Sunday, November 28, 2010

I, me and mine...

walking on the road,
alone, in the evening,
bundling out of some thoughts....
touching my mind like a breeze.

just to make rhyme,
or a few clever words,
I tried to assemble,
like joining of many strings.

the things I had ever spoken,
or used it on whole personality,
how much selfish it being wanting...
I, me and mine??

It's what I thought every day,
the wishes and desire built in,
I deserve for more...or more I want,
looking up around the lavish life.

envy, jealousy or pure greed,
but it could be innocent curiosity,
still it all come back to me,
as I walk on the road, thinking.

may be its not only me,
it's the introspection of many,
such is the awareness in inequality,
that not one is left untouched within.

abstract thoughts, it may be,
or it's just my selfishness,
what wrong did I make thinking....
I, me and mine??

Saturday, November 27, 2010

the way ahead

the way ahead,
and I walk,
steps by steps,
strides by strides,
and I move on..

the stones do come,
so are the thorns,
but I had the flowers,
picked from the path,
and I hang on..

I listened the says,
I saw the world,
the thought I had,
woven around in my mind,
and I gain on...

sometimes I faltered,
patience got tested,
the blessings and wishes besides me,
such was the goodwill it brought,
and I achieves on....

yes...I looked back for a while,
counting expectations and accomplishments,
but the memories so sweet,
the attachments I made,
and I cherished on....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

flow of music...

flow of music...
going through my mind,
evoking countless emotions..
some new, some old.

the pitch of the melody,
or the rhythm with it,
the sound so different,
hearing, as I sway.

countless feelings it stored,
countless are formed new,
but still its there,
waiting for me to appreciate it!

its the flow that works,
as I close my eyes,
something changes in mind,
the hidden desires or thoughts being.

each one is different,
as I craved for more,
satisfy, I will not become,
till the great minds are at work.

flow of music...
that touches your heart, your soul,
and you admire the genius,
that such things exist in our world...

......just enjoy the music..whatever you like.... :) :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

missing myself...

missing myself...
the worry, the stress,
the desires, the wishes,
or just being living...

missing myself...
watching movies or t.v,
browsing net or be lazy,
even just walking...watching others.

missing myself..
brooding for things I don't have,
wanting to have it all,
or just doing some window-shopping.

missing myself...
watching kids play at school,
the guys hanging out,
or just bunking, having time-out.

missing myself,
when I think, I feel,
whether do improve my skill...
or just being idle ...working out this for a good read....[:)]