Saturday, March 13, 2010

what does it shows??

just playing with words...not a poetry was it??

heart thought dream disguise,
kind wish words thought,
want call wait life,
cry sleep journey forever,

chill breeze night cold,
small place stay peace,
search like green solace,
right soft wet dew,

inside smile view wide,
soul insight connect one,
alone but with everyone,
satiety mind too curious,

earth nature world universe,
revolving around moments confused,
time stop me with myself,
moments passed but me so still..................

sleeping dreaming thinking deeper,
deeper I went, trying so hard,
no way I reach, its everywhere,
word here words there...but no word to say,

alive died midway I am,
but its going on and on,
what's this I don't know,
just tell me what does it show??

Sunday, March 7, 2010

fogs everywhere

fogs everywhere...can't see,
but still walking on,
don't know where I am,
or which way I being,
had to think but no time,
or just the momentum,
I am going to shine!!

yes, I doubt as I move,
or its just a dream,
why I am so inconclusive,
if its my own life.
had it been different,
had I been better,
just the clouds above,
so difficult to reach the high!!

moments to stop, moments to see,
to break the shackles, to be free,
then why I am just sleeping,
or just sitting on my knee.
I do hope for better,
its my place, I deserve for,
and still I view the world around,
as my own life being.

I am not detached,
nor I say spiritual words,
but still I am confused,
asking questions to hit the chords.
fog it is but we could clear it,
the perspective we want,
brood and waste our time,
or just live it out, for the same!!