Friday, June 14, 2013

Drenched in the rain,

Drenched in the rain,
driving fast on the road,
cool wind flowing through,
pushing my hair back....
been too fast, 
tears in my eyes,
would I have preferred,
a little slowing down?

So I paced low,
giving me more time,
a moment to appreciate,
enjoy the lively act...
the greenery meadow,
momentary rustling of the leaves,
the swaying branches,
and the aroma of wet earth.

Yes, it's the Monsoon,
came after a long wait,
under the scorching sun,
heat putting pressure on all...
but the welcoming rain,
gave us a refreshing date,
droplets falling down to my lips,
ah..the water's taste is so sweet !!

How I wished to have an open bath,
but what the options do I have,
still the childhood  memory that came again
to jump on puddle, making dirty my cloths...
hot chai and pakodas,
and even others I relished,
also to add the games with friends,
all coming back to these days !!

Just having a day,
I could have waited,
but pleasure not the choice...
I recall the meeting to be attended!!
wet all over, took out the coat,
covered from such lovely onslaught,
revitalized I was, from this pause,
went ahead...for my work!!
...Still drenched in the rain

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