Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just a day

Just a day, it went on,
the same routine, being on own....
I wait for something new,
to have some fun,
or just a normal routine,
of things that I haven't done!!

It may be mere bird watching ,
to see the nature world,
or to red some book,
experiencing some new thoughts.

It could be a gentle touch,
to walk with one I love,
or to join some friends,
and have an adrenaline rush.

new things, new possibilities,
to explore the crazy part,
try things that are forbidden,
or our inhibition causing the halt.

entertain oneself,
or support the needy,
be selfish to one's greed,
or sacrifice for many...
confusing or mixed are the emotions,
may be the free mind works,
the good or evil I don't know,
still an outlet, be it so !!

Just a day, as it passed,
comes the night, for my sleep,
resting my impatient mind, 
to make way for dreams,
and wake up another day,
exercising my brain for some new way..........again :)
have a nice day.

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