Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It was in early morning that we come to know that the story he told was real...for that time it just looked so. I was going to my uncle's house with my sister and the environment was unusually quite. Unsuspecting of what to come, we entered the house. we were shocked to see he was sitting on the bed in despair. His eyes were red showing that he didn't had sleep that night, and sweating throughout his body! He was talking to himself-like"he has returned, danger, our life at risk" over and over. I had to comfort him for a while and give him water, so that he could come to his senses. When I asked him the reason for his sorry state, he told me something that happened in last night.....something that changed my life forever!!

He told us that our forefather...the great king 'Digvijay raj' has broken free from the castle as the followers of Devil king, the black magic tantriks had destroyed the king's magic that blocked the entrance and prisoned the Devil, in other words....trouble to the world has just in its beginning. In these thousand years, the Devil had become powerful due to inner meditation and more dangerous...he will soon start attacking its neighbouring areas..No one will survive from his anger. He must have started making the army. And his followers must have attacked the nearest police and army post. It will be impossible for the media to know about it as the villages are in isolation from outer world. Its in the forest!!...Before anyone will know anything, it must have covered half the state. We have to do something fast.

At first I thought that my uncle had gone mad but then what follows was breathtaking and really freakish!! there was thunder, a gush of wind enters forcefully in the house and like some movie show..there was a dense fog around us....then slowly the air got thin and there comes a shape of a man...a man I had seen in our family portraits....a great king.. Maharaja Digvijay raj!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! it something super natural , a mysteries or a real ghost( I would prefer soul respectfully to our forefathers). He greeted me in some air fit for a king..." son you and your sister are "kul ke dipak for me" like brightness of our family!
you were destined to kill the Devil Krurak...Don't tell your parents..go with your uncle to north,in the jungles of
monkeys in north India...there you will find your army waiting for you...then we will attack Krurak before he get the opportunities to increase his power. I will always be with you. Now I had to go" and he vanished in air.

I was too shocked to say anything....neither me , my sister or uncle could open there mouth....some time passed and we relaxed and as we got composed, a thought come to me...what in the hell do I tell my mom about my absence if I will get ready for this journey or quest!...College is no problem as our vacation were going to start in 10 days, same with my sister. This problem was solved by our uncle as he told our parent that we are going for a nature trip to see wild animals in northern India. Our parents were happily agreed for the prospect as they had full faith in our Uncle.

With a day packing and planning, we approached a tour guide to get information and logistics required to reach our destination. After getting fully satisfied, with a fear, excitement, curiosity...taking all the emotions with us....Off we go!! Let the god help us for our journey..our quest for protection of mankind..( Did I said something wrong?)..Anyway it's going to be an adventure for sure!!

[ story continues...]

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