Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Holi,

The Holi season is here, the festival of colors and countless emotions, the fun, the masti, the joy of Holi....
We all love Holi, because it also become the festival of Love. A time of Family gathering, Lover's freedom, children play, elders too joining the game....So, here's a small tribute to such a grand festival,

Happy Holi,
the festival of colors,
playground of the kids,
filled with echos of laughs,
balloons and buckets,
powders and water,
carefree at heart,
be it strangers or loved one....
feeling the joy, the pleasure!

A time of meeting,
friends old or new,
sprouts of teenage love,
or juts the mischievous us,
requests or force,
color is a must,
to party and dance!

Greetings being exchanged,
sweets are distributed,
token of colors on the face,
or putting them on other's head,
some avoid, hide...not for long,
at last, accepting with a smile,
and then joining in this game!!

Elders were satisfied,
to see their children,
blessings were given,
in a time of  gathering,
feast and fun at a single place...
what more one asks from a single day??

Festivals are for us,
as a one society,
to be with family,
and being with friends,
to celebrate this time,
and these moments filled with a colorful life!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Too cold

Too cold here,
shivering in my body,
is this the winds,
harsh and strong, 
forcing upon me,
pushing me back,

the thoughts inside,
tears in my eyes,
drops that comes out,
bringing out the memories,
the melancholy, the pain,
thorns that pierces the heart.

I sat down,
pulling the cloths close,
gazing the earth,
covered with mud,
small drops falling,
spluttering ,pounding on my head.

Nothing comes out,
nor being inside,
everything blank, 
just the emotions, the feel...
moments passed, 
but everything stopped, silent.

Your laugh echoing around me,
and the smile, comes before my eyes,
sweet curve of lips, that come and go,
words that flowed from your mouth,
as a song, soothing, smooth,
missing it all...where are you!!

Small things, times we had,
and now it's all alone,
just the memory, the pain,
something missing, 
the joy of my life....
its sharp, the voices outside,
forcing me down, deep.....

I don't sleep, nor being awake,
its too cold in my heart,
restless, impatient, I can't wait,
but there is not much to say,
the waving of branches,
showing your silhouette,

but then you speak,
in my half dream,
small warmth I gather,
with the thought of it,
As you call me,
bringing your hand to reach me,
the fingers I want to touch it,
to embrace you and  hold tight....

It had sweetness, it had pain,
living it up all the same,
you were near in my sight...
I thought these moments will last forever,
just to wake up,
to see the sunlight....
it's a dream all right :D

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just a day

Just a day, it went on,
the same routine, being on own....
I wait for something new,
to have some fun,
or just a normal routine,
of things that I haven't done!!

It may be mere bird watching ,
to see the nature world,
or to red some book,
experiencing some new thoughts.

It could be a gentle touch,
to walk with one I love,
or to join some friends,
and have an adrenaline rush.

new things, new possibilities,
to explore the crazy part,
try things that are forbidden,
or our inhibition causing the halt.

entertain oneself,
or support the needy,
be selfish to one's greed,
or sacrifice for many...
confusing or mixed are the emotions,
may be the free mind works,
the good or evil I don't know,
still an outlet, be it so !!

Just a day, as it passed,
comes the night, for my sleep,
resting my impatient mind, 
to make way for dreams,
and wake up another day,
exercising my brain for some new way..........again :)
have a nice day.

Friday, March 1, 2013

to realize my goal

Silent I am, clueless, confused, 
drifting with the wind,
flowing with the water,
I haven't stopped,
not backed down,
just waiting for something....
the light, the hope !!

I doubted, pondered,
worries that engulfed me,
too difficult to walk,
being resisted, pushed back,
stumbled, faltered, in my gait,
opportunities to few, 
destination too far,
that I dreamed of !!

apprehension were there,
diverted to different ways,
fear of future, 
uncertainty of present,
and the past that drags on,
I fought to get over,
come up to my triumph........

still, I have faith,
the struggle will end,
my hard work will pay,
the stress is evident,
thoughts being so blurry,
patience in the mind,
relaxing, focused, I wait,
to realize my goal !!