
sometimes you are upset,
then I realise what you meant to me..
asking your forgiveness..
for you are my only solace,
only when you are with me,
craving for you, wanting you more,
baby I just can't think a life...
a life without you!!
a life without you...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a rap...

Listen up you all..
I am giving you a call,
just come to the hall,
this hinglish song is on the floor,
rap up..its a don't fall!!

so guru, jara idhar to aana,
suna lu mein apna yeh gana,
tum bhi thoda sa thumka lagana,
koi hip hop dance nahi..bas apna banana.
aaj hai acha din,
na reh paye gane ke bin,
gana kuch nahi,..bas mukhde hai tin,
ab ghabra mat rupiye tu gin.

suno sab ek time ki hai yeh baat,
ja raha the kahin apne music ke saath,
aaya ek doggi..usko pad gaya mujhse laat,
pada wo piche..mere baaj gaye saat.
mein aage wo piche.mein upar wo niche..
bas karu kya mein..mauke par wo jo mujhe khiche,
fir aaya ek plan, gaya apna jo raap,
masti mein naacha wo bhi ..bach gayi meri yeh jaan.

so brother don't worry,
you don't have to be sorry,
just listen to the music,
just relax..there's no hurry.
yeh hai hinglish ka rap..
na hai koi paap,
when you get some free time,
maje lo, nacho..barna karo iswar ka jaap.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Another racism attack on human being. People are just fighting within themselves and need new ways to do so.
Just take the case of recent spree of racism attack on citizens of India. Nine of our students have been attacked in this month.Isn't a alarming bell to our administrators??. Its been on news for so many days and the leaders just doing the consoling, sympathising act. Both Australian and Indian Govt. is trying to wash their hand of it. India as a country, run by old leaders and I hadn't seen any forceful action or dictum by the Ministers here!!!

The thing is simple...Australia has to carry on its education sector which thrive on these foreign students(it includes all Indians, Chinese, other Asians) and so the police is using terms like attacks are just some incidence for loots, or say drinking case....but the point is how come only Indians are getting hurt by this and some being grievously hurt and what more..there is increase tendency of these kangaroos of being in violent mood. What is more intriguing is that more teenagers are involved...doesn't it raise doubt of there upbringing, or their growing competition with brilliant students of Asia...(India in concern)

And to see the reaction of the police of their country make my heart feel pain as they just blaming the Indian students for their fate. " Indian students are peaceful and silent type that's why the are the easy target". So what they want??...Should our student start beating their people, act like criminals, ...huh then these will be the police who will arrest our student first in case of terrorism!!...Then for us it will be two way danger!!
They should be happy that our students are not in any of such activities...we Indians are raised well..we don't have such violent streak as their teenagers have now!! They have to stop such hate campaign against Indian students or else both the country will suffer...

We just can't forget these incidences by condemning the god damn act and silencing the agitated students. The Govt. of India should put pressure on any country where our students are mistreated. Its our responsibility to protect them..let the Australian know that if we feel something is seriously wrong here then it will adversely affect their economy too. Then only its police and government get going. Our leaders should take the incentive for protecting our people. So, I just wish that our leaders be listening to cry of the family of the affected students and acting on this soon before situation goes out of hand.

Hope the leaders of both the country would heed to our advice and act soon!!...for know just watch the News and see if any new incidence had happened or not!! God save our students from the evils of these hate teenagers of the Australia!!.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I am missing u!!

Don't know when do we met,
or the time we had ever date,
I had been with you here,
and its that what my life meant for!!

don't know when we did fight,
nor the time you made my life bright,
I had spent some good years,
and that what I ever wanted for!!

yes, that's all I ever remember,
barring that my life a deep slumber,
you are what I ever dreamed of,
and its all I had a desire for!!

the different life we do belong,
but it don't stop us from going along,
yes!! and that's what make me proud,
to get a friend which I always loved for!!

but are gone,
and gone were your presence,
and its what make my heart bleed,
and ohh dear...I am missing you.

missing the moments we been together,
missing the things we had done,
and missing and the memories I had,
the serenity in life I had before!!

why you left me, whats the reason,
it had never being in my vision,
living my days in lament..
couldn't even say ...I am missing you!!

time heals is all they say,
don't even know what am I facing,
didn't know why the faith was so hard,
what crime had I done!!

time will change the things,
but memories of you never fades,
you will ever be in my heart...
so am I here, just to say.....I am missing you!!

(PS : is kavita ki saare paatr kalpanic hai..kripiya kar ise mujhse milakar sochne ki abasyakta nahi hai....I don't want this to happen to me lament a friend loss)