Thursday, June 27, 2013

Away...away we go

Just a new try of making a story out of poetry....hope you like this romantic one :)

Away...away we go,
so near yet so far...
moment of togetherness,
then left with despair.

It was some magic,
as we met here,
nervous smile, quick glances,
sweet resolves brings the fear,
but it was a duel,
emotions to be dealt,
little of the romance,
bring out what I felt!!

It was so swift,
talks that transit,
and we are together again,
yet so alone...

Excitement it was,
skipping a beat or two,
what transpired next,
between me and you....
holding me closely,
grasping me in so tight....
your breath with mine,
and I gave away without a fight !

Its was like a dream,
waited so long ...
no one spoke, 
only heart beats were heard !!

Planting kisses,
on forehead and eye,
then to a lip lock,
went on as we lie....

It all was so divine,
nature acted on it's own,
touches tender or firm,
goes on in rhythmic motion,
exhausted as we were,
sweating it all out....
still the loving care,
something that I ever sought !!

But it was not forever,
lived it as much I could,
the hugs and the kissed,
felt never so good.....

We smiled for our first,
with my happy tears,
he looked in my eyes..
being quiet yet I understood,
we slept contented,
in the trance of love...
just to wake up ,
rays of sunrise on me .

He smiled with a hug,
hesitant with the talk,
the moment still there,
keeping up with luck.

We had our desire,
pleasure being mutual,
yet we had to part,
that our commitments asks...
but time had passed,
for me to go back,
still a part of you in me,
taken as an remembrance !!

Away ...away we go,
my heart filled with pain,
but sweet days will come soon...
my journey was not in vain !! :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

to be new

So...a month of frustration....a part of disappointment and arrival of an hectic lifestyle...definitely not to be desired but things that come on it's own. the body getting used to it, with mind wandering and thinking of things that I forgot, analyzing my mistakes, and planning my way out.

To be out of it, starting something new, with hope of a bright future..and a lively present, I would start to right something new ...

to be new,
to be changed,
of all the flaws...
the imperfections I have....

the brooding is gone,
so are high expectations,
the time to live up,
as the moment is now!

to be new,
to be practical,
immature that I was,
as a dreamer I had been....

the delusion of the best,
belief on my ways,
I had learnt to defer,
to check where it goes.

to be new,
modify the old ways,
calm the mind..sharpen a bit,
being genuine in my efforts!!

not make high hopes,
that shatters in one fall,
take each step forward,
slow and steady as I move.

to be new,
to be a fighter,
bring on the strength,
in this struggle for survival...

learn from my mistakes,
cautious not to repeat again,
to build from the start,
go on till I last !!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Drenched in the rain,

Drenched in the rain,
driving fast on the road,
cool wind flowing through,
pushing my hair back....
been too fast, 
tears in my eyes,
would I have preferred,
a little slowing down?

So I paced low,
giving me more time,
a moment to appreciate,
enjoy the lively act...
the greenery meadow,
momentary rustling of the leaves,
the swaying branches,
and the aroma of wet earth.

Yes, it's the Monsoon,
came after a long wait,
under the scorching sun,
heat putting pressure on all...
but the welcoming rain,
gave us a refreshing date,
droplets falling down to my lips,
ah..the water's taste is so sweet !!

How I wished to have an open bath,
but what the options do I have,
still the childhood  memory that came again
to jump on puddle, making dirty my cloths...
hot chai and pakodas,
and even others I relished,
also to add the games with friends,
all coming back to these days !!

Just having a day,
I could have waited,
but pleasure not the choice...
I recall the meeting to be attended!!
wet all over, took out the coat,
covered from such lovely onslaught,
revitalized I was, from this pause,
went ahead...for my work!!
...Still drenched in the rain

Friday, June 7, 2013

No way out..

No way out,
it's just a wait,
to keep going,
to sit idle....

Works won't affect,
nor the simple life,
just the world has it's effects.....
things to crave for,
things to desire !

I don't ask for many,
nor the want of plenty,
being just an average,
part of the crowd....

Big dreams at heart,
impulses that hurts,
just the emotions at times...
lonesome, bored and tired,
bring entangled in responsibilities....

Phases of life,
some lived, some missed out,
to brood, to wish,
little envious from inside....

the time will not return,
decisions to worry for,
just the moments to relish,
trivial, humble or modest,
being closer to what one loves !!

No sympathy needed,
sentiments being affected,
to be cared for,
exchange of some pleasantry....

changes that one awaits for,
refreshing to be least,
just for keeping the balance,
spirited, festive, making merry,
away from inactive lethargic life!!

No way out,
as I see it now,
with hope for tomorrow...
Past, present or future,
whatever it may be,
just a all needs!!