Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Holi,

The Holi season is here, the festival of colors and countless emotions, the fun, the masti, the joy of Holi....
We all love Holi, because it also become the festival of Love. A time of Family gathering, Lover's freedom, children play, elders too joining the game....So, here's a small tribute to such a grand festival,

Happy Holi,
the festival of colors,
playground of the kids,
filled with echos of laughs,
balloons and buckets,
powders and water,
carefree at heart,
be it strangers or loved one....
feeling the joy, the pleasure!

A time of meeting,
friends old or new,
sprouts of teenage love,
or juts the mischievous us,
requests or force,
color is a must,
to party and dance!

Greetings being exchanged,
sweets are distributed,
token of colors on the face,
or putting them on other's head,
some avoid, hide...not for long,
at last, accepting with a smile,
and then joining in this game!!

Elders were satisfied,
to see their children,
blessings were given,
in a time of  gathering,
feast and fun at a single place...
what more one asks from a single day??

Festivals are for us,
as a one society,
to be with family,
and being with friends,
to celebrate this time,
and these moments filled with a colorful life!!

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