Thursday, June 27, 2013

Away...away we go

Just a new try of making a story out of poetry....hope you like this romantic one :)

Away...away we go,
so near yet so far...
moment of togetherness,
then left with despair.

It was some magic,
as we met here,
nervous smile, quick glances,
sweet resolves brings the fear,
but it was a duel,
emotions to be dealt,
little of the romance,
bring out what I felt!!

It was so swift,
talks that transit,
and we are together again,
yet so alone...

Excitement it was,
skipping a beat or two,
what transpired next,
between me and you....
holding me closely,
grasping me in so tight....
your breath with mine,
and I gave away without a fight !

Its was like a dream,
waited so long ...
no one spoke, 
only heart beats were heard !!

Planting kisses,
on forehead and eye,
then to a lip lock,
went on as we lie....

It all was so divine,
nature acted on it's own,
touches tender or firm,
goes on in rhythmic motion,
exhausted as we were,
sweating it all out....
still the loving care,
something that I ever sought !!

But it was not forever,
lived it as much I could,
the hugs and the kissed,
felt never so good.....

We smiled for our first,
with my happy tears,
he looked in my eyes..
being quiet yet I understood,
we slept contented,
in the trance of love...
just to wake up ,
rays of sunrise on me .

He smiled with a hug,
hesitant with the talk,
the moment still there,
keeping up with luck.

We had our desire,
pleasure being mutual,
yet we had to part,
that our commitments asks...
but time had passed,
for me to go back,
still a part of you in me,
taken as an remembrance !!

Away ...away we go,
my heart filled with pain,
but sweet days will come soon...
my journey was not in vain !! :)

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