Saturday, June 20, 2009


So, we had a long journey from our hometown in the small town Shampur to a place we had never had been.
Am I worried? Hell no, we had our uncle with us and I must tell you, he's one tough guy I would keep all faith in him. He is strong, a grim look and a tender heart and I was a eager student of be strong like him. (my look may betray you...I am just the opposite!!). But I do had doubt about our meeting with those Monkeys in jungle and also of those soldiers the king was talking about....We reached the station in the evening next day and had our dinner in a restaurant near the station.

Now the journey part to forest reserve....I was excited about!! but uncle told us to take a rest. In his words..."Its a long journey my friend and you will have your piece of pie if you keep the patience within, then we will know that the pie is sweet or sour for you!! Until then you must take rest. " Thus we had to spend our night in a hotel nearby. Money was not the problem to us as Uncle brought his ATM card and Debit card...he too wishing this journey would be quite an adventure. We had a comfortable night and all our tiredness of travelling in train washed away by the following morning. We were fresh and uncle was well prepared for the journey to the forest reserve, he had hired a taxi and also pass to entry from the forest department. (I doubt if he had slept at all..) My sister was more excited than me and really bugging me off with constant queries of her. I was so curious...what could I tell her?? So she got calmed and started enjoying the scenery's of the path leading to reserve. It took us 5 hrs to reach the gate. we had our lunch at nearby dhaba...and with plenty of supply with us, we proceeded in our way.

It was a long and tired journey and we were just near the core of the reserve and still we couldn't find our destination. We took leave from the taxi driver and left for the tourist home inside the reserve. When I asked uncle about the hereabout of the jungle of monkeys, he just told me to look for the signs..he just told me that our forefather (obviously the King) will take us to the path. But I just can't wait for the same while swikriti was all in her good mood...watching the wild birds, a rabbit or some dear. Its like a dream for us to be in a jungle which we couldn't even think of! It was a big opportunity to us. My wait was not for long as at night we got the first sign, a bright light moving northwards and slowing down for a while, then again increases its pace. For one thing, it was definitely not a star or anything artificial, we had to follow it north.

We had to take long strides to make up to its pace and surely getting tired, but we got to move on and we did, Swikriti was a little slow but she was with us and never had fallen behind. Gosh! that's sort of women power.Soon we reached a place where the jungle got deeper but not a single wild animal come to our path as if they know about our mission. And we found ourselves in a areas of tall trees and we could only see monkey all around us and they were blocking our way as if they had something to hide!. How much we tried, we couldn't get to pass them, we had to retreat a while but not for long....something happened and they do gave away the path to us. When we saw around, we could see that bright light coming to the ground and becoming a human figure, the one we had waited for...the great king..Digvijay raj!! He just stared at us and we could know as if by instinct to move. we know which way and we moved slowly towards the path and the monkeys followed us. Slowly we could see some figures in that deeper forest..Its a village!!. but not a modern one....A old man met us. he said his name as Subira and he was waiting for us. He was the village head. He gave us a room to sleep and some food to eat, which we ate gladly as by then we were terribly hungry. we thanked him and went for sleep. Uncle had some word with him but I was in no mood to hear them as I fell asleep.

It was early morning and I had a great sleep, it was beautiful morning, one I had never seen in my whole life.
Swikriti was awake and had taken her bath. I also took her queue and got freshen up. The well was just behind our room. As I met my uncle in morning, he had been talking to Subira and he called to me: " Daksh come here, see there's something for u." As I went to them, I found to my surprise, Raja Digvijay raj was standing in front of us, in human a living human!!. It's not all as Swikriti gave me a look of surprise and asked me to watch subira's back. He had a long tail!!...a langur tale, like of Lord Hanuman!!, I couldn't believe it. I asked Uncle as he told me in a smile:" so the legends are true...they are the off springs of those monkey kingdom, one who helped Lord Rama in their epic battle against Ravana. A species of half monkey and half human." I was speechless, all those stories of Ramayan and it could be true!!

"Yes, its true and its one of the surviving village of our species" said Subira," we will give you the people for the making of an army to fight the evil king Krurak, as we are the son's of those forgotten soldiers who battled for lord Rama. Only we, the pure ones could fight against him as he had got black magic. The king had told me all about it and we had the army available for you."
" we had to proceed sooner for the same" my uncle told, " Before sunset we should go by the secret way and we would reach the Vally of spirits by the day's end. Now take the breakfast and reach the temple of Rama". And so he went with Subira, but before that he give us in his Son's custody (reportedly the leader of our army).

As we reached the temple, we found a group of 40-50 people..all with tails, sitting under the tree. The village head's son was addressing them...
" I, Angara, son of Great Subira ask you to keep faith in me, we are going for a battle with a great evil, we had the responsibility to protect the world. The god had given us a second opportunity to show our loyalty
towards him. May God grace us with his blessings". Now, he had quite a leadership qualities!!

After prayers I had chance to talk to him. "so, what do you do buddy, that was a wonderful speech" I asked.
" Me, I do nothing, we are all farmers, protectors of jungle....these Monkeys help us in our work." He was polite and courteous in his way and my sister was quite impressed by him. He was a handsome chap, all but for his tail! So, it was decided that we must move before the sunset to the secret magic path of jungle, which opens up valley of spirit...which was two or three village away from the Devil's castle.

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