Saturday, November 20, 2010

flow of music...

flow of music...
going through my mind,
evoking countless emotions..
some new, some old.

the pitch of the melody,
or the rhythm with it,
the sound so different,
hearing, as I sway.

countless feelings it stored,
countless are formed new,
but still its there,
waiting for me to appreciate it!

its the flow that works,
as I close my eyes,
something changes in mind,
the hidden desires or thoughts being.

each one is different,
as I craved for more,
satisfy, I will not become,
till the great minds are at work.

flow of music...
that touches your heart, your soul,
and you admire the genius,
that such things exist in our world...

......just enjoy the music..whatever you like.... :) :)


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

yes, this is music, and it should not stop.

Viyoma said...

Superb...Cud feel the words as i read thru them...

Brad Pághanni said...

In Portuguese:

Amigo, sou brasileiro e não falo o seu idioma. Entretanto encontrei seu blog em uma comunidade de um site de relacionamentos - o Orkut - e tive a curiosidade de visitar.
Gostaria que você visitasse o meu também.
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