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I am a regular guy like you. Going to college, playing in college cricket team, impressing the gals and having a good friend circle. At home, a normal family consisting of mom, dad and my younger sister
swikriti. My name is Daksh. My father was a businessman and mother a housewife. Father says that we belong to a family of great heritage and probably our ancestors ruled a state which is now in Madhya pradesh...It was not in large area but we had many other states under our rule as for giving protection. Our ancestors were a great ruler and ruled the state for many years but then the disaster stroke!!

What was the disaster, whats the name of that state which has no record what so ever in the History, and who were our ancestors, these are the information given by our great uncle Hukum singh. ( actually he is not our blood relation but his ancestors were chief advisers of our state or its what he told me so) So, he told us about this forgotten story of the past....story of a demon king, his plans, black magic, a great war...and death of a great kingdom. The story was as follows,

A long time ago, in the state of sukhprasth lived a king in the name of Digvijay raj. He was a great king like his forefathers who made this small kingdom brick by brick. They could had covered much larger area if they hadn't made friendship with small tribal leaders. These leader gave him the protection money and 'kar' taxes for there own well being. The king was very king, caring about its 'praja' or its peoples both in and out of his kingdom.(which would have been ten times the original size if taken the area it takes taxes from!!). But there happiness doesn't lasted for long as they got a information about a devil king who was increasing his power and using black magic for its success. The devil king 'Krurak' had many followers who knew black magic, so opposition rulers couldn't defeat him. He was slowly aggressively coming near them.

The king called a emergency meeting of neighbouring kingdoms and ministers to make a strategy to defeat the demon's army. As the king was righteous, he had a magic sword with great powers, given to him by a Rishi/saint. So, all the rulers agreed to attack the demon king before he increases his power more. Attack is best defence so they had this only option left. The demon wanted to win at all cost that's why he was too cruel to ask for any understanding, or retreat. As it was decided, they attack the Demon king.

The war was fearsome and many a soldiers died in the battle, but at last Digvijay raj and his soldiers reached the Demon castle. The king asked his advisor to take his soldiers to stop demons followers to come near as he entered the castle. Then what follows was a great battle lasting for days between King and Demon. At last the black magic became weak and King pierced his sword inside the demon's chest but alas! demon didn't he had this power that only a women hand could kill him, but he do became paralysed. Here the King got the information from his advisor that the enemy are closing in, The king had to take a decision and that's too a quick one.

Then what happened had changed the life of our kingdom. The king told the advisor.." Dayal singh, I will imprison the devil with the magic I had and use my sword to block the entrance..I am injured and may not last one more day!! You must go now and block the gates. Let the god give my family the strength to live." And the king used is power sword to close the entrance. The castle was on the top of a mountain, so their came a landslide and blocked the doors. After that our family ruled the kingdom for ten years but soon we got overpowered by a neighbouring kingdom and we had to leave our palace and live in solitude in which our great uncle's ancestor helped us.

I never believed in this story but it was fascinating to hear and I with my sister loved to hear the tales by our Uncle. It would have remained the same if something unusual hadn't have happened that night with our Uncle!!

[ story continued.........]

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