Friday, March 1, 2013

to realize my goal

Silent I am, clueless, confused, 
drifting with the wind,
flowing with the water,
I haven't stopped,
not backed down,
just waiting for something....
the light, the hope !!

I doubted, pondered,
worries that engulfed me,
too difficult to walk,
being resisted, pushed back,
stumbled, faltered, in my gait,
opportunities to few, 
destination too far,
that I dreamed of !!

apprehension were there,
diverted to different ways,
fear of future, 
uncertainty of present,
and the past that drags on,
I fought to get over,
come up to my triumph........

still, I have faith,
the struggle will end,
my hard work will pay,
the stress is evident,
thoughts being so blurry,
patience in the mind,
relaxing, focused, I wait,
to realize my goal !!

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