Sunday, June 28, 2009


It was not until morning that we reached Takarampur village, It was more village than the previous one we had encountered, beautiful greenery's, orderly placed huts, and small farms. There were wells, and ponds, and courtyards.
As we entered deep, we found beauty is not all it had. There were very few or little people and almost all are old ones. They had fear in their eyes, not one ventured near us or stopped us. We found a unusual loneliness and quit surrounding...we feared for worst. Bhira went to a hut and knocked it but there was no answer..most of villagers run to their huts and closed the door in panic. We couldn't make head or tail out of it.

" I think there's something wrong here', Swikriti told me.' why do people fear us, we came here to save us".
"may be they think us the slaves of the devil king". I replied.

Yet again our small army become alert. Something is coming to us...
" Surya and Bhira...take some army with you and block them, I will protect these humans. Act now" Angara shouted.
"whats going on? who are coming..." I asked. But I didn't need any reply as I saw wind od dust coming!!

They were many....fierce eyes, big swords, and hard skinned body...they look no normals. Our people, took there position on trees. As these soldiers reached an appointed place, Bhira's soldier jumped on them, taking them in surprise. Before they could reciprocate....they had there arm torn apart, neck bitten and head broken...yet most of them survived. They were met by a second offence by Surya's squad. And if some still survive the assault, Angara and my bullets clean them up. We had to protect Uncle and swikriti as they were most venerable!! The fight didn't last long as they were all done. Sooner there were piece in the surrounding and the villagers come out in the open. One of the elders, an old man came near us and thanked us.
"O great men..who are you all, saving us from the torture of these evil look no human ( looking Angara's tail). You must be the forgotten army of monkey man written in our ancient texts, We welcome you here".
"We were grateful to you sir,' Angara answered, ' Can you tell us what happened here and they way to Kruraka's castle?"
" They took our people, young and old to work for them...they kill them, change them...form there army. They will soon advance there offence to the eastern side as they had the west side under them up to valley o spirits,' He answered, ' you must take the right side path of will take you to a Forest. Beware of dangers, his men guard that place as its the only way to the castle. May God help you."

You took his advice and went in our right side. We took some rest near a pond..had our food and sleep. Then we reached the forest. It was blocked by a big stones and there were trees of spines around it. We had to move that rock. It took some time for 20 odd soldiers to move it. There was a echoing sound all over the forest while we were taking the rock out. As if the trees were talking to each other. We all cautiously took our step inside the forest, and to tell the truth, the forest was least helpful in our quest, we had to make our way..using all the weapon we had. Cutting big grasses, vines, shrubs out of our way. Bhima and Surya were really sweating it out as they were in the front. as we reached in the denser part of it..we got surrounded by dark creatures..something or someone was there. We got pelted by small stones, branches.

" all of you, take covers...all our brothers take the aerial route, follow them attack them." Angara ordered
He with all his members were gone in a flash. We are all alone. I grabbed my gun and silently listened to any sound behind my tree cover. Swikriti and Uncle had there swords.
" you must protect your sister, I will keep watch" Uncle told me. He stood there like a Crane waiting for its Fish. I was on the other side.

I thought something was up there or my instinct but I pointed my gun upward just in time to see a creature jumping from tree...he had sharp claws and before it could touch me, my bullets had created a hole in his skull. He was not the only one..there were a lot more coming towards us...Uncle showed some fine skills of sword ship and took 5-6 of them down but he was hurt and my reflexes not fast like them...we were soon surrounded, they were just going to attack us that some pointed branches get to there hearts. Our friends were back..and what a time they had come.

Rest of the journey was not much exciting, we were know out of the the Kruraka's area!!! As we moved on...we could see the castle very clearly on the top of the hill. Now I know what hardship our ancestor ..The king Digvijay Raj must had gone to reach there. I want him here.

We had no time to take rest and we must have taken a few steps that we got face to face with our first danger...The dark priest of Kruraka and his slaves. They were all like black dust...with black clouds hovering above them. Our army changed into there original part...they were the fierce monkeys...I could easily say I wouldn't have wanted enmity with them. And then what follows was a big war. Four of these monkeys protected us. We were all with our weapons...for a change I took sword. Angara was with them, initiating the offence on them. The priest was armoured and well protected with the slaves...our men were getting injured, as the priest had magic to rejuvenate these slaves from death.

It took some time for me to understand, his powers are in his right hand, in his four rings...Now it was my time to show my skills, I took out my gun, and waited for right time, when his fingers are in straight line....there were no room for error, I don't want him to know the power of gun. And blam blam....his fingers were on the ground, he was now weak.
" Angara, kill him, he is weak....get him." I shouted.
Within seconds, he was dead on the ground and our first problem solved. Now we had to see whats our next one would be....But how could I know Our second innings would be the last one...As our battle with the head priest...And search for Kruraka.

(story continues..............)

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